Finger Puppet Patterns and Instructions

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To purchase the finger puppet patterns go here.

This pattern contains step-by-step instructions and patterns to make 18 different felt finger puppets. There are full color pictures and photographs to help you create the exact same puppets you see in the pictures.

The animals included are:

Horse, Elephant, Duck, Dog, Cow, Cat, Rooster, Pig, Bear, Moose, Blue Bird, Frog, Monkey, Tiger, Lion, Sheep, Rabbit, and a Penguin


The patterns will be sent to you via email in a folder which includes 8 separate documents. They simply need to be printed out and will be ready for immediate use. Be sure when you print that they fill a whole 8.5 x 11 inch paper so that the patterns will be properly sized.

As I am a busy momma, please allow 48 hours for email delivery, but most likely you will recieve them sooner. If you do not recieve them please check your junk mail folder or shoot me an email just in case. Thanks!


  1. Mirja says

    wonderful! I ordered mine right away and can't wait to make them for my son and niece. Thanks so much.

  2. Kdunn says

    Oh yipee!! I was so excited when you mentioned you were going to sell the patterns!! I can't wait to make some!

  3. Amy says

    I ordered the instructions too. Thank you so much! they are adorable. I can't wait to make them.

  4. ** Adrian ** says

    These are so darling! I don't know how you have the time to do all the AMAZING things you do! You must be a SUPER Mom!

    BTW… this is Adrian that met you today at the DI. I'm sorry I was such a big DORK! I get really nervous talking to people I don't know & debated for about 15 minutes whether or not to say anything to you! I decided to go for it & then felt SO SILLY after because I probably seemed like a stalker or something! I really am a good person– I was just star struck at seeing you! I really do LOVE your blog!! In the last few weeks I have made a bunch of your fabric key-chains for Mother's Day/B-Day presents & they've been a big hit already! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas!!

  5. **Amy** says

    Thanks for the kind comments. It makes me happy to hear that you guys like these. And thanks to all you who have purchased the patterns…wowsers! What a great response!

    Adrian–You are so funny! Don't feel silly at all. I was so glad you came up and said "hi"! I know that takes guts. I am normally a very shy person as well and admit it is strange for people to recognize me when I am out and about. I am just a regular person too. I did not in any way think you were silly. In fact you made my day. I was also glad that I happened to have make-up on although my hair was in a ponytail :)! It was good to meet you. Especially a fellow DI shopper!

  6. sylviaaarce114 says

    The finger puppets are cool items for kids to play with. I'm sure that everybody is raring to get hold of the patterns. For moms looking for fun activities for their kids, I invite them to download a free ebook at It contains easy instructions on how to make a puzzle and templates ready to print and cut too!

  7. Karie says

    First of all, I love your sight, so many cute Ideas! and secondly, I am trying to purchase the felt finger puppet pattern but for some reason it won’t let me click ‘Buy now’. ? I don’t know why?! It will let me click ‘Buy now’ on the other options, but not the finger puppets…. Do you know what might be wrong! Thanks for you help!!

    • says

      Karie–It must have gotten messed up in the switch to WP. Can you send me your email address connected with PayPal and I will send you an invoice for The Finger Puppet Patterns and then get them to you! Sorry about that! And thanks for ordering :)!

  8. Karie says

  9. says

    Hi Amy,
    I am trying to order the finger puppet pattern but it doesn’t do anything when I click on the paypal button. I would love to get this pattern and make them for my little men!

    • Michele says

      Hi Amy,
      I am also trying to get the puppet pattern and it will not direct you to paypal. I will try again in the morning:)

  10. Maeve Mitchell says

    I would like to purchase the finger puppet pattern also but it won’t let me!
    maeve dot mitchell at yahoo dot com

  11. says

    I want to buy the finger puppet patterns but it wont let me it goes straight to paypal and after logging in there’s no invoice

  12. Kathy says

    I still cant get into paypal to paid for the finger puppets pattern. Is there some other way of paying? I think the pattern is rellly cute and I cant wait to make them. Thank you Kathy

  13. Nadia says

    Hi Amy, I’m new about this kind of transactions, I’ve just bought the finger puppets and I have no idea whats the next step to receive them. If you just let me know if after paying I have to do something else.
    Thanks for these great ideas, I’m excited to receive this patterns.

  14. Tiffany Houston says

    Amy, I ordered these instructions yesterday but have not received anything, not even a confirmation that you are aware of my purchase. Can you please let me know when I can expect an email? thank you, I am trying to organize a service project for Wednesday. kind of stressed. thanks! tiffany

    • says

      I actually just mailed all the orders out. If you did not get one let me know. You might need to check your spam or check to see what the email address is on your PayPal account. My computer was out for repairs and I just got it back this evening!

  15. Sonali says

    Hi Amy,

    Are these patterns still available? I wanted to confirm with you before making the purchase on Paypal so that I know for sure I will receive the pdfs via email once I make the payment.

  16. says

    Ordered the patterns months ago. Never got any responses of why I never received my purchases and was charged! They were for a service project for children in the hospital. Disappointing still to me :(

  17. courtney says

    Just wondering if these are still available to purchase.
    Doing a project with a bunch of younger girls, and I’m “craft handicap”… is there any sewing involved?


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