Valentine Cookie Pops


Do you remember the “play dough” cookies we made? Well, we took some of the dough, before we colored it and set it aside in the freezer. Then a week or so later we took out the dough at let it thaw out.


We added food coloring to make some red, purple and pink. Using the same concept as the play dough cookies, we made some Valentine cookie pops. We had used up all of the lollipop sticks, so made them smaller and just used some regular sucker sticks.

This is another fun gift idea for Valentine’s Day!


  1. Savannah says

    These look so cute and yummy! I love this idea, Lollipops are one of my favorites, even when they are cookies!! I think Im going to have to make these this weekend! thanks for they lovely idea!!

  2. RMRR says

    Can you add a link to the original play dough cookie recipe? I would love to make these! Thanks

  3. Shanilie says

    What a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing. I can't wait to try these with my boys. It should be posted in a magazine. NEAT!

  4. Kevin, Amber & Jake says

  5. Ellen says

    I just found your blog, and I'm really enjoying it! I was wondering if you could tell me how much shorter you made the snakes for the smaller heart lollipops. And I also looked for baggies to cover them with so I could give them as gifts, but I couldn't decide how big I would need them to be. Do you have suggestions for packaging? Thanks so much!

  6. veela-valoom says

    Made these today! Well my own version of them. Only used one color and used cheapo food coloring from krogers. So I just made them pink. Only could fit 8 on the pan at a time. On the 2nd & 3rd batch I sprinkled them with colored sugar to add some sparkle.

    May blog/vlog the event later but wanted to thank you for the recipe & let others know normal food coloring can work. Also didn't have lollipop sticks so used something like popsicle sticks but skinner. (The joys of small town living).

    Here's a pic of the first bunch:

  7. **Amy** says

    Thanks veela-valoom! I have gotten a bit behind on answering emails and comments! Glad they worked out for you!

  8. **Amy** says

    Ellen–I think my rope was about 10-12 inches in length. For packaging I have used pretzel gift bags and cut it down to the size I need. I also know that Roberts Crafts and others sell different sized goody bags for packaging.

    Veela-valoom–I just checked out your picture. I like that they are one color and your sticks seemed to work perfectly! Great Job!


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