Peppermint Foot Scrub Recipe

Make your own Peppermint Foot Scrub in a few simple steps with simple and easy to find ingredients…


Remember the brown sugar scrub recipe I shared awhile back? How about making some yummy smelling, skin softening, Peppermint Foot Scrub? Perfect for the mother-to-be or the soccer mom who is constantly on the go. This stuff is amazing. The best part is how shockingly simple it is to make.

You will need the following ingredients:

Take 1 cup granulated sugar and pour into a mixing bowl. Gradually add your favorite Olive Oil or Coconut Oil and mix together until you have a slightly wet, but grainy consistency (really, whatever looks good to you).

Add a few drops of Peppermint Essential Oil. Transfer the scrub to a cute bottle and Viola! Peppermint Foot Scrub.

You could really make this recipe with any flavor of essential oil you would like. Wouldn’t these make a nice gift for someone

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  1. Holly says

    I LOVE these sugar scrubs! They are so fun to give and get! :) I made one and used grapefruit scented essential oils… yum!

    • Alison T says

      Can I ask when the coconut oil solidifies is it easy to get out of the jar? I imagine you would have to use a wide rimmed one?

      • Ariel says

        From my experience, the coconut oil is absorbed by the sugar and the whole thing stays moist, although not “liquefied” per se. You’ll have to scoop it out with your hands (or spoon, whatever), but it’s just as easy as scooping up wet sand, if not easier.

        • says

          Thank you for answering this! This is a perfect explanation and I think you explained it better than I could have! xo

          • Jane says

            I am looking for ideas for a craft fair and saw your website. I can’t wait to try the scrubs. I also found one that calls for baking soda and Epsom salt. Have you tried this?

      • Sheryl says

        the coconut oil can solidify but if you put the jar in a bowl of hot water it softens again. I use a sugar scrub at least once a week and it’s THE BEST. I take a bowl of water, microwave it for a minute and a half, put my jar of scrub in it, leave it by the shower and by the time I’m ready for it, it’s ready for me.

  2. Christine says

    What a great idea! I spent awhile last night looking back through your blog posts. You have the most wonderful ideas, beautiful children and gorgeous pics on your blog! I enjoyed “visiting” and plan to come back often :) Thanks for your hard work and for sharing such great inspiration! Blessings on your day!

  3. Amy says

    Holly–That doesn’t surprise me you have already made this sugar scrub, you have a great blog. Grapefruit sounds yummy. I am going to have to make that one with the mineral oil that Christine suggested.

    Christine–Thanks so much for looking into that. Mineral is the perfect solution. I would have never thought of that! Thank you so much for your compliments. That made my day! :)

  4. Jennifer says

    I know ths is months later, but I just made a batch of this today and it is amazing! I made a test batch for myself and the next will be for teachers gifts at Christmas. The peppermint smells so delicious! Mineral oil worked out great, the scrub is nice and white. Thanks so much!

    • Susan says

      I use sugar and a moisturizing body wash as a scrub. The lotion I make is coconut oil(grocery store),coco butter, and vitamin E. Add 1 Tbsp. of coco powder and a tsp. of vanilla for scent. It’s very soothing with a heavenly scent. Any essential oil to customize your scent. I like to smell like cookies. I am a grandmother, after all.

        • Trish F says

          Remember Mineral oil is petroleum based – so personally I would not use it for anything. You could try either almond, grapeseed (both light in color) or coconut oil which would give the scrub a light “peppermint patty” aroma.

  5. Anonymous says

    If you're trying to go "natural" with this recipe, I would recommend avoiding mineral oil as it is basically refined petroleum and tends to clog your pores, not to mention the slippery mess it will make out of your shower or bathtub. Try using a lighter colored vegetable or nut oil like the ones in the recipe. Grapeseed or sweet almond oils are great too. They will absorb better into your skin and are much better for your body than mineral oil.

  6. Elizabeth says

    Just made the Peppermint scrub. I used Bel'Olio extra light olive oil (found at Costco) and didn't have any problems with the color

  7. Racheal says

    You could use a baby oil. They are clear and some come in soothing scents that go very well with some essential oils. =]

    • Lou says

      Yes i agree avoid Mineral oil at all costs! it is very toxic to our bodies. Also, watch with the baby oil as Most contain Mineral oil! Why they let companies put petroleum into our children products ill never know.

