Pinewood Derby Treat–Banana Car Splits


I am currently assigned to work with the Cub Scouts within my Church group. It is a job that at times I really enjoy although somedays make me want to pull my hair out! Just sayin’! But this is only because the boys have so much…{how should I say this?…} unrestrained ENERGY! Don’t get me wrong…I really enjoy each and every boy and their fun personalities, but sometimes when they are all together, it gets a little crazy! Know what I am talking about? Ever been there?

Well, along with the Scouting program comes the *beloved* Pinewood Derby. My son just made his last Pinewood Derby car…at least until he is an adult {HALLELUJAH!!}

This year we added a little twist to our Pack’s Pinewood Derby. We also hosted a banana car race!


All who were invited had been instructed to bring and decorate a banana to bring to the Derby. Some did and some didn’t, which is the way it usually goes. Knowing that, we made sure to have extra bananas on hand. We also had a table set up so those that wanted, could decorate their bananas for the race with stickers, markers and Mr. Potato Head pieces.


Then immediately following the boys “Official” Pinewood Derby race and while we were waiting for them to tally the results and the awards, we held the banana car race. Everyone who had decorated a banana got to place their racer on some “banana wheels” (which are basically pinewood derby cars cut to hold bananas). You can buy extra pinewood derby cars at your local Scouting store and I am sure on the internet somewhere. They were held in place with rubber bands.


My kids and the others had such a great time and felt like they were involved in the night’s activity.


Then when the real Pinewood Derby results were finished and the awards were handed out, we used the bananas to make banana splits! What is not to love about that? Just make sure to have some non-racing bananas for those adults who would like a banana split as well.


Another side note I would add is to thoroughly clean the Mr. Potato Head Toy parts like we did before using them in the bananas. Especially since the kids will be eating the bananas afterwards.


Hopefully some of you still need some ideas for your own Pinewood Derby’s or will need some ideas in the future…(Heaven help us!)

*p.s. Did you happen to notice in the very first picture the crooked front wheel of my daughter’s banana car? I just barely noticed that when I was editing the picture. That must be why she didn’t win “Top Banana”! LOL



  1. Laura says

    Thank you!! My kids do the Derby at church every year too. They are always looking for ideas for cars. I think we just hit on one! Thank you so much!!

  2. Amanda says

    1) Yes, totally been there and done that!! I have 3 boys, but was only the cub scout leader for one of them. With the others I was a participatory parent only LOL! It's amazing how wild those boys can be when they are all together!

    2) she is so totally cute as a button!

    3) I love the whole banana idea, that's awesome. I don't know who thought of it, but it was brilliant!

  3. Mel4Him says

    What a cute idea. We have Pinewood Derby coming up in February. Every year we have the boys compete as usually, but we also have a the siblings compete, and adults as well. It is so cute to see some of the girlie cars created by the girls. Like the Barbie car. lol. And then the adult cars are just crazy and amazing at the same time. Pinewood Derby is just sooooooo much fun.

  4. The Whimsical Princess says

    Cute Idea! I am the cubmaster for our pack so yeah I hear ya ! I was actually going to make a real banana split car for my car this year. Last year I made a "car Phone" It was shaped like a phone, and the year before I made a smore. Thanks for the fun Idea!

  5. Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder says

    I, too, am a scout leader. The ONLY one for the Bears and Wolfs since the other leaders moved and they can't find a replacement (we have to work right next to the Webelos with door open because of two deep leadership). It exhaust me just thinking about it. I have two boys in scouts so I also get to help with the car. Blah! My least favorite thing about scouts since I'm no good at what it takes to "win." Oh, well.

  6. Heidi says

    Hands down to you! I have 2 boys is scouts, and I know it can be a lot of work! What a fun idea with the bananna splits too!

  7. kelly says

    so glad those days are over, fun as they were. just hoping i never get called to be scout leader again!!!

  8. Ruth H. says

    I'm a den leader, and I needed this idea! I'm pretty sure the pinewood derby will fall into my lap this year, so this is a terrific idea for me to use. Thanks for sharing!

  9. happyfamilytravels says

    OMG…I remember those PW Derby days!! Although my days are done, this is really a cute idea!


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