DIY Moss Covered Initials

 moss initial4wm 

I have seen these moss covered initials popping up all over the craft blogs and immediately knew exactly the spot I needed one. 

moss initial1wm

They are so easy to make and took me less than twenty minutes!  Now that is a craft I like!  I found this roll of moss at my Ben Franklin store and it was perfect for the smooth look I was going for.

moss initial8wm

I laid down one strip and made sure I had enough on the two ends and the sides to wrap around to the back of the letter so that no wood would show through.  Then I glued the moss to the letter with my glue gun.  Be careful to not burn yourself with the hot glue as the moss may not be as thick in some areas and may come through the moss…not that I would know from experience :)!

moss initial 2wm

Glue the moss onto the sides and the back of the initial too.  Then take another strip and do the other side of the letter.  Continue this process until the entire letter is covered.  You may need to cut diagonally into the corners and edges to get your moss to lay down smoothly.

  moss initial3wm

Then I took some ribbon and glued it onto the back.  I also added some staples to ensure the letter would hold.

moss initialwm

Then I hung it onto this old window that was salvaged from my Grandpa’s home.  The same home he grew up in with his family as a child.  I love that I thought to save some windows from his home and it has a lot of sentimental value to me.  I also love that it is now hanging in my daughter’s room we just updated with a fresh new coat of paint.  This is the same room we also made the twin bed for and the framed stenciled wall decor

Her room is slowly coming together and I am really happy with the small details.  I have a couple more projects from her room coming up here shortly to share with you too!

moss initial6wm 

This is a project ANYONE can do!  What are you waiting for?

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  1. laxsupermom says

    Love it! I'm working on my own Letter Wreath, but with rhododendron leaves from my garden. If the snow would finally melt off, the shrubs would be a lot easier to get to. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hannah says

    thanks for the idea! i have a similar window…saved from the cannery that my grandparents owned.(i posted about that just yesterday!) now i know what i can add to it for spring! how cute! :)

  3. mnemosyneblog says

    This is such a neat little idea.
    Are the windows punched out of the frame or is there still glass in the salvaged window frame?

  4. Andrea says

    I love the idea of using a roll of moss. I am going to have to go search for some. It turned out so well, I am inspired to make one right now!

  5. Sara @ Our Best Bites says

    I *love* this! I've been seeing all kinds of moss projects pop up and I'm thinking I need to make something! It's so fresh and spring-y. I especially love the story of the window- what a precious keepsake behind a totally adorable decoration!

  6. Jenn says

    Way cute! Maybe I am way behind the times, but I found my own window exactly like yours a few years ago and still can't figure out how to fix it up. There was some seriously bad peeling paint that needed to be stripped and in the process got paint stripper and paint all over the windows. Do you know of any place to direct me to finish this little project started a long time ago?

  7. Jenn says

  8. [email protected] says

    amy… I'm waiting to get to the craft store to get some moss. I've been wanting to do this, and I have the letters, just need the moss. (It's on my list)
    Yours is beautiful!

  9. Donna~One Simple Country Girl says

    Love it! I've been on the lookout for the first letter of our last name (B) but haven't found one in the limited craft places to shop at here in our small town. Hubby is handy with the power tools so I may have to just draw out my own and have him cut me one out of wood! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Amanda says

    I love this idea and really want to do it! However, I'm wondering if it might be a little odd to do a moss covered M as my last name is Moss :)

  11. Amy {The Idea Room} says

    @mnemosyneblog–The glass is still in the windows.

    @Amanda–No! I think that it would be a fun and creative twist to your name…MOSS!!

    @Jenn–Hmmm…Have you tried to scrape the windows with a razor blade…a single razor? I didn't do anything on my window…except took a little white paint and thinned it out with a little water and then just white washed the paint which was old and weathered and brightened it up a bit, but still had an old feel to it.

  12. says

    For my daughter’s first birthday, I plan to do this with my daughter’s initial, and add some black and white pictures of her (one for each month) all around the initial. I think it will be perfect for her spring birthday party!

  13. Steph says

    I LOVE moss initials. Thanks for the tutorial. My local BF didn’t have moss spools. Has anyone seen them anywhere else? I REALLY want to do this project… :)

  14. says

    I saw your project via TT&J’s FB page! I love this idea!!! and I too have a love (aka. slight obsession) with old windows and doors :)

  15. says

    What a quaint idea, I’ll adapt it for our front garden with our house number if I may.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  16. Melissa says

    Amy I love that you were able to salvage a window from a family home. My husband and I saved a few single pane windows from the first home we purchased when we upgraded the windows. I painted the frame white, printed our name and the year we were married (est 2002) onto paper, taped it to the back of the window, traced it with black paint, put a skinny black chain on it and hung it on the wall. No matter where we go in life that first milestone will come with us.

  17. says

    just wondering where you found your wood letter? i’ve looked all over and can’t find one that is big enough to not look completely dorky on the window that I have

  18. Jessilyn says

    Amy, thank you for this precious idea!! I have the window, and I’ve made my moss letter – I’m stuck as to how you hung your heavy window onto the wall. My window is also a 6 paned window, and it’s SO heavy… Any ideas as to how to hang it (without using chains from the ceiling)? It’s going in my daughters room – so we want to be extra careful. Thank you!!

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