  8. Kelly says

    Looking forward to trying this recipe! I’m on my feet all day long & I need a good soothing scrub–I would recommend staying away from mineral oil though, it’s some very icky stuff and anything put on your skin is absorbed into your blood stream in about 30 seconds (it is also in about every beauty product on the market) I’d stick w/ an olive/sunflower or other natural oils!!

  9. laura says

    I 2nd the coconut oil. I already use it for my eczema, and my kid’s diaper area… its great for skin, and is a white color when solid, clear when melted. Though with a melting point of 76 degrees I wonder how that would affect it?

  10. Ona says

    I have made a scrubb with Coconut Oil, and it worked wonders! leaving the skin so soft. So, I 3rd Coconut Oil!

      • Barb says

        organic coconut oil can be found at Trader Joe’s. It’s solid but melts great in your hands. It’s also very healthy for cooking.

      • susan says

        Walmart carries Luann (southern brand that I’m glad to find here in CO) at a quart for around $5…they also carry Spectrum brand for about $5 less than natural foods/grocery stores.

      • Letha says

        After doing lots of reading about coconut oils and coconut products, I’ve settled on tropical traditions online ( … they have a great explanation of the processes each of their items goes through and many recipes too. They often have BOGO sales as well. I feel like I”m getting the absolutely best product with the most antioxidants and least contaminated.. There is the “gold” which retains the coconut smell and the expeller pressed which has no smell. I use it for cooking and trade it for butter and such in recipes with no problems… and my family doesn’t have a clue! You can buy in different sizes, but I go for the gallon and break it down into glass containers once it gets to my kitchen. Saves on shipping costs and lasts a while.

        So, for this scrub I am using the expeller pressed which is clear and adds no scent to my yummy peppermint scrub.
        Hope this helps!

    • Sandra says

      I use the coconut oil as a face cream – I love it! I picked it up at the local grocery store but also found it in Wal Mart

  11. Deepa says

    Hi Amy,I love making scrubs & bath salts.I usually use almond oil where I prefer to keep it clear.Coconut oil though is a wonderful oil for the skin yet it has its very own special fragrance which might over ride other fragrances,so it would be best to use it as base for coconut scrubs.Almond oil is nourishing,less fragrant & clear.So could be blended with almost anything.But ofcourse this is my personal preference :).You have an amazing blog.Keep the good work up…..always!Tc.

    • Barb says

      Organic Hemp Seed oil is very good for your skin. Great for any skin issue. It has many natural healing qualities. Using it supports sustainable resources too. For ones that worry, it’s not the “high” type!

  12. jules says

    Grapeseed oil. I was told it is the secret ingredient in one minute manicure. (Not sure if it is true), but it is a nice clear oil.

  13. Madi says

    You could use mineral oil… I use it for everything and it is clear. It’s great for softening chapped lips too..,

  14. Kim Foley says

    Coconut oil is good although is solidifies below 75 degrees. Sunflower oil is another good choice.

    • says

      I found my jars at Garden Ridge!!! Awesome store and the jars cost me any where from $1.99 – $2.99 there were more just depends on how fancy you want to get with your jars.

      • susan says

        I MISS GARDEN RIDGE! We’ve got nothing to compare up here in CO….next trip home I have to be sure to leave room for visits to Half Price Books & Garden Ridge….and take extra monies!!!! Lots of extra monies!

        • Linzi Pumpelly says

          We moves to Denver from Dallas last year and those are the exact 2 stores that I miss the most! :)

    • Letha says

      Starbucks frappucino coffee drinks in the grocery store- they come in the coffee section in packs of 4… clean off labels and spray paint the lids white- viola!

  15. Ashley says

    Amy, I love your blog! You are so creative! I stumbled upon the idea for this and the brown sugar scrub on, and I am excited to try them both. I did have 2 questions in regard to refrigeration and shelf life. Did you refrigerate the peppermint foot scrub? After you made this scrub, how long did it last? Sorry if someone else has answered this! Thanks a bunch!

