Monogrammed Soap–Teacher gift

Today I would like to share with you a fun, easy and inexpensive gift that is a great teacher gift, or for neighbors, new moms and friends…Monogrammed Hand Soap and/or Sanitizers.


Materials needed:

A bottle of hand soap or hand sanitizer
A sheet of overhead transparency
Goo Gone (to remove labels)


I usually buy my bottles of soap and hand sanitizer from the Dollar Store. {Or you can buy empty bottles and fill with soap and sanitizer}. Then I remove all the stickers and labels from the bottles. I got my paper labels wet and they easily scraped off. To clean off any glue residue, I used Goo Gone which I purchased at Home Depot.


If you would like to download a copy of these printables, simply click on the link(s) below:

Monogram Bottle Label

Hand in Hand Label

*If you are not a fan of The Idea Room on Facebook, you will need to click like first and become a fan. After you become a fan you will need to click on “Get your free gift” on the Idea Room FB page and then click on “Idea Room Downloads”.


1.  You will have to save it to your computer  by right clicking on the image and selecting save as.  Open it up with your Word program, photo program or insert it into a blank Word document. Then you should be able to send the image to the background and then type over the image to add the letter you need.

2.  Measure the width of your bottle. In your word program edit the monogram and size it to the proper size for your bottles. Add the letter you need in the center. Then print out the monogram. If your printer is a laser printer, you can print the monogram right onto your overhead transparency paper. If you don’t have a laser printer, print the monogram onto a regular piece of paper. Then copy the monogram onto the overhead transparency with a copy machine. Most Copy Centers will be able to do this for you.


3.  **The above step is very important. If you don’t print it with laser printer or copier, the lettering will fall off your vinyl and float in the sanitizer or soap…which doesn’t make for a pretty present!

**You can always forgo the above step and just cut out some vinyl in the monogram and place it on the front of your bottle too.

4.  Cut around your printed label as straight and as close as you can get to the writing so that it fits properly into your bottle. Check before you cut the bottom of the label to be sure that it will sit as high in the bottle as you would like it to.


5.  Roll up the label so that the writing is in front. I roll mine backwards. Stuff it into the top of the bottle carefully.


6.  Use the soap dispenser to push the label to the front wall of the bottle and to straighten it in the right position.


The best part of these is that they are so afforable and practical. They are also completely customizable. You could really put anything on the transparency and they could be used for so many things…birthdays, home decor, for new parents and their frequent guests, etc. Here is a version I made two years ago for one of my child’s teachers.



If you are new here, you might want to check out some of the other Hand Sanitizer Bottles I have shared:

Hand in Hand Sanitizer Bottle

Monogrammed Hand Sanitizer

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Thanksgiving Hand Sanitizer

Christmas Chalkboard Hand Sanitizer

Happy gift-giving!


  1. Maggie says

    I cannot wait to make these for the teachers. You have amazing creativity!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. says

    Ack! I linked up but now am having difficulty grabbing your button code! I will put a link on my posts, I promise! I'm just having technical issues at the moment!

    Thanks for hosting!


  3. L a u r a says

    I LOVE this idea! Since I've never worked with vinyl/transparencies like this, I must ask: do these monogrammed labels simply cling to the inside of the bottle?

    (I was thinking of making it for a foam dispenser that I need to shake to mix when I refill, and want to make sure the label wouldn't fall off or move.)

    • Lisa says

      Hi there! I have a scrub that I want to give as a gift, but the scrub will have to be stirred. I know you say that the transparency just doesn’t move, but with someone stirring a thick mixture, would that move the transparency around?

  4. Robin says

    If I buy a bottle with sanatizer already in it, do I need to dump it into another container and completely clean the container before inserting the monogram? How does it stick to the side without moving? I'd love to create these.

  5. Cheryl Shaw says

    I love this idea and want to do it for my kids teachers. Does the lettering on the transparency last? The alcohol in the sanitizer doesn't eat it off?

