My Job Chart–Free Online Chore Charts

Have you heard of My Job Chart? If not, and you have young children at home, you need to check out their site.


My Job Chart is a free, online interactive Chore Chart that is totally customizable to your specific needs and wants. Your kids can log on and fill out their chore chart as they complete their jobs. You can also assign each chore a point value and then reward your child as they reach a certain point total.

This is such an ingenious idea that saves a ton of time coming up with cute and colorful charts and ways to motivate your kids to “get their chores done!” We all know what a struggle that can be!

Here is a short video that explains more about My Job Chart.

My Job Chart also has a blog where they share some other great tips and pointers to help you motivate, entertain and reward your kids for a job well done.

I really love this program and my kids have been using for the past several months. They love it! Job time isn’t perfect, but the kids feel like they have more control and enjoyment when using this program…and that is a good thing! What are you waiting for…go and check them out.



  1. Amanda Joy says

    This is so ironic. I just got done trying to find job charts for my toddlers. Perfect post timing thanks!

  2. Kristi Rowley says

    I'm going to try this. The kids were excited about it today….hopefully it will last.

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