    • says

      Yes! I do refrigerate them. They hold up their consistency and last longer this way. When I make it for a gift, I include that on the tag.

  16. Allie says

    Amy, thank you for this! Sounds simple yet festive and I know I would love to be on the receiving end of a gift like this. Anyone have recommendations for where some pretty jars to put the scrub that is cost effective? Michaels? Online? Thx!

  17. Denise says

    Hi Amy.. I have looked thru all the other comments and no one has suggested Jojoba oil.. A clear oil and great for the skin… I intend to make it with Jojoba oil and give as gifts this holiday season.. I will let you know how everyone liked it! 8 )

    • Denise says

      Okay.. maybe the jojoba oil isn’t clear.. Mine wasn’t soo yellow but looking for more I’m finding that it is… Maybe Almond Oil… Or Grapeseed Oil.. those are more clear then yellow or green!

        • Cheryl says

          Mineral oil works great and it is clear!
          Also I would like to thank you for such a great scrub.

        • Elizabeth says

          The almond oil is the best i have found! My scrub didn’t come out snow white but it the off white color matched with the vanilla scent I used! hope that helps!! and thanks for the gift ideas!!

  18. Anne says

    This is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing!! Do you know how long they last? I’d like to make some for Christmas! :)

  19. Marilyn says

    coconut oil can be found at health food stores…Whole Foods or Trader Joes in the Chgo area

    • Marilyn says

      Actually according to Dr. OZ, coconut oil is one of the best oils for your body!! Inside and out!!

  20. Kara Leavitt says

    I love this idea!!! I use non scented baby oil with my sugar and it leaves your skin so dang soft! I’m so gonna do this for Christmas presents!!

  21. Summer says

    I used to work at a well known bath and body shop and we used safflower oil as our basis for most of our oils and scrubs. It’s light in color and in feeling and easily takes on the fragrance of other essential oils. Sunflower oil also works well! Happy scrubbing!

  22. says

    I love this recipe. I took head of your warning about the yellowing and I bought extra light extra virgin olive oil and it worked great without the yellowing.

  23. Carrie@My Favorite Finds says

    How far in advance can I make this if I’m giving it for CHristmas gifts? Also, I use Sweet Almond Oil or Grapeseed Oil for my scrubs. I”ve only made them for myself…to test before giving as gifts, and I have a lot of people who are getting them for Christmas this year :).

  24. Jenny says

    Maybe this is a stupid question – but does the food coloring come off on the skin at all? Leave a tiny tint or anything?

    • says

      The first batch I did put red food coloring and it did tint their skin a little pink so I’m just going to opt not to put any coloring in the mix and just use almond oil, coconut oil and light EVO not yellow using those. It feels great and smells great!

    • Rebecca says

      I learned of standard food coloring leaving a tint on the skin so was told to use a dye intended for coloring soap.

  25. AuroraTN says

    I definitely recommend safflower oil. I’ve tried a number of sugar and salt scrubs, and it works well without coloring, plus it’s available at pretty much any store. When using brown sugar, I tried mixing the safflower with almond oil and a little vitamin E (from capsules) for moisturizing. They smell great and have been popular gifts!

  26. AuroraTN says

    Safflower oil seems to work the best, and it’s available pretty much everywhere inexpensively. You can also mix it with almond oil, jojoba oil and/or vitamin E for extra skin softening. I’ve done this with sugar, brown sugar and salt scrubs, and they’ve made popular gifts!

  27. Sara says

    I’ve tried to look through the comments but didn’t see anything about how long it lasts? If you are making for a gift, how far in advance can you make it? Very excited to give as Christmas goodies!

  28. Kate says

    Try using extra vergin olive oil maybe. As Esthetician I can tell you that Mineral Oil while it is clear – is very bad for your skin. Basically Mineral Oil is just a more refined version of the stuff you put in your car (NO kidding). It Just sits on your face so it cloggs pores. I would try maybe a lighter olive oil or maybe a nut oil like Almond or something like that…. Or any light smelling essential oil.

  29. emily says

    1) how much does this “recipe” make? I want to make a bunch for xmas
    2) does it HAVE to be refrigerated?
    3) did we ever get an answer to the question regarding food coloring coming off on skin?


