Baby Hair Bow Trick


My sister, who just had a beautiful baby girl, learned a great tip for keeping the bows in her babys hair. She uses a SMALL dab of Elmer’s glue! Seriously!


The glue is water-soluble and washes right out of her hair. The bows, when needed just need to be rinsed off with a little water if they start to get gunky. No more mess with honey or KY jelly, which never did hold the hair bows on very well with my babies. I just might need to have another baby girl so I can get some use out of this great tip. But then again, maybe I will just live through my sister on this one!


  1. Melissa Wilson says

    my mom used to always use velcro to stick barrettes and bows into my hair. it worked great and sticks to even super fine baby hair. :-)

  2. Mindy says

    When I had my second daughter the nurses had put a bow in her "hair". Hubby asked how and they said KY. We thought that sounded crazy. Thanks for the other options. She still doesn't have much and this will allow for me to put some in her hair.

  3. Harmony says

    I’ll have to try this one (and the velcro idea, too… thanks, Melissa!). I’ve tried honey, KY, and Karo syrup, and none of them have held more than a super tiny bow, and that only for about 10 minutes!

  4. Katie says

    I’ve tried them all and the BEST thing I have found by far- is GIRLIE GLUE! It lasts ALL day and it is all natural and washes off with water. I didn’t have it for my first baby girl-wish I did- but use it almost everyday with my second! I swear by it.

    You can also use it to glue on earings to unpierced ears. My 4 year old LOVES it! I found it on

  5. Dani says

    I’ve tried Girlie Glue too! It works so great and is super easy to use. Washes out with water and is all natural.

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