Valentine’s Topiary and Felt Ornaments


I had so much fun making the ruffle heart wreath that I wanted to use the same process to make some other decor like this Valentine’s Topiary. I used the same method as the heart wreath here.

I took a 3 inch styrofoam ball and covered it with the same 3 inch circles folded in half twice and then pinned them to the ball.

Then I took my heart bucket (which was purchased at Hobby Lobby) and placed a peice of foam into it. Then I took a dowel which I painted black and stuck it into the styrofoam. I added moss to cover the styrofoam. Then I placed the felt ball onto the top of the dowel, added a bow and Viola! A Valentines Day topiary.


I also made a few extra using smaller (2 inch) styrofom balls and smaller felt circles. I can’t decide if I really like them hanging or if I should just placing them in a glass jar or in a table center peice.

What do you think?



  1. LivingInspired says

    Ok, so I totally LOVE this idea, but got stuck on the idea of cutting out circles of felt. Now that I see these I am in love and may just run and get some felt tomorrow! What a great idea, however did you come up with it?

  2. DANIELLE says

    I must say this is a super cute idea. HOWEVER, the hanging balls kinda look like my shower loofah. Ya know?

    BUT THE WREATH AND TOPIARY — love, love, love! Especially the wreath.

  3. Venessa says

    Hanging! Too cute! Then you can come to my house and help me decorate for valentines day!! ( :

  4. Mark says

    Dang it, your a smart girl! These projects are very cute!
    I think I would like the balls in a bowl. They do look like Loofas to me also :)

    I'm going to be doing these projects this weekend! thanks for the ideas :)

  5. Noelia says

    I LOVE them! They look so stylish! :) We dont celebrate Valentine´s day VERY much here but its a great option for a table etc..

  6. Carrie says

    i've been seeing this method lately, how cute as a topiary! i'm hosting a baby shower in march and i think i'll use these at table centerpieces!

  7. KristenLisa says

    I like the haning balls, very cute. I may have to add this to my weekend "to do" list :-)

  8. Melissa Hendrix says

    I love these, especially the wreath..I have (pictured in my head) a square one with red and green for Christmas next year :)

  9. Cherie says

    I love it all! You could spray the hanging balls with a room freshener for a sweet smell in your entryway!!

  10. flarffy2000 says

    I love the hanging balls! I made the heart wreath last night and it is sooo cute. Now I'm going to have to make the balls. Do you have any idea how much felt I would need for the balls?

  11. ccbtoddlvsdisney says

    Love this and the wreath. My vote is for in a bowl or large vase. I have to say I just found your blog via Money Saving Mom and the post she did on The Envelope System prettified. I made the envelopes that night and went all the way through your blog. Let's just say that my Google Reader is starred with a lot of your posts that I have on my to do list. Thanks for your blog and keep the ideas coming.

  12. Darla says

    I think you are creative and talented and make cute things.

    That's what I think.

    Oh! And you have a lot of time. I want to make this stuff but I get lost in my day somewhere!

  13. eetomost says

    VERY CUTE IDEA!!! I'm going to get the supplies tonight :) Did you use the felt rectangles found at the craft store??? curious!

    thanks for posting:) Love the hanging balls as well !

    Leigh Pickering

  14. Anja says

    I LOVE the hanging ones! They are my fav. and I've already bought the supplies to start the heart, I'm so excited!! Thanks for the great idea!

  15. Stephanie says

    I love this. Its so cute! But I agree with some of the previous posters: when I scrolled down, with them hanging, the first think I thought of was a loofah. But I think putting them in a bowl for a centerpiece is a really cute idea! :)

  16. Ashley Ann says

    Ooh, I think they're all super cute, and I did not think loofah. I thought the hanging ones were the cutest.

  17. **Amy** says

    HaHa! I must admit…I too thought they looked "loofaish"! That is why I wasn't sure how I wanted to display them! I am really happy with the topiary though! Thanks for your feedback!

    Thanks for all your kind words. You know how to make a girl feel good. I guess that just makes me want to keep coming up with some stuff for you!

    And thanks for the shout out on your blog radio. Umm…wow! Totally weird being talked about like that in the blogosphere. Thanks, Keep it Classy, Jen!

  18. ashley says

    LOVE your blog! I already made the topiary. I was headed out today to buy the supplies for the wreath so i picked up the topiary supplies as well. Thanks so much!

  19. TheSmithZoo says

    I liked both the topiary and the hanging one, I want to try that. If you don't mind me asking, where did you get the plaque with the quote from Plato?

  20. Infarrantly Creative says

    Thanks for stopping by it made my day! I made the Valentine wreath today. I will blog and give you props soon. I love the balls. Those are darling! They would be cute hanging on a doorknob. They are addicting to make. I am already itching to make another…if my thumb can recup. Did you use a thimble. Ouch!

  21. Andrea says

    Darling! Love everything you do. I've spent a lot of time the past few days reading all your posts. We are starting the Larsen family store and my kids are THRILLED. Along with a lot of other fun ideas from your amazing blog. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas.
    Also, thanks for the sweet comment on the blog. Give your little a girl a extra hug from me tonight….two days apart? Wow! Oh, how I would do anything in the world to be able to give Wyatt a hug tonight. I know someday I will but the waiting is beyond hard!

  22. April says

    Just a note to say LOVE your blog. I am giving you my opinion on the felt balls…and they sort of look like loofah's. Might want to stick them in a jar.

  23. **Amy** says

    Each ball took about 1/4 yard of felt. I bought my felt off of the bolt and in was 72 inches wide. How close you place them together will also affect how many circles you need, so when in doubt go for a little extra. You can always use left-over felt.

  24. Rainy Day Farm says

    So cute! I am going to town right now and get all the stuff I need for it! Too cute! I just LOVE that quote too!

  25. Lacie @ Creative Attempts says

    I made my valentine topiary and I plan to post it and link back to you :) thank you for the great idea

  26. Anonymous says

    Totally adorable! I think this would be a cute design for decorations for my Bridal Shower! Thanks for sharing!

  27. Cheryl says

    Hello, love the topiary! I also noticed the shelf, very cute. Do you remember where it is from? Thanks and great blog!

  28. Cheryl says

    I guess I should say the shelf with the cute drawers, I guess that would be more clear :)

  29. Sharonna M. says

    I am making these for my wedding centerpieces. :) About how many circles did you put on each ball? Thanks much!! :)

  30. says

    Hi the link to make this isn’t there anymore can you please give me the link so I can learn how to make these please


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