  6. Angie says

    That is soooo awesome! IT is nice to be able to make something like that when you don't have vinyl or a cutter. So can you still do this if you have hand sanitizer in the bottle, or do they have to be empty first?

  7. Heidi Ferguson says

    Love this Amy! I think seeing simple gift ideas like this is one of my favorite craft things. That sentence made no sense, but you get my point. Hope you are doing well!

  8. Bonnie says

    wow!!!! what a great idea. I love it! I love how you can personalize these with someone's name or a personal message…so great!

  9. formy2kids says

    What a fantastic idea!!! I am so excited! This is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for to give my son's teacher as well as some hostess gifts for a few parties I am going to this holiday!


  10. **Amy** says

    @Jen-Thanks :)

    @Maggie–Fun gift for teachers…and so practical!

    @simplydesigning–I am sure it is that darn button…no problem!

    @Creativeflair–vinyl is so fun if you can do it!

    @Laura–it should be just fine if you are shaking the bottle. Just make sure when you cut it that you make it so that it will fit snuggly inside the bottle. It just stays put…I have never had trouble with it moving around.

    @sweetie pie–Thanks so much!

    @Sara–any office supply store should carry them. But they come it BIG packages and most likely you will only need a few. You can always take your monograms to a copy store and have them print them onto the transparencies for you. They shouldn't be too expensive. Cheaper than buying a huge box unless you plan on making a ton of them.

    @Robin–No need to dump out the stuff already in the bottle. Just insert it into the filled bottled just as I showed with the empty bottle. Then use the dispenser to move it into place.

    @Cheryl–I have only ever had one bottle that the letters fell off. I am not sure why. Yes, the alcohol can eat the lettering. some sanitizers have a higher alcohol content and that is the culprit. But I have made a LOT of these as gifts and have only had problems with one. Make sure to use a Lazer printer/copier!!

    @Angie–Full work just as easily as empty…just slip it in!

    @Heidi–Hey girl! Thanks so much! :)

    @Bonnie–I love gifts that are personal too!

    @formy2kids–Yay! Love to hear that! So glad I could help!

  11. Amanda says

    I featured you today over at Today's Top 20! You did an awesome job!!!


  12. rachelle @ says

    what a clever idea! and thanks for the link-up. i just added your link to my page. cheers!

  13. smilinggreenmom says

    What a great idea! I love your instructions and photos. Now since we don't use a lot of hand sanitizer maybe I could either do some all natural soap or even a bottle of our Belly Boost!! LOL :D That's a joke bc it is actually good bacteria to help fight off the bad stuff in our gut. Anyway – very cute!

  14. Bart's Clan says

    I am trying to do these because I love them…but when I put my text box in the monogram to insert the letter, I can't get it the right size with it being centered. HELP! I think I need a little bit more help on how you inserted the letter.

  15. **Amy** says

    @Bart's Clan–Ugghh! That is frustrating. I usually do this kind of stuff in my photo program as it is easier for me to work with. Can you do it that way? Email me if you need it in a jpeg file…or email me and we can figure something out!

  16. Teachermom says

    These were a HUGE hit with coworkers and family. They look really nice and it's even nicer that it was so quick and easy – thanks!

    I was really excited to find hand sanitizer bottles with labels that came off without leaving gunk. They were $1.50 but totally worth me not having to buy goo-off or take the extra step! They were the stgore-brand ones from a local grocery chain (Kroger). Also, Dollar Tree carries soaps with a shrink-wrapped plastic lable, and those worked really well, too! Just an FYI for anyone out there who doesn't have the gunk-ridding stuff and, like me, didn't have the time/inclination to go out and find it.

    @ Bart's Clan – I put my monogram in a Word doc and then inserted a text box on top. Worked really well!