  30. Alexis says

    I like to do this with tea tree oil but also add some finely crushed peppermints to make it extra minty :)

  31. Angela Lemmons says

    I love this idea! Thanks for sharing! I used sunflower oil and my scrub stayed nice and white, plus the oil has no real scent. Thanks again! I can’t wait to give this as teacher gifts.

  32. Samantha says

    What’s the difference between peppermint extract and essential oil? Can I use extract if not where do I find essential oil?

  33. says

    I too have found that olive oil makes the salt/sugar yellowish. Soybean oil (vegetable oil) has a “slightly clearer” color but still has a yellowish tinge. You can add any herb/spice to help color it next time. All though your choices would be limited it would keep it all natural.

  34. Tara says

    Coconut oil is white and gets firm at room temp but I love to use it, its has a less offensive odor than olive oil and is great for the skin as well.

  35. Shelly says

    Sunflower oil will keep it a pretty white color, and you’ll get the same benefit as the olive oil. Thanks for the wonderful recipe!!

  36. Nicole says

    I love this recipe and am going to make it for my god mother for Christmas !! I bought some oils, but not sure if they are the best to use… I looked everywhere for peppermint , which is her favorite, and couldn’t find it. Can anyone suggest where to buy the mineral oils or even better a scented almond oil? I bought something called Weleda Body Oil, which says its 100% certified natural skin care, but I would really like to find some almond oil or even peppermint oil somewhere. Since it is already so close to Christmas, I’d probably have to get it in a store vs. online…

    Thanks so much !!

    PS. I LOVE your blog & look through it almost daily !!

    • Lex says

      I ended up using just some mint extract from the market (it’s in the baking aisle). I bought mine at Walmart so if you’ve got one nearby, I’m sure you could find some there. It smells just like peppermint, it’s not an oil but you can add some of the extract to the body oil and it’ll be the closest you’d probably get to peppermint oil.

  37. Lex says

    So I made something like this for my mom and had to deal with a slightly odd color from the oil, however.. in order to try and mask it and still be sugary, I added some decorative red sugar that you can just buy in the grocery store.

  38. says

    I couldn’t believe the project was as easy as you described so I had to try it for myself – I’m hooked! It made a great Christmas gift and I can’t wait to try different oils for scrubs throughout the year. Thank you!

  39. Lori says

    I’m adding my thoughts – I combine the olive oil and organic coconut oil. I also use the scented soap additives from hobby stores instead of essential oils. I made this for all my daughters, mother(s), and friends at Christmas and they absolutely love it. Great on hands, feet, ALL OVER!

  40. Natosha says

    I use baby oil instead of Olive Oil. It is clear and works wonderful! I can’t wait to try the brown sugar recipe! Thanks for sharing.

  41. Scarlett says

    Hello! I have some advice for you as far as the color goes. I too make sugar scrubs and I use almond oil because it has a beautiful almost clear color and it’s actually better for your skin than olive oil is. although they are both wonderful. Hopefully that works for you, because I wouldn’t want to use food coloring either.

  42. Tracy says

    You can buy essential oils at most health food stores. I use it for foot scrubs and also in a mixture with other oils to help congestion from allergies. Mineral oil and baby oil actually clog pores and are horrible for your body. Go with any oil other than those two. You can find diffent oils at the health food store and you will love the results.

  43. SugarPlumFairy says

    Can perfume oil or extract be used in place of essential oil? If not where can I get essential oil

  44. says

    Yes on the oil use Coconut oil, you can also put in Rosemary that makes a heavenly foot scrub, or use peppermint instead of the Rosemary. Even adding cocoa and lemon peels makes different fragrances.

  45. Nicole says

    I make Sugar scrub a lot but I use half white sugar, half brown sugar and baby oil. The light consistency of the baby oil is great and I love the smell the brown sugar adds. I keep it in a plastic container in my shower and use it after I shave for super soft skin.

  46. Kimberly says

    I love this idea. I actually love the color. I didn’t know what to put in my scrub to change the color of it, so I used a little bit of red sugar that you use on cookies. It looks beautiful and goes well with the peppermint oil I put in the mixture too! :)

  47. Gloria says

    The more olive oil is processes the lighter the color however coconut oil is white and using turbinado sugar might give a sandy color.

