Sidewalk Chalk Paint

We made some SUPER easy Sidewalk Chalk Paint the other day when the summer “boredom” hit.

sidewalk paint

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I have seen this all over the net and we finally got around to making it.  We simply took 1/4 cup of cold water and mixed in a 1/4 cup of cornstarch. Then we added a **small** amount of food coloring to give it a little bit of color.

*(Do not add a lot of food coloring…after washing the green paint off the sidewalk, I noticed it left a very light stain behind…so use food coloring at your own risk)!

sidewalk paint 2

But other than that…it really entertained the kids for quite a while. We even ended up making another round of paint after they exhausted the first ones.

The paints looked really great when they dried. The cornstarch shows up and the paint has a chalky look to it. We will definitely be doing this again. I also would not recommend using the foam brushes like we did. Next time we will use the cheap paint brushes. The foam brushes were getting pretty ripped up from the rough surface of the cement.

sidewalk paint 3
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  1. ShadowCase says

    Here I am wondering what I am going to do with the kids tomorrow. Problem solved! Just curious..does the coloring stain their clothes at all?

  2. Jen @ says

    That is such a fun idea! My 5 year old loves to go outside with sidewalk chalk and color in the rain so the chalk runs together. I am sure she will love this!

    Beautiful pictures too!


  3. Love Being a Nonny says

    I want to do this for the Littles. I think I'll do it soon. Thanks for reminding me of the recipe! The girls looked like they loved it!

  4. Holly says

    we did this not too long ago and my Dad let the kids use the paints on his car! I think I posted pictures on my blog. It did wash right off though!

  5. Kami @ Everyday Heaven says

    Perfect for my little toddler guy. He tried to eat anything shaped like a crayon, marker, pen, well actually he eats anything and he will probably try and eat the paint brush, but that's that's part of being a kid, right?

  6. Nancy_Drew says

    This is great!!! I have been following your blog for a couple of months and I love your ideas!
    I have older girls but they still love to craft. This will be another great craft to do with our neighbors…how colorful can we get the sidewalks?

  7. FootPrints says

    great idea! i think i am gonna do this one when my hubby is away on business to keep the kids busy.

  8. Bonnie says

    ooohhh, i have never heard of this idea. pretty cool! By the way, I love the "hair do" on the little blonde girl. (is she your daughter?) Looks like it is twisted and held down with a hair clip..can't really tell. so sweet!

  9. Stacy of KSW says

    Just posted our version of this over at Kids Stuff World, I linked back here about the food coloring staining the sidewalk (thanks for the tip)

  10. Jacqueline says

    Thanks for a great idea! I’d like to use it at school with my first graders during the last week of school, but I need to know if the food coloring stains clothes: don’t want a bunch of angry moms!

  11. says

    I hope you don’t mind that I linked to this on my blog, You are so clever! I love everything you do.

    • Drew says

      Actually there’s no stain!!! And it washes away in the rain, it dries just like normal chalk.

  12. Heather says

    Tried this today with my boys, ages 6 and 9 and they really enjoyed it! The colours were quite vibrant once dried. Word of advice, separate the colours into 2 different muffin tins. My boys had to stay pretty close to each other in order to use the paints, thus competing for sidewalk space. Would have been nice if they could have had a bit more area to themselves.

  13. Christina says

    Did this today with my three year old. Use tempera paint it didn’t stain. She loved it.

    • says

      Oh great feedback! Thanks Christina! So glad you guys had fun with it. It is still one of our most requested activities for my kids!

  14. Steph says

    If you add a drop or 2 of washing up/dish washing liquid that will stop the food colouring from staining :)

  15. Judy says

    I wonder if Wilton coloring would be better? I use that for making bath bombs and the color doesn’t stain the tub (although it turns the entire bath tube the color of the bath bomb… which is quite cool!!) . Love this idea… great for Halloween sidewalk ideas (ie., “ghost” footprints, body outlines, etc.).

  16. says

    What a fab idea! I’m going to try this with my children at the weekend, can’t wait, they’ll think it’s awesome!

  17. says

    I am helping with a 5k and can’t paint on the road. I searched for ideas to use as substitutes for actual paint and came across this one. I will try it this evening and let you know how it goes!!

    • says

      I personally have not tried it. All you really need is just a thicker paste and the cornstarch provides that. You could test just a very small batch and slowly add water till you get a consistency that you are happy with. Good Luck!


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