  17. Becky @ I Burned The Brownies says

    I totally hacked your idea to suck up to the teachers! Oh, and I linked to you over at I Burned the Brownies Thanks for sharing this great tut and making all us mom's look good in the classroom! Heehee

  18. Grace @ Sense and Simplicity says

    What a cute idea. I'm adding that to my inspired ideas page so I can find it later when I want to make it.

  19. Robyn says

    I LOVE this idea and can’t wait to make it for my kid’s teachers. I cannot get either one to download though. I am cursing my computer! ;) HELP!!

  20. Evelyn says

    I am a teacher and this is by far, the best idea I have seen in a long time! Can’t wait to check out the rest of your site! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

  21. says

    Hi Amy! Hope you are well. Did you know that we can’t or at least I couldn’t download the label unless we upload our own project to Scribd? I hate that they are making people do this now. Didn’t know if you knew that. I just tried to download it cause I was gonna use it. Thanks for the great ideas!

  22. says

    I’ve always wanted to know how to do this, thank you! just an FYI I get goo gone at the Dollar store! much cheaper than anywhere else if yours has it of course.

  23. Jaymee says

    Love the design for the monogram. Trying to download it but it’s asking me to sign up and pay. Can anyone help so I can download? I would love to try my hand at this one! Thanks

  24. Maria says

    This is beautiful and would love to make for my co-workers. I paid and downloaded into word but cannot get a letter in the middle.. can anyone help?

  25. Melessa says

    Hi Amy, I love this idea and really want to recreate the bottle you made for your child’s teacher (bottom photo/Mrs. Cook). I can’t quite read all the text you have printed on the label. Do you have a download for it? If not, would you be able to send me a message with all the text? Thanks so much!

  26. Melessa says

    Hi Amy! I just love this idea! I want to recreate the bottle you made for your child’s teacher (bottom photo/Mrs. Cook) but I can’t quite see all the words. Do you happen to have a a download or template for it? If not, would you be able to tell me what the text says? Thanks so much!

    • Melessa says

      Oops, sorry to post twice. My original comment didn’t show up right away so I wrote you again. Then, of course, they both showed up!

  27. soccermomsews says

    I too would love the “hand in hand” verse download, but when I click the link I get the blank monogram jpg.

    • reallywanthandinhanddownload says

      The “hand in hand” download is not working correctly. It is linked to the “blank monogram”. Looking forward to trying this project!

  28. says

    I LOVED this idea…but when I went to print on the laser printer (which happened to by my husbands VERY expensive professional one, yikes) it completely melted the paper inside the printer and totally ruined the printer. I would recommend researching which laser printers can handle this kind of paper before printing. Argh!

  29. says

    Is beautifull what you do, and also your projects.
    Can you tell me if this paper is adhesive, and if I can found it online.I write form Italy, and here I cannot found it.Thank you so much

  30. Jessica says

    I love the one that you did for a teacher, I think this is the perfect gift idea. The link is not working correctly, it opens the blank monogram. Is there anyway you could email me a copy?

    • says

      For those of you trying to the get “hand in hand” document…I will work on getting that fixed so it goes to the right link. Sorry about that!

  31. amy says

    SO cute!! but everytime i go to download the hand in hand image, it takes me to the blank monogram… can i get the hand in hand poem?? thank you!

  32. anna says

    Is it possible to use something other than hand sanitizer in these bottles? Lotion? Or does it have to be clear and jelly-like?

  33. Sherri says

    I found this on Pinterest, and I would love to make some of these for Christmas. However, the downloads aren’t working on my computer. Do you have a version you can e-mail?


  34. Nicole says

    I love this!! Genius idea! I want to use the same idea but instead of in a bottle for a candle holder. Could I go about this the same way or will it fall off because the vinyl isn’t sticky material? Thanks for your input/ ideas! :)

  35. Jess says

    Thanks for the great idea!!! I made a bunch of these for loved ones for Christmas! (I used the hands one instead of the monogrammed—I also used soap instead of sanitizer.) They loved them!! It gave me the idea to do things with the colored pumps as well. I have a red one at home….and Valentines day is coming up! :) Thank you for the inspiration!!! (PS…I pinned my on pinterest! <3 that site!!!)

