Random Facts About Little ‘Ole Me

Since I have been totally lazy this week and NOT in the mood for projects or making any more yummy treats, I thought it would be fun to do share a little bit more about myself with you. I don’t know about you, but I always enjoy it when my favorite bloggers share some of their personal life.

Here are some random facts about me…

–I have a irrational FEAR of spiders! I do not like them…AT ALL! My husband (and now my sons) have been trained to kill them upon immediate discovery. This “mandatory” understanding arose out of pure necessity after I stepped into the shower one morning and a spider leaped across the opposite wall and slid down my entire leg…*shudder*. That incident took place only a few short months before I saw a spider crawling on the ceiling in our bedroom one night just as the hubs was falling asleep…Before the mandatory kill rule. The hubs simply turned over and went back to sleep. I lay in bed paralyzed with fear and eventually fell into a disturbed slumber. In the middle of the night I awoke with a start and could feel something crawling on my face. I violenty slapped and brushed off my face in total panic. Sure enough, when I looked in the mirror in the morning, there were smooshed spider parts on my cheek!


–I can not have my feet covered when I sleep. I get this from my Dad. I have to kick out the bottom of the sheet if it is tucked under the mattress so that my feet can “breathe”. But, they can not hang over the edge of the bed (cause the monsters can grab them).

–I learned how to ride a horse in College. I took several Equestrian classes and was in the Equestrian Club for about 3 years. I competed in several small Riding Competitions and helped teach the Beginning Equestrian classes. I learned to ride both Western and English styles. I loved it…I haven’t saddled a horse since. I miss that!


–I love running. I have been a runner since College as well. I ran regularly up to the time I was pregnant with my third child. Then Motherhood took over and I found less and less time and ENERGY for it. I would run off and on, but finally began to get serious about it again within the last 9 months. I have missed it!

–I don’t like balloons. I am not really “scared” of them…but they make me nervous! I will still buy them, but am nervous having them in the car! I don’t let my kids play with them when I am nearby…I am nervous that they will pop! When I was a kid, there was a popular party game that was a relay race where you would see which team could sit on and pop the most balloons the fastest. I would always sneak to the back of the line or make an excuse so that I wouldn’t have to play.

–I love to play Basketball! It is my favorite sport!

–I grew up backpacking in the Uintah Mountains in Utah. My Dad was a big backpacker and took all five of us kids from the time we were teeny tiny. We loved it! I had never been “car camping” (where you drive to your camping spot and pitch a tent) until after I was married. It took a lot of getting used to camping right next to other campers. We are still big campers!

{Nice choice on the Mullet MOM…Love it! LOL}

–I used to be a clogger…we even took first place in the State Championship one year.

–I love to read!

–I love a good thunderstorm. Ever since I was little (and to this day), when a thunderstorm hits I will grab a blanket and sit outside (under the porch cover) and watch the storm.

–One time I was almost struck by lightning! One night a huge thunderstorm rolled through. I was upstairs in my bedroom and was suddenly awakened by an intense light. My room was instantly HOT and there was a strange smell. Almost immediately after the whole house literally shook with an ENORMOUS rumble. I flew out of bed and ran to my parents room. Only my Dad was awake. A few minutes later we heard the sirens. My neighbors chimney had been struck by lightning and was on fire. Their chimney is directly across from my childhood bedroom window no further than 20 feet away.

–Back to running…one night in college while I was running, a man came from out of nowhere and began running right next to me, stride for stride. I didn’t hear him come up because I was running with my Walkman on (does that date me? ;) Surprised, I turned my head to look at him and saw that he had tied his shirt around the top of his hat like a turban…other than that, he wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing! I turned away and took off like the wind. I have never run so fast in my life! LOL! I went immediately home and called the campus police. They never caught him that I know of. To this day I wish I would have looked to see if he had running shoes on…weird thing to wonder huh?

–I tried to teach myself to play the guitar many years ago…I failed miserably. My son is now using my guitar and taking REAL lessons. I would give anything to learn how to play the piano.

–My childhood friend taught me how to suck my thumb when I was four…she quit…I didn’t. It wasn’t until I had to have a metal bar with three downward spikes poking down from the roof of my mouth, that I finally quit. I was almost 12 years old.

Okay! That was my turn! Now it’s your turn! I hope you will play along and won’t leave me hanging here. If you have a blog, go a do a similar post so we can get to know more about you and each other. Then come back and link them up here! I would love to learn some more about my readers!

**If you link up, please leave the person above and below your link some comment love! That way everyone will get some comments!

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  1. Bugg's mama says

    Amy, you are so funny! I feel like we're old chums now. I'm the same way about CRICKETS. They are so ugly and black and jumpy! Aaaaugh!

    I think this is such a great & fun idea! Okay, I'll be back with my link when I get it posted. And THANK YOU for sharing your talents with all of us on your fab blog!