  48. Marissa says

    You can buy nice jars at Ikea for cheap! I bought a few like the one pictures for $3.00 each!

  49. CJ says

    I have made this with pure coconut oil and also almond oil. Both stay nice and white. I also used roasted almond oit. It has an awesome fragrance.
    I tend towards dry legs, so I use this on my legs BEFORE shaving. It makes it easy to shave and legs feel silky.

    I also would not use mineral oil for anything.

  50. Missmelissa says

    Walmart has wicked cheap awesome glass containers with lids. I swear they hide them. So ask.

  51. Paper Ho says

    I couldn’t take the time to read thru all of these comments (because I have to leave soon), but the perfect answer to your oil question is GRAPESEED OIL!!! It’s super hydrating, COLORLESS, ODORLESS, awesome!!! I found a bottle at Trader Joes (16oz for $3.49….cheap!). Been using it for dry skin under my reguale scented lotion.

  52. says

    i used the peppermint footscrub on my mom and her feet were sooo soft. but we had no peppermint oil so i took a hammer and crushed up 4 peppermints and added it to the mix in place of the oil. my mom says she thot the peppermimt crunchies felt super good.
    ~ sydniluvsandreloveheart

  53. CMac says

    Use grape seed oil it is almost clear and it’s also an oil used by massage therapists. I found my bottle in walmart in the cooking section. I’ve made many hand scrubs with it and have had awesome feed back.

  54. Liza says

    Hi Amy,
    I saw this on Pinterest and right away I had to make it… I love sugar scrubs and if I can make them myself for next to nothing, even better. I used sunflower oil and my scrub stayed snowy white. Of course I had to try it right away….. and can I just say that my feet are doing the happy dance!!!! The scrub smelled so wonderfully minty. I want to host a ladies night home spa party now just to show this off. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful ideas and I have to add that I’ve just recently joined your blog. I love it!!!! Keep up the good work.

  55. Carol says

    Add Grapeseed oil and your essential oil fragrance comes through stronger and it doesn’t affect color of scrub.

  56. says

    Have you tried using mineral oil? It isn’t quite as good for your skin but it is in baby oil and is clear. Might be something to consider.

  57. Jennifer says

    Use coconut oil instead of olive oil, coconut oil is white or more neutral in coloring than olive oil-you probably have already figured this out already-

  58. Tammy says

    I use coconut oil!!! I’m in love with the stuff and it makes your skin really smooth!!!

  59. dawn reid says

    just tried this and oh my goodness my feet are so soft and smell soooo good!! My 2 year old wanted her feet done lol.. Thanks for a great idea!!

  60. Melissa says

    You could use Safflower Oil. It’s clear and has no smell. I like Grapeseed Oil when I make a Eucalyptus scrub because it gives off a slight green tint, and it’s not as heavy as Olive Oil.

  61. Nancy says

    I think the color is cool! How about a green or a mint green makes me think of cool and soothing! Def making gifts luv it! Txs!

  62. Stephanie says

    I see so many posts saying use Mineral Oil. DO NOT USE MINERAL OIL on your skin! I don’t care that it is in baby oil. It shouldn’t be and I would not rub my baby down with it either! Keep it natural and use sunflower oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil or hemp seed oil. Any of these will work well for you and your skin and do not have strong scents. You can get these at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. I can get Sunflower Oil at my local grocery store. As for the essential oils, you can get those at any natural food market as well (I go to my local Dave’s Natural Market because I can smell each oil before buying them) or you can go to The Vitamin Shoppe which carries most essential oils and vitamin E.

  63. Ruth says

    I have my ingredients to make this scrub but I haven’t read anywhere…do you melt the coconut oil first before mixing with the sugar?

  64. Katie says

    Hey is there a way to make this more into a lotion or maybe a massage oil??
    Also what’s the best coconut oil to use. I’ve been reading up on it and I think I’m just getting more confused!

