Crochet Ear Flap Hat

I recently finished this crochet ear flap hat for my daughter who has outgrown last years winter hat. And good thing as the other day we got snowed on. Yikes! Not quite ready for that, especially before Halloween!

But my daughter was so excited to wear her new hat. I was happy to oblige since I needed to get some pictures of her wearing it. This way I didn’t have to beg her to let me take her picture. It snowed off and on again all day like this and we ended up getting an inch or so of snow that hung around for a while. Pretty unusual for the first season of the year. But the kids loved it! Ahhh! Not ready to say goodbye to the fall weather yet!

I used a pattern for this hat that can be purchased here. For some strange reason my kids don’t like the tassles on the ear flaps. I think they are crazy. The tassles are adorable, so when I get a second, I am going to put them on anyway…why? Cause I said so!


  1. Santa and Minnie says

    Very nice hat there and for that matter all the hats you have here!

    I guess this is my first comment on your blog which I have been following for a while. Very very nice blog you have and so many great ideas and stuff. You are a genius!! And you are so generous too for sharing all your great ideas!!

    Thank you.

    – Diana

  2. SewCraftyMeg says

    I love the hat! Perfect weather for picture taking and your daughter is adorable. : )

  3. Mom of the three B's says

    Amy, I love all of your hats. I wish you would start selling them cuz I would be your first buyer. Super cute!!!

  4. Anonymous says

    I'm really inspired by your crocheting skills! So I checked out a book so I could learn to be amazing like you. I want to crochet some Christmas stockings, have you ever seen a pattern?

    p.s…What happened to your header? I request a little color, please! :) :)

  5. **Amy** says

    Thanks for the nice comments people!! Anonymous–I know I know…a girl can only do so much! I am working on the header. Trust me…it is bugging me all bland and boring, but it is way better than my old one. Just wait…it will be fabulous. I have someone really talented working on it!

    Her jacket cost me $4. It was in perfect condition at the DI (local thrift store).

  6. Julie Harward says

    Hi there…that is the cutest hat ever, style and color wise..YOU ARE SO TALENTED…what can't you do?! Thanks for sharing such a cutie! Come say hi :D

  7. Mary says

    Hi Amy, I just started following your blog, I love it, it's so inspiring! I just wanted to let you know that I linked your blog from mine for your candy corn bark, for Foodie Friday. That was a fun recipe. :O) Thank you, Mary @Boogieboard Cottage

  8. Brenda says

    OH this is cute! I'm going to check out the pattern it would be a great gift for grand daughters.

  9. WizzyTheStick says

    Wow. I love your crocheted hats- so cute and your daughter looks like something out of a fashion magazine.

  10. Megan says

    I tried to find the pattern for the Visor beanie with flower crochet hat…it says it has been sold. Do you know where I can find this pattern?? Love your blog, by the way…I have made SEVERAL of the things I have seen on here :)

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