Valentine’s Day Heart Hair Clips


Many of you have been waiting for some Valentine’s Day crafts and today I have a super easy one for you. I have shared how to make these clips earlier but since my girls love to wear them, I thought it would be fun to make them some heart hair clips to wear on Valentine’s Day.


The concept is the same, but instead of cutting the fabric into circles I cut some exaggerated hearts. That way when you melt down the fabric edges, you will get a realistic heart shape.


Since I have already written up a tutorial, I will not rewrite it again, but you can find the tutorial to make the original hair clips here.

I felt crafted out right before Christmas…but luckily, I am feeling up to it again. So be sure to stay tuned, I have a lots more Valentines Day projects in the line-up!



  1. Attempting Aloha says

    Very cute! I had a similar idea for heart-shaped clips, but yours looks even better than mine looked (in my head…lol) and simpler! Love it when I don't have to re-invent the wheel. he he



  2. Erick and Libbey Chuy says

    I love these, love these! We are having a hair making party soon and we will definitly be making these. Where do you find the cute pearl with silver trim centers? I love those.

  3. Kristen Duke Photography says

    this is such a simple twist on the cute barretts! my daughter would lvoe it.

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