  36. Peggy b says

    Where do you get the monograms? I have been searching for some like or similar to these to work with.

  37. RedUrbanRose says

    LOVE this idea!!! Can you also print this on some sort of transparent sticker paper and place the label on the outside of the bottle?

  38. Billie says

    I have a laser printer (2 in fact, one is only black & white). Being a laser printer they use heat to transfer the toner (not ink) to the paper (or other media). I have always been afraid to use regular overhead transparency paper. Are you using a special overhead transparency paper for yours? Will it not melt going thru the laser printer?
    This really makes me nervous!

    Do you use a laser printer, or a laser jet? Is there a difference in these printers. (you may not know the answer that that one.)


    • says

      My machine is a laser copy machine so I am not sure if that makes a difference. If I were worried about it I would just take it to a copy center and for fairly inexpensive they can run it through for you. Everyone’s machines are different and are made to handle things differently so make sure you know your machine and what it can and can’t do.

  39. terra mcfadin says

    The google download doc is a jpg. Is there a link to get it as a word doc for editing? Can you email it to me?

  40. Tracy says

    Wow, I just found your blog and love your ideas. I want to make the monogramed soap bottles but cannot get the template to download. Can you give me some tips as to how to get it to? Thanks for all of your wonderful ideas!!

  41. Erin says

    LOVE this idea!!! I changed the wording some on the teacher themed one and am making them for Grandma gifts for Mother’s day…Mimi/Granny/Memaw Has – happy hands, serving hands, praying hands, etc. Thanks for the idea and tips!!! Headed to Office Max now… Blessings~

  42. Ann says

    I bought the $1 bottles of soft soap and used goof off, but my bottles were still all cloudy looking. I also tried soaking in hot water, scrubbing with Brillo pad and winded. Nothing helped. Any thoughts?

  43. Ann says

    Thanks for suggesting the wd-40, but it did not work. I did however discover the culprit. You definitely need to use Goo Gone, NOT goof off (apparently something in goof off reacts with the plastic bottles and makes them cloudy!). So after much experimenting, I have figured it out! I think they look great, but I’d anyone knows how/where to buy empty bottles, I would totally do that just for the easiness of it! Thanks for Shari g your great idea!

  44. says

    i’m probably late to this idea party, but couldn’t the same process be done for a bottle of hand sanitizer? great for doctors’ offices/gifts + teachers? just a thought.

  45. says

    *derp* sorry, just noticed the pics when i opened this post, NOT the title. talk about late to the party! when i first saw the images i figured handsoap only. sorry for being a world-class dork! :)

  46. Kristy says

    Love this and will be doing this project for all of my kids teachers and bus drivers! What font in word did you use and what size font did you use? Thanks!

  47. k0 says

    I made these at the end of the school year last year for teachers and had a couple left over. When I used them, the transparency inside the bottle would constantly come off and sliding down to the bottom. Is there a way to keep it glued to the front? I understand that as the soap gets less, there will be no soap to hold the transparency into place but anything I can do to avoid this?

    • says

      I have had a couple of others tell me that their letters slid off too. I have not had that happen so I am not sure what it is. Just be sure you use a laser printer or copier. As far as the transparency moving around inside that is usually not a problem if you cut it larger and it should stick to the front of the inside bottle.

      • Diane Hopkins says

        I just saw this on Pinterest and love it but am not able to download the monogram template. Is it something you can email?

        • says

          The download isn’t working? Thanks for letting me know. I will look into it. I will also email it to you.

