XO S’mores–Williams and Sonoma Knock-Off


I first saw the idea for making these fun XO S’mores over a Be Different, Act Normal when Lorie shared a link from Williams and Sonoma
I thought…”I NEED to make me some of these”…and so I did!


The original Williams and Sonoma s’mores look to me to be chocolate covered x and o shaped graham crackers that are covered in chocolate.  I took a different route.  I sandwiched a Nilla Wafer between 1/3 of a jumbo marshmallow and two chocolate letters.


I simply took some letter cookie cutters that my kids have in their play dough toys and of course washed them thoroughly.  I found them at my local thrift store a few years ago for $1.  I believe they were specifically made to go with Jell-O Jigglers??  But I am not sure.


Anyways, I melted some Chocolate CandiQuik that I received from Miss Candiquik!  {Thank You}.  This stuff melts so nice and thin and is perfect for dipping all sorts of things.  Then I filled the letter shapes half full and tapped the pan so the chocolate would lay and settle in a flat layer.  When they had cooled and hardened, I gently popped them out.


To ensure that the s’mores would hold together nicely, I just put a dab of melted chocolate between each layer and let it harden.  Worked like a charm.


These were pretty quick and easy to make.  Aren’t they so pretty too?


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  1. Tauni says

    Oh my gosh these are darling!!! Why can't all of my projects turn out like yours?!

    Love you, my creative friend.

  2. melissa says

    oh i love this idea!!! we are having a family fun night tonight and i might just attempt these little darlings. my little girl will be super excited.

  3. Chic Cookies says

    yum yum yum! I posted a link on ediblecrafts.craftgossip.com. Hope that's OK! (Spotted by Amanda, my co-editor)

  4. Tara says

    how adorable! i am loving your valentines ideas and crafts! you come up with the greatest ideas.

  5. Mandi @ Vintage Revivals says

    I am SOOOOOOO doing this. I love you miss Amy and I cant wait for our hot date!!

    love your guts

  6. Candie says

    I bet marshmallow cream would work really well instead of the regular mallows. It would help hold everything together! Looks great!

  7. SewLindaAnn says

    I had those cookie cutters (jello cutters) the whole time my son was little and I never once thought to be so creative. It looks like something you'd buy in a gourmet chocolate shop.

  8. Candice says

    You are amazing! I love all of your super creative ideas! I'm totally doing this for my family!

  9. Valerie says

    What a great idea!
    I have those same cutters and you're right~ they were for Jell-O Jigglers.

  10. Liz says

    Thank you so much for linking up! I pulled out my letter cookie cutters last night so I can make these soon!

  11. Janice Twitchell says

  12. Amy {The Idea Room} says

    I got the bags at Ben Franklin but have seen them at Roberts too. They are cellophane treat bags and can usually be found by the cake decorating supplies.

  13. Kate says

    You could pulverize (ok, crush:) some graham crackers and sprinkle over the warm chocolate letters, while they’re still in their little Jiggler molds, cool, then pop out, and cut with kitchen scissors, a regular sized marshmallow, and put a layer of that in there. To get the other side of chocolate letter to stick, it might just stick to the newly cut marshmallow, but if it doesn’t, warm the letter over something hot, and stick it on.


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