Snow Paint


We are in full blown winter over here…are you? Here is a super simple activity that you could make right now to entertain the kids with…Snow Paint!


Simply take some water bottles and fill with water and food coloring. The more food coloring, the darker the paint. Super simple concept and idea. My kids were able to play with some this past weekend after church and actually spent quite a bit of time outside painting their “masterpieces”.


The only thing I would caution you on is that I am not sure if the food coloring will stain the kids clothing. So with that said, make sure you don’t send them out in that cute white coat they just got for Christmas!

*edit–One reader Stephanie has done this with her kids and cautioned to keep the spray away from vinyl fences! Thanks for the tip Stephanie!

Anyone else out there enjoying the snowy weather?



  1. Mod Podge Amy says

    CUTE Amy! I wish I had gotten to do this when I was a little one. It would have provided HOURS of entertainment. :D

  2. Sassy Sites! says

    This is a great idea! Do you think you could spray the snow with snow cone flavoring? :) …just a thought!

  3. Leanne says

    My kids love doing this. The older kids even love it. Looks like you had a great time in Park City. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  4. Melanie@Crafty Cupboard says

    Guess what? It snowed here at our place this past weekend. And I live in MESA AZ. Crazy huh? Well, nothing stuck and it lasted maybe 10 minutes, but had we seen evidence of snow remaining I totally would have tackled it with food coloring in spray bottles. Fun idea :)

  5. Alayna says

    We would be enjoying the snow so much more if our high was more than 7 or 8 degrees here in southeast Idaho. My son wanted to go out today around 1 and I told him no because it was 2 degrees outside with a slight breeze, which means it was below zero out there!

    I have several small spray bottles from the dollar store that my son would love to use to paint the snow. Thanks for all the great ideas and crafts that you post!

  6. Christine Jargick says

    that looks like fun! but we have only rain here. Hmmm, I wonder about dropping food coloring into the puddles?

  7. House of Smiths says

    I love this idea! So fun for kiddos!
    We'll have to try this!
    Thanks for the fun idea! You're always full of them, you talented girl!

  8. The Smallest Sparrow says

    What a cute idea! I just might have to try this as I have a three-year-old who is starting to bounce off the walls from being inside so much. Clever!

  9. Jillian says

    This is so much fun! My son would love it! I just hope it snows again here in St. Louis so we can do it again!

  10. Stephanie says

    We have fun doing this………just don't let anyone spray the vinyl fence with it… doesn't come off easily! 8(

  11. Jody says

    Would ketchup and mustard bottles work for writing messages? Anyone want to try and report back?

  12. flows says

    I can't wait to try this! Hopefully we'll get our typical heavy snow in January so we can have some fun!

  13. Kirsten says

    We also LOVE doing this every winter…it does stain coats and my 8 year old got into a spray war with my 8 year neighbor (both boys-figures!!) and their faces were stained for three days with purple spots from the food coloring. LOL! I got the best pictures though! But seriously, if they are in old clothing, it provides hours of fun! ;-)

  14. Heidi says

    What a fun idea! My kids are having so much fun with the snow…and this will be so fun for them too!

  15. Bonnie says

    So fun! I have seen people use finger paint. They could use a Popsicle stick or something to create lots of fun images. My daughter is having a winter birthday party. I will have to try this for an activity.

    Thanks for sharing!

  16. Aurora says

    Oh my gosh! When I was about 4 my mom and sister and myself made a dinosaur out of snow and my mom gave us spray bottles with green food coloring and water in them and let us "paint" him! I forgot about that until now…what a good memory-thanks for bringing it back!

  17. Kerryanne English says

    No chance of that happening over here on the other side of the world Amy. It is very hot and humid here on the east coast of Australia, but if we could have snow, we'd be doing this activity for sure. It looks like such fun!!
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  18. Julie Anne says

    I guess I need to go buy some squirt bottles… and then we need to get some snow! It's been a mild winter here!

  19. Kristyn @ Good Gravy Crafts says

    We are expected to get a big storm this weekend, so I will be heading to the Dollar Store for supplies!

    What a GREAT idea!!!


  20. Cassie says

    If you want to keep the kids’ adorable wintery bundlies from staining, any washable water-based paint (or powdered washable tempera) can be diluted instead of the food coloring. Same idea, less staining. :-)

  21. Amanda says

    We did this before!! But we went the cheap route and did it with cool aid instead worked wonderfully!! Great fun!

  22. says

    This was SO FUN!!! Thanks so much for the idea! My girls loved it and had a blast. I added it to my personal list of fun kiddo learning/art activities. Kuddos! (Oh and I left some linky love of course!)

    Gianne at


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