Make Bouncy Balloon Balls

Been SUPER Busy! May and June have FLOWN by and I have been going from one thing to the next. Luckily the next few weeks should slow down a bit. Things round here should get back to normal and I have some fun projects in the works for you. I thought you might want to see a few pictures of what we were up to the last few weeks.








Can you relate?? But the good news is…I do have a little summer activity for you to do with your kids! Make some super balls…


My boys and I found a fun and super simple way to make a bouncy balloon ball. Do you remember this ball from last summer? Well, it was fun to make but was not very bouncy like the super balls I grew up with. But…this new ball is a lot more like the super ball from the 80’s.


All you need are a package of round water balloons. We used the 9 inch size. First we took one balloon and filled it with a small amount of water, just enough to make it expand a tiny bit. Then we tied it off and cut off the excess end of the balloon.


Then take the rest of your balloons and cut off the long end that you tie off so you basically just have the round balloon. Cut off less first as you can always cut more off it you need to!


Then put the water balloon into the one of the cut balloons. Always place the open end of the balloon so that it is completely covered by the rubber balloon. Continue with balloon after balloon until you have a nice sized ball. This should give you a nice and thick balloon that is really durable! Then bounce away to your heart’s content.

My boys loved this little project and have found made up some games to play with their new bouncy balls.

**Be extra careful with the cut up balloon pieces as they are choking hazards. Be sure to keep them away from small children!


  1. Toots says

    I am going to do this little idea, Amy! My son will love this and my daughter too. Thank you! Can't wait for more ideas to come soon!
    I love the pictures of all you've been up to.

  2. Anonymous says

    In your pics your little one has a very cute watering can, where did you get this? My little one must have one :D
    Thanks, Laura

  3. **Amy** says

    Thanks! To answer anon's question about the watering can…I got that at Target (of course)! They were in the toy section by the water toys.

  4. Infarrantly Creative says

    Isaac would totally love that. He is a bouncey ball freak. Thanks for another fantastic idea.

  5. crazigirl80 says

    How many balloons does it take for one ball? I would love to do this w/ my summer camp kiddos!

  6. Martha says

    we did this with small water balloons, but had a hard time getting it round. but dd seemed to like it.

  7. **Amy** says

    I agree, the first few balloons are pretty difficult to get on. The bigger 9 inch balloons seemed to work best for us. As for how many balloons you need for each ball…I would say 10-15. But the more balloons, the more resistant to breaking it will be!

  8. Sarah says


    Those pictures are so clear, may I ask what camera you are using and if you are using a specific setting (ie action, sport, kids etc)

    Thank you,



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