Oven Hand Mitt Tutorial

Doesn’t the onset of cooler fall weather make you want to bake something yummy? I have been doing a little baking which inspired me to finally make a cute oven hand mitt I had seen recently in a store. I came up with a tutorial so that you can make one too! I love how easy they are to use. Plus, they are a lot more functional than those big, thick akward oven mitts.

I have provided you with a free downloadable pattern, click here to print it (select the large size; it should fill a 8.5 x 11 in. paper). After you have it printed you will be able to use the patterns to cut out your material and get started.

You will cut 2 large ovals in your fabric choice A (use 100% cotton fabric). Then using the same pattern you will cut out 2 patterns of your Insul-Bright (found at most fabric stores), and 1 pattern of quilt batting (also use 100% cotton batting).

**Edit–After using my hot pads several times now, I have noticed that I am beginning to feel some heat through the hot pad. I think it would be better to add two layers of Insul-Bright instead of the one layer I had first suggested. The pattern you download will say cut 1 of the Insul-bright, but you should cut 2 to provide extra heat protection!

Place one of the fabric pieces right side down on the table. Then place 2 layers of the Insul-Bright on the fabric. Next lay down the batting layer and finally top with the other piece of fabric.

Pin together all the different layers. Sew around the entire thing using a 1/8 inch seam. Be sure to backstitch at the beginning and end of your sewing.

Next, you will need to cut out 4 half-circle pieces of your fabric B. Iron the flat edge down 1/4 inch. Cut out 2 half-circles of the quilt batting and place them on the fabric. The fabric should be facing right side down like the picture. Be sure to place the batting up under the folded edge so that it does not show through the material.

Now add the other piece of fabric with the right side facing up and pin together. You will repeat this process with the other 2 pieces of fabric and the other piece of batting. These will be the finger and thumb pockets for your oven mitt.

Now sew along the top flat edge of each pocket.

Take your coordinating ribbon (or ric-rac) and sew it onto the top flat edge of the pocket. I used a thread that matched my ribbon and sewed it right onto the edge on both sides of the ribbon. Do this for both pockets.

Now pin your pockets onto the top of the larger oval shape you have already sewn. **Make sure that the layer of Insul-Bright is under the batting so that it will be the first to contact the hot items. This will ensure proper insulation from burns. You can tell by looking for the silvery material as opposed to the batting.

Now sew around the entire oven mitt.

Take your bias tape and also sew it around the entire mitt. I sewed close to the edge but was extra careful to not miss the tape on the other side.

And there you have it! Easy huh? I have found these are much easier to work with when pulling things out of a hot oven. They would make a perfect gift for the baker in your life this holiday season.

**The fabric was purchased at Hobby Lobby. It is labeled as 2008 Brother Sister Design Studio B24-R-P07.


  1. SJL~ says

    What a great idea! I've been looking for some ideas for Christmas presents and this is it! Who doesn't need oven mitts?!

  2. Valerie says

    So clever, Amy! I am filing you away (again!!) at thecraftersfilebox.blogspot.com.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Lynette says

    What a fabulous idea! I've always wanted to make my own, so now I have some inspiration about how to do it! Thanks!

  4. sewmarm says

    This is adorable, and also looks perfect for dealing with hot pot handles on the stove!

  5. Danee says

    amy, you need to stop with all of the fun ideas. my list of homemade christmas gifts is growing each time you post something new. i can only get so much done on my retreat weekend. maybe this will have to wait until i get back. we are making your pumpkin bowls tonight for FHE. my kids love any reason to have me make clam chowder. what a great excuse.

  6. Kate @ The Gaines Gang says

    Wow! What a fabulous idea! I am planning on stealing this and making some stocking stuffers!

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Melanie says

    Hooray! I was just thinking how I needed to make an oven mitt and didn't have a pattern. You're pulling through for me… again!

  8. Infarrantly Creative says

    Amy your tutorials are wonderful. I swear I want to make every single one of your projects. I made the key fobs and now I must make this!

  9. Samantha says

    Today was my first time on your blog and I LOVE it. I have not creativity in me, but I can follow directions and I love tutorials. Thanks for blogging. I can't wait to make these oven mitts.

