Chocolate Cinnamon Bears

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Have you ever had Chocolate Cinnamon Bears? If you haven’t had one, they are so yummy. My SIL introduced me to them a couple of years ago. Every once in a while I will pick some up (usually in the candy bins from my local grocery store) and try to make them last as long as possible. If the kids find them, they don’t last very long!

Then I thought…why not make my own! So I did! And they were twice as nice! I even shared them with the kids!


I made some thin dipping chocolate and dipped some regular cinnamon bears in it. Then I placed the dipped bears on a sheet of parchment paper (or wax paper) and let them cool and harden.

These would be really fun to make and package up pretty and give to someone special for Valentine’s Day!



  1. Toots says

    Ohhh, these look really goooooood! I have not always been a fan of cinnamon bears–but I think with a little coat of chocolate—I can change my mind! Thanks for another great idea, Amy! I am excited to make these for my family soon!

  2. Your cool friend, Cheryl says

    I bet these are good…chocolate and cinnamon seems like a strange combination, but I thought the same thing about chocolate covered gummy bears and they are AWESOME! Can't wait to try this, too.

  3. Julie Harward says

    i knew i was in trouble when i clicked on this…oh yum-o! How about the jellied red cinn. hearts? I just always melt choc. in the microwave..hope it'll work that way too…going to do this! Thanks good idea girl! Come say hi :D

  4. Nettie's Blog says

    oh how i wish we could buy gummie bears here in Australia…WE CAN'T… so i and crying tears of chocolate right now just thinking about them….

  5. Gillian says

    Okay… I am SO in love with chocolate covered gummy bears, so I think that chocolate covered gummy bears might just be up my alley. I'm soooo trying this! Thanks for the fun tip!

  6. Sara and Wade says

    Yum-o! I'm going to make the hand-print hearts for Valentine's day (the ones you made a little while ago with finger paint) and I think I'll put some of these bears in the package with it. It will be a perfect gift for my parents and in-laws. Thanks for another great idea!!!

  7. Mom's Place says

    I'm going to have to give these a try! I love cinnamon and I love chocolate, but have never thought to have the together.

  8. Dominoe says

    I LOVE these treats! But alas, you can't find them in St. Louis or Cincinnati – the cities I've lived in for the last few years. I couldn't even find plain cinnamon bears in St. Louis – and trust me I scoured the city! Thankfully I can find them here, so I'm just gonna have to make some! I think they'd be cute with the cinnamon lips and other Valentine shapes too. Thanks for the thin dipping chocolate link!

  9. TheSmithZoo says

    The only time I ever have seen chocolate covered cinnamon bears is in Utah,(and I live in Washington) and I had never thought to make my own! Thanks for the great idea. I am glad I found your blog a few weeks ago, I also have five wonderful children. Have a great day!

  10. Melissa says

    I love chocolate covered cinnamon bears! I have never thought of doing it myself though. I think this valentines day will be my first! Thanks for the great idea!

  11. Anonymous says

    I am so excited to see this post. I LOVE this treat and ever since we left Utah I can't find them. Why didn't I think of making my own? I say thank you…but my hips aren't going to be giving any thanks.

  12. Infarrantly Creative says

    Hmmm they are good huh? I have never tried them. But I will try anything chocolate once :-) You going to Blissdom by chance?

  13. Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage says

    Okay I never would have thought of covering those with chocolate! Thanks!

  14. TidyMom says

    ok, I have never heard of these or tried them! Sounds yummy…..will have to add to my musty try list!! THANKS!

  15. Whatever Dee-Dee wants says

    They are some of my favorite treats! I cant seem to stop eating them once I start.

  16. kimberly says

    My favorite thing of all time!Like other comments, I discovered these in Utah and have missed them. I get them each time I go to visit family. I tried making my own once and they weren't as good, but this dipping chocolate recipe looks better, I am so excited, thanks!!!

  17. Miss Dot says

    Oh no… I can already see myself making a whole batch of these and then eating them immediately afterwards…

    This could be bad…

  18. Ramsey says

    I adore cinnamon bears and had a hard time finding them once we left Utah but I've started finding them in bulk at places like Whole Foods stores. So keep your eyes open and you might just find them in the most unlikely places!!

  19. Kathryn says

    I love this idea! This would make a great treat for Valentine's Day. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  20. Quilting in My Pyjamas says

    Yum! I've added cinnamon bears to my list of things I have to track down in my corner of the globe…

    I really have to stop reading posts related to American food…

  21. Lanie Ree says

    I'm wondering how I can casually mention this to people, so they will make some for ME for Valentines Day…

  22. Connie says

    Chocolate covered cinnamon bears are my new favorites! I usually get some out of the candy bin too! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  23. Kristy says

    Oh My Gosh!I totally LOVE those things. I first found them at a Christiansens store in Richfield and now I can't stop eating them and I can't wait to try to make my own. Thanks again for another wonderful idea.

  24. Kristan says

    Oh my! These are seriously my favorite. I don't think I could make them though. I would eat every last one of them! So yummy.

    About the heart wreath I honestly am not sure what size. It didn't have the size. It was already painted red and sparkly. It was styrofoam though. I got it at Hobby Lobby if that helps. I think it is a little bit wider which is why it ended up being a little thicker.

    I seriously LOVE looking at your blog. You are so creative!

  25. says

    Oh these look so yummy!! If you don't mind I would love to share your idea on my blog sometime in february. I will of course credit you with the idea and link to your post. These are just too cute! Please let me know if you are not ok with me linking to and featuring your idea at [email protected].

    Also feel free to come by and check out the post at

    And if you like you can grab an I've been featured button.

    Thanks so much!

  26. **Amy** says

    I warned you! Hehe! Melting chocolate in the microwave should be just fine. I usually do that too, but I just found the dipping chocolate recipe and wanted to give it a try!

    Sorry…I did not realize cinnamon bears were hard to come by in some parts of the U.S. That is a travesty :)! If anyone is really desperate, I will mail you some!

    Thanks guys!

  27. The Fifield Kail Family! says

    I have also been searching all over the place for these little guys with no luck, Amy do you have any ideas? Today I attempted Ralphs, Albertsons, Stater Bros and Walgreens with no luck… I've came to the sad conclusion they must be extinct in California. Thanks for all the cute idea's we Love them.

  28. Treadways says

    Just discovered your blog and am adding it to my favorites. Also, LOVE choc. cinnamon bears and am excited to try this recipe. Almost licked my computer screen your pictures are so great!

  29. The Fifield Kail Family! says

    Ok found some Cinnamon bears at Winco in California. Ya Can't wait to try them. =)

  30. Coley says

    Oh this would be so cute for Valentine's Day with a cute little tag that said "I love you beary much" or something like that!


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