  48. Laurie says

    I jammed my printer until I realized that there was a transparency setting in the printer properties. Success once I figured that one out! I used the Wal-Mart brand of soap that was about a dollar and then tied a pretty ribbon around them. From somewhere on Pinterest, I saw a cute tag that said: Peace, Love, and Hope but then the hope was crossed out and the word “soap” was written. Perfect for this! Thank you for sharing your idea!

  49. Sumer McFarlain says

    I love this idea. I thought I was almost complete with my Co-worker’s Christmas gifts, until I tried to pour the lotioninto the bottle. I made one for myself as a “tester”. When I poured the lotion into the bottle, some of it got between the transperancy and the inside of the bottle. This is not pretty. Amy, please help! What’s wrong?

    Sumer in Louisiana

  50. Sumer McFarlain says

    Amy, please help! I followed the instructions to a tee, but the lotion ended up getting between the label and the bottle. What happened? Please advise. Thanks!

  51. Annete says

    Hi Amy,

    Would you be able to send the download for the monogram for the soap dispenser right to my email. I am able to download and save, but am having difficulty inserting the initial. Thanks for your generosity in sharing your ideas with everyone. You are truly creative! Blessings to you!

  52. says

    I’ve been a huge fan of this project since pinning it months ago. Now that I got a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas from my hubby, I am thrilled to be able to possibly make my own! I made an inspiration board on my blog with a few Silhouette projects that have me head over heels, and your monogrammed hand sani / soap bottles is one of them! You can check it out here:

    They’re gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with us. -Lauren

  53. Christine says

    This is such a cute idea. I want to use glass bottles. Does the shape matter? I’m only finding round ones and I don’t know if the transparency will stick to the inside very well.

    • says

      Shape will not matter! Just cut your transparency material to fit the shape and size of your bottle! Round ones will be cute!! The transparency should sit nicely and not float around. If it does, you can stick it to the inside of the wall of the bottle and that should help!

  54. Christine says

    I ended up getting a square bottle thinking the transparency wouldn’t move around but it is. I’ve tried pushing it back into place but it doesn’t stay against the inside wall of the container. Any ideas on how to fix that? What adhesive would you use?

  55. Becky says

    I love this idea, and would like to make some of these, but the Google docs image for the monogram is not working. (Blank.) Can you help me?

  56. says

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  57. Bonnie Smith says

    Thank you for sharing this. I never know what to give my co-workers and this is perfect. Love it.

  58. maryA says

    I bought the hand soap in plastic bottles, soaked them for awhile and peeled off the labels. I’m using Goo-Gone to get the sticky stuff off but it still leaves some haze and marks. Any suggestions?

    • says

      If you use just a little bit more goo gone it will wipe away the haze mostly. Then just rinse with hot water and a little soap and it seemed to do the trick for me.

  59. says

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  60. says

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  63. says

    This is such an amazing idea! In these days we’ve had, we sure know what’s the best gift to give to a friend. A practical gift must be on our first list. Thanks for sharing this one of a kind gift. This is perfect for the expecting moms out there!

  64. says

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  66. S. Frank Stringham says

    Great ideas…I am hooked!!

    I just wanted to say that instead of Goo Gone, I simply use peanut butter. It gets rid of the excess glue, plus it gets gum out of your child’s hair!

    Thanks again!!

  67. Chelsie says

    I was SO excited to make these as gifts for several family members this Christmas, and they were received ecstatically! BUT I’ve heard that 2 of 3 bottles that I made had the words disappear! I’m soooo bummed. I’ll print it out again and attach to the back, I think. So wish it would’ve worked to have it inside-it’s ups the cool factor. I may try and attach it inside sealed w/modge podge but I’m not sure about how tricky that will be to make work… I used empty bottles from walmart filled w/natural unscented dish soap that I scented w/high grade essential oils. Wondering if it was the oils that ate the words…

    • says

      Hmmm…I am sorry they didn’t work out. I have used them in hand sanitizer which is pretty strong though… Were they printed on a laser jet printer? That is usually the problem. An ink jet printer will not work for these.


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