  10. Always Inspire says

    What a great tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing, I can't wait to make a pair of these for Christmas gifts!

  11. Anna says

    This is wonderful! A quick and easy Christmas gift! I just can't wait to pick out the fabrics – that's half the fun!

  12. Priscila says

    this is genius!!!!!Love the item and how you took all those clear pics is great!!

  13. Amy :) says

    I love the fabrics you used on these! A few years back, I bought my mom a set of some similar hand mitts, and I thought I'd let you know that they had magnets sewn into them – so you can stick them on the side of the stove or microwave!

  14. Jacky says

    How cool is that!! I'm definitely going to have to try that…we have a few of those huge mits, and I avoid using them because it's impossible to pick anything up. Thanks for this! =)

  15. [email protected] says

    This is wonderful and so, so giftable! Thanks tons, I'll be linking.

  16. laurylaro says

    So cute! These will be perfect to go with aprons I'm making for christmas gifts– thanks for the great tutorial!!!!

  17. The Childrens Nest says

    This is adorable!! Cant wait to go through all of my fabric and make some for Christmas!! Thanks for the easy tutorial and pattern!!!

  18. Samurai Mom says

    Thank You! Thank You! thank You! I am in desperate need of new oven protection and was loathe to buy those ugly things in the stores and too lazy to design my own. insul-bright here I come!

  19. Sidnie says

    I love this style of oven mits… But mine are just plain black!
    What a great tutorial!
    Off to find some yummy red fabric and insul-bright!
    [Linking you in my Friday Favorites]

  20. Plum Crafty says

    LOVE Ur Site and it's beautiful Photo's…going to try my hand at the oven mitts for the holidays! GREAT tutorial! Plumcrafty.blogspot.com

  21. vermiljoen says

    Hello, I made myself some mittens a few years ago, and ideed I used two layers of insul-bright and the silver fabric used to cover ironplanks, works perfectly and after a few years of use, still no heat comming through.

    • MavisInCanada says

      Congratulation on a great tutorial!
      I first saw these small mitts at a church sale. They were called ‘micro mitts’ and said they were for for taking hot dishes out of a microwave oven.
      I purchased a couple of pairs – then made several pairs myself – using an old ironing board cover for the ‘insulation’ batting. I used colourful scrap material, and gave a few sets away as gifts. Everyone found them very useful. They were put to good use for years before becoming threadbare from continued washings. Guess it’s time to make some more with your instructions.

  22. **Amy** says

    Cheryl–The fabric was purchased at Hobby Lobby. It is labeled as 2008 Brother Sister Design Studio B24-R-P07.

  23. concretenprimroses says

    Great idea! Thank you. One thought: I have made pot holders with pieces of old towel inside, that is something your readers might want to consider instead of the bought stuff. The heat doesn't come thru over time. Melissa good idea to cut on the fold too!

  24. Angie says

    I totally love these!! I am going to have to make these for sure!!!

    Thank you so much for the tutorial!


  25. oven handle says

    The tools in ur kitchen are really fantastic. They are perfectly matching with ur kitchen. I m surely following ur blog

  26. Anonymous says

    I was given a set of these years ago as a gift and have had them on my "to do" crafts list to make more ever since, but never seem to find the time. Wanted to share a hint about mine though – they have a small, flat magnet stitched into a little pocket of the "open" area between the finger flaps. This allows them to stick right to the side of the refrigerator next to our stove – easy access and we always know where they are! Thanks for the tutorial – I think I need to move these to the top of my to do list.


    • MavisInCanada says

      We’ve always kept our micro-mitts on top of our microwave oven where they are easily found.
      After washing, they dry out well on top of the microwave also.

  27. Becky says

    I am going to have to make some of these for myself. I am in the kitchen all day every day so I could use all that pretty fabric I only have a tiny bit of and still be able to look at it all the time.

  28. tammy says

    So CUTE! I am going to try using some of my old potholders for the batting….just cut them up to fit the pattern………or maybe even buy some ugly ones at the dollar store for the batting. Thanks for the tut!