    • Samantha says

      you can get organic coconut oil at walmart in the grocery section where cooking oil is sold. you get a 16oz jar for $6 and it lasts a long time

  65. Sherry says

    my manicurist gave all her customers peppermint scrub that was a bag of peppermints run through the food processor until fine and then mixed w/ oil. It was the best!

  66. Emelia Hedstrom says

    Amy I have really enjoyed making your scrubs. I have a board on Pinterest called Rubs and Scrubs, I have posted them there. They have been wonderful gifts. Giving some peppermint to family this Christmas! Thanks for the recipes. I have to make sure I make extra so I can use some too!

  67. Parker says

    Wow! I just tried this tonight and i cant tell you how amazing it is! I’m a dancer and to say my feet felt soft is a HUGE deal! but they were after i used this scrub. this stuff is great!

  68. says

    Did you know that your blog is coming up with errors in Opera?
    I needed to open Internet explorer to finish reading.

    No biggie, however you may need to take a look at that.
    I’m certain it’s costing you a few site visitors.

  69. Elyssa says

    I love your recipes! I literally JUST made the brown sugar scrub, and I thought it would look nice with a label, like the ones you put on your jars. I was just wondering how you made them. Did you make them sticky labels or did you just use paper…..???

  70. Deb says

    If you like the red color and would like to achieve it naturally a little bit of beet juice would give you the color naturally…

  71. Yvonne says

    Hi! I have read all the comments and still would like to know a few things. Which oil is the best to use? Can you add ground up mint leaves? I have a ton of it. I have seen recipes using Salt instead of Sugar. Does anyone know what the Difference would be? Also does this have to be refrigerated and for how long is it good for? I want to make some up for Xmas Presents and have already been buying jars. Thankyou

  72. mckayla says

    I’ve been wanting to make. some of these homemade products but I cessential oils that smell amaxing an’t find a good place to purchas the best oils.

  73. Roselee says

    Stupid question, I know, but I’m new at this and I am wondering where can I buy the peppermint essential oils at? It would be really helpful! Thanks in advanced!

  74. Cyndy Fowler says

    Hi! I am making the peppermint sugar scrub for gifts. Does anyone know what kind of red dye I could use that will not make a person’s skin pink? Please let me know soon-planning to try this in next day or so for my “experiment batch” before making several jars. Thank you!

  75. Britney says

    I just made a whole batch with vanilla, put them in holiday ball jars, and i have12 gifts for Christmas. With so many women in my family, this is an easy way to give a gift with out spending a butt load.

  76. Shannon says

    I am thinking about adding crushed candy canes to it! Will have to crush them finely but it will work!

  77. says

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  78. Karen says

    I made this Peppermint Foot Scrub to give as gifts to the “girls” at work plus several friends…it was a big hit. (So glad that I saved one jar for myself to try, too). I used Baby Oil and left my scrub white….found small jars at Hobby Lobby (on half price sale) and purchased Peppermint Oil at GNC.

    Thanks SO much for this great recipe!

  79. betsy dickinson says

    This sounds wonderful, and I will be making for my daughter’s 30th Spa Bday Party as favors! Has anyone tried Avocado Oil. I understand that is very good for you also. May have a slight yellow/green tone to it. Thoughts? Advice?

  80. Jamie says

    Why, in your picture of the foot scrub, is the foot scrub an amber color? Did you use food coloring? Also, I bought peppermint oil that is used in candy and baking flavoring. It says that it is super strength; 4 times stronger than extracts. Do I need to dilute it? If so, how would I go about doing that? Thanks!

    • Kira says

      I dont know because I made it and I had to put a lot of essential oil in mine either because it was not strong enough or because there was a lot of the other ingredients.

      • The Idea Room Assistant says

        Sometimes you need to add more peppermint. It just depends on how strong you want it to smell.

  81. Kira says

    I made this scrub for my mom for Christmas (except I made it with lavender essential oil because she preferred that) and it worked really good and she loved it!!! Thanks for sharing this recipe with us. :)

  82. Laurie says

    I like to use a combination of Hollywood brand expellor pressed safflower or sunflower oil and sweet almond oil. They are both cold pressed as is olive oil. The safflower or sunflower oil is also great to use in baking as it does not leave an after taste or color.


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