    Love, Bree

    • Roberts Morasse says

      Just signed up to your site and love it. I m a Grandma of 4 girls and 1 boy. They are the light in my life. My husband and I are retired now nod I must say living the dream. I will keep reading your blog.

  2. Sharon says

    That was AWESOME!!! LOVED IT! And BTW – while my fear isn't spiders it is TOADS. I shudder just spelling it out!

  3. kirsty says

    That's so funny about the nude runner next to you. I would have been wondering about the running shoes too!

  4. Heather says

    I hate spiders too, with a passion. Very traumatic experience when I was ~10. Hate em'!

  5. Nicole says

    Wow, we have lots in common. I'm a fellow former clogger too. Our team also won the State Championship one year in Alabama. I loved clogging and miss doing it all the time.

    I also have a crazy fear of spiders and seem to have an uncanny ability to attract weirdos from out of nowhere (and yes, a couple of them have been naked..YIKES). One was at the mall. It was interesting watching mall security chasing him through the building.

    I had six horses growing up. Loved them! I haven't ridden since I left home for college at 18, and I miss it so much!

    Great facts and I've enjoyed getting to "know" you a little with this post. I love your blog and all your creative ideas.


  6. Maggie says

    Amy, that was hilarious! I was reading that and couldn't believe the things we have in common! I frequently say that I have an "irrational fear of spiders." I am also freaky about balloons b/c I fear the popping sound. Not to mention biscuit cans…I'm always nervous right before they "pop." AND I'd love to learn piano. I keep telling myself I"m going to take lessons when I have free time but the funny thing is that I never find that "free time." :) I'm not a basketball player but was a volleyball player throughout middle and highschool. Thanks for sharing! Nice to meet you :)

  7. Kassi @ Truly Lovely says

    Haha! How fun!! I love riding horses too! I just ride western though… And Basketball is hands down the BEST sport!

  8. Kristen Duke Photography says

    That was awesome! I love clogging! NEver heard of it til college, but took a few classes and was hooked. They don't really do it in Texas. The feet thing at night is hilarous. I have socks off all day, but at night i have to have them and actually need to tuck my feet into the blanket at the foot of the bed. Opposite of you! And basketball…you would have laughed at me playing church ball, i got the ball, huddled over it, closed my eyes and threw it behind my head hoping someone else would get it! love the mullet and i wish i could play piano better myself.

  9. Amy says

    We have lots in common too! Clogging is probably the biggest one. Loved competing. And Sadly, the mullet is also something we share in common. Not the most wonderful moment in my life, but it cured me of having to have the same haircut as my older sister, so that was something anyway!

  10. Amber says

    Nude runner, yipes! Crazy about the lightning!

    I love basketball and HATE spiders too!

    Thanks for your blog and all you do!

  11. Rhiannon says

    I absolutely love it! I am the same way about the feet! and the monsters! People think Im insane (I prob am) but now I know I'm not the only one in the world that cant have my feet hang over the bed cause of monsters! thanks for the party!

  12. MaryBerry Boutique says

    How FUN! I love this idea:) I just posted over on my blog:) Im also your newest follower!:) I have had so much fun reading about other people and laughing at how similar we all are:)

  13. About Us says

    I have never met anyone who had that appliance in their mouth to get them to stop sucking on their thumb until now. :) Though honestly, it doesn't come up in conversation much. Hehe. I really don't remember how old I was when I had it but it sure did the trick! Do you find yourself paranoid about having your children suck their thumbs? I've got 3 wee ones and I was a major binky pusher for that very reason!

  14. Christine Jargick says

    Gaaa – spiders! A giant black one was in the car with me yesterday, it started to crawl on my arm and I felt it. I was trapped! I considered opening the door to shove him out but we were going about 80mph on the freeway and I had my laptop on my lap. Eeeww, I get the heebies just thinking about it. It might still be there! :-(

  15. Melanie says

    That was a fun post. I always like the random everyday things about someone. I am going to get back on the treadmill come Jan. 1st! ugh, it has been a long time but I am going to do it.

  16. Lisa says

    I'm the same way about spiders! I just know they are ferocious little aliens. *shudders*
    My niece is terrified of balloons. She just had her first baby and I bet he never has one at home.

  17. Amy M in Indiana says

    Great post! The running story was scarey and funny! But best of all, I had the pokey spike thing, too –to stop me from sucking my thumb! 4th grade for me!!

  18. Rebecca Talley says

    I have that fear of snakes. Hate snakes. Won't touch them. Won't let my boys have them. I also hate mice. Make me crazy.

    Love the streaking runner story.

  19. Kara says

    So fun to learn more about you Amy! But I'm thinking it wasn't a great idea for me to read about that spider incident right before bedtime. I'm a little freaked out. ;)

  20. Heidi Ferguson says

    Yay for sharing! I did it yesterday (I beat you on that so there!)

    We laugh about the 'monsters' under the bed, but seriously. There are monsters.