  29. TheOnesInColorado says

    Thank you for the tutorial! I made some of these and they turned out super cute! Two layers of Insulbrite made sewing these a demon though! I had to use the seam ripper way more than I would like. I kept thinking I was sewing through the bias tape and completely missing it on the back side. I think the trouble was worth it though! ;)

  30. Aaron and Amber says

    LOVE THEM! I am making a bunch up tonight, all my pot holders are worn out…well all but a few. SO this ismy project for tonight! Yahoo, I linked your project on my blog.

  31. Reagan Law says

    for the ribbon do you fold it over and sew it or do you sew two seperate peices one on each side?

  32. Florida Gallaghers says

    I just tried making these. Took your recommendation on using two layers of insul-bright and one of batting. Makes them super thick! I ripped the stitch and removed the layer of batting to make them a little more manageable. I'm struggling with the bias tape(I've never sewn one on before).Was hoping for a quick and easy project on this rainy afternoon unfortunately it has not turned out that way. They are super cute, and I know my sisters would love them.

  33. Hix Family Stuff says

    just made this!! i have had the tutorial for months (got it off dixie mango) but this was my rainy day project for today. (i live in england…we got LOTS of rainy days….hehe) anyways, it was easy and fun! thanks!

  34. **Amy** says

    Yay! So glad you were able to make one! My husband lived in England for two years while serving a mission for our church. He was in the Coventry and Midlands area and loved it. He wants to take me back there someday! He has told me about your weather! Beautiful countryside though I am sure. A lot greener than the Utah desert :0!

  35. Amy Fazio says

    I can't count the number of Amys I've now come across just in blogging. It's like the blogging name! Anyways, to the point, I'm going to be making a pair of these for an apron swap I'm doing. I dont like the big bulkyness of hand oven mitts. these are more practical and look nicer, I think. So thanks for sharing the tutorial!

  36. JulieD says

    Love these! I'm all set to make them with some fabric I picked up during my Thanksgiving honeymoon to Hawaii :)
    About how much binding/ribbon do you think you used per mitt?

  37. Anna Marie says

    My mom makes hot pads and she uses old cotton mattress pads for the insulation. They have to be the 100% cotton ones…the polyester ones won’t work.

  38. Patti S says

    These are awesome Amy! I love that they have a pocket on either end. Those kind with just one big pocket are too cumbersome for me. Thanks! They’re just what I need…and I’ll be making some for mom too!

  39. Shirley says

    Amy, I’m not sure if I printed the pattern off correctly. Would you please send me the dimensions for the pattern?
    Thankis for all of your cute, cute ideas,

  40. says

    i made these tonight! omg they are really easy to make. going to make more of them for christmas gifts. thanks for the pattern!

  41. says

    I made these tonight. So cute! I made one the same size as the tutorial and one 3/4 of an inch bigger. Awesome tutorial. Bias tape takes some practice. Make sure you buy the double fold!

  42. Andrea says

    Hi, I love this idea and am hoping to make one soon. However, when I went to print the pattern off it looked a bit small even after I clicked on the ‘large’. Do both the oval and hand mitt fit on the same page? Otherwise could you email me the pattern? I would really appreciate it! Thank you :)

  43. Lois says


    Love to try to make these mitts but I can’t get the pattern to print out the size I could use no matter how I changed my printer setting. Please email me the measurements
    Thanks for all your great ideas

  44. Susie says

    I have been looking for this very thing for over 1 year. I had given up was just about to start the trial and error of making my own pattern. You have saved me a ton of time. Thank you every much. These will be great hostess gifts during the holiday season and great teacher gifts.

  45. Rose says

    I just made an apron for my BFF and had a little fabric leftover but didn’t know what to do with it. Now I know! I cannot wait to make matching oven mitts, she’s going to die! They will be too cute with the apron!

    • says

      Yay! Hope you are able to make some. I need to make another set. My son burned this set just a couple of weeks ago making “flaming nachos” only they were not supposed to be flaming…oopsie!

  46. Amy says

    Since you suggest using a double layer of insulbrite would you skip the batting on the large piece so the mitt isn’t so thick?

  47. Andrea says

    I tried making these last year, but my machine could not handle the thickness of all those layers any suggestions on that?

    • The Idea Room Assistant says

      Not sure if your machine can adjust to different thickness. You may have to check your manual.


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