    That is funny to read about the naked running man but I'm sure it was absolutely terrifying!

    Sad we couldn't meet up…stupid weather. I'll be back in the summer hopefully. We'll make it happen sometime.

  21. Kitschalicious says

    This is Great! I'm so glad you did this so I could participate! I have a fear of all critter things! I won't touch them. Even ladybugs. Or snails. Or turtles. In fact, the only non-human thing I will touch are cats and dogs. But I won't hold a cat, unless it's declawed! I don't know why, it's weird. I know! I've never had a nude runner run next to me, but I did have some freaky guy tell me he was supposed to give me a ride home when I was in Kinder. I ran and told the teacher. I always wanted to learn to clog. Never had the chance though.

    Anyway, thanks for doing this and letting us participate! I had a great time reminiscing to myself! :o)

  22. Amanda says

    I can not have my feet covered when I sleep either! i do the same thing as you!

    scary about the lightening!!

  23. Chris says

    I wish I could say I love running! I have found that I enjoy yoga and pilates, though. I laughed at your spider stuff, for me it's cockroaches. Since living in Texas for 18 months, I am so creeped out by them.

  24. cara says

    I have had so much fun following your blog. Thanks so much for all the cool and clever ideas! I'm like everyone else…hate spiders (but I hate snakes even more–grew up in the desert). When I see a spider I tell my husband, "Hurry, Knock it over the head!…hurry, hurry…It's a mean one." (Actually, they're all mean in my book.) Rode horses growing up but sadly have only been able to ride once in the last 15 yrs. :( Would give anything to be able to play the piano. Took lessons as a kid but was too stubborn to practice. Thanks again for letting us get to know ya!

  25. Lisa says

    Im with you on the ballons. I think they are pretty but they makes me so nervous and definitely in the car.One year on Valentines day my secret sister at church got me this Ballon thingy that had a bunch of rose's inside the ballon I mean all blown up streched beyond any normal size! I was like aww its so pretty and it was…but in my mind I was thinking omg!!! I have to pic this up and take it home with me in my car… Hilarious right?!! Well I managed to get it out to the car. On the way home I turned a sharp curve and the balloon popped and I came out of my skin, I could have wrecked, it freaked me out!!!! No joke I still cant stand to pop open a can of biscuits with the spoon so it actually POPS!! I bang it on the edge od my counter so it wont make a pop sound. I know its odd….
    I laughed out loud when I read about you hating balloons. Nice to know that I am not alone. Happy new year and thanks for sharing so much. Lisa

  26. Green Eyed Girl says

    What a super fun idea! It's great getting to know our bloggy friends a little more! I have a question for you… I need to change out my picture the one I selected it very blurry… any way to do that? Thanks so much! Vicki

  27. JoAnna says

    Oh my gosh this is a great post! I loved reading every bit of it! Hilarious! The spider is freaky and the bit about balloons cracks me up! Thanks for sharing. Love your blog!

  28. sabi says

    I loved to know a little bit more about you! I did a post about some changes I went through during the past decade and decided to participate with it in this linky party :D It's my first one, so I hope I do everything right! Happy New Year!

  29. Pop Art Minis says

    Great Post! Loved reading your Random facts and the linky that allowed all of us the opportunity to share some random cool stuff too. You and your blog ROCK…so happy that I found it! Keep up the great work! Happy New Year! Joni

  30. yardsaleprincess1 says

    Loved that! Laughed out loud when you talked about the bar with spikes! I had one of those added to my braces when I was 7 to stop me from sucking my thumb. My little brother wanted to know what it felt like so I bit him! He had little poke holes in his finger from the spikes!

  31. Sarahie says

    I love it! I also can't sleep with my feet covered up, or my hands. I'm glad I'm not the only odd sleeper!

    Also, I love the linky party idea! I'll try to come up with a post in the next few days.

  32. AtOneWithHim says

    I sucked my thumb until I was 7 (in front of people)and until I was 12 if I was sick or super upset (not in front of people) When I was 5 or 6 they put that grate thing with the spikes in my mouth and I pretty much just bent it back and forth until it broke out. At 6 I felt like a superstar!

  33. Scrappy Gifts says

    Fun to get to know you better! I can't sleep with my feet covered either and I rarely wear socks! I love basketball and reading too!

  34. says

    I stumbled upon your blog while looking for a Photo A Day challenge. I love doing those things haha. I am a mother who loves to travel and take pictures, though I can’t say that I enjoy camping, unless it is in a RV haha. Hoping to join you for the October Photo a Day. I have just recently started running myself and trying to get into the habit of it. I love how it makes me feel, but feel that I am moving super slow in my stamina. Hope to get to know you a little bit better through the photo a day.

    • says

      Thanks so much for the fun comment! I am glad you are joining us! Would love to follow you on IG to get to know you a bit better too. What is your IG name? Thanks so much!


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