Easter Treats–Bunny and Duck Cookie Pops

Easter is coming and I can hardly believe it!  Where does the time go?  And with each holiday I have had fun challenging myself to come up with a fun holiday related “treat on a stick”!  For Easter I created some bunny and duck pops.

easter treats

They are pretty simple to make.  You will need some Oreo Cakesters and white chocolate, Almond Bark or CandiQuik, Swedish Fish, Mini Chocolate Chips, and Sprinkles.  I used Vanilla CandiQuik.

bunny pop supplies

Stick a sucker stick into the bottom of the Oreo Cakester so that it goes up into the middle between the two cake layers.  Then dip the entire Oreo into the melted CandiQuik.  Cover the entire Oreo and the bottom of the stick.  This will harden and hold the Oreo firmly on the stick. 

To make the bunny ears I took two swedish fish and stuck them into the top of the bunny head before the CandiQuik had hardened.  Then I drizzled the CandiQuik over the ears and covered them completely.

bunny pop sprinkles

Then I set the cookie down on some parchment paper.  Quickly add two mini chocolate chips for the eyes and a jelly bean for the nose.  I had some heart sprinkles left over from Valentine’s day that I used for the bunny’s cheeks.

For the ears, I took some pink sugar {easy to make—take regular granulated sugar and add a drop of red food coloring and mix together} and sprinkled it on the ears.  Then I took some more CandiQuik and drizzled it on the edges of the ears to make an outline around the sugar.  This made it so the sugar was just on the “inside” of the bunny’s ear.

Then let it dry.

 bunny pop 

To make the ducks.  I dipped them the same as the bunny.  I added mini chocolate chips for the eyes.  I used some round sprinkles from Wilton for the cheeks and then some more heart shaped sprinkles on top.  To get the hearts to stick I added a little bit of melted CandiQuik and used it like a glue.  The beak is a mini Cadbury Egg.  I drew a line for the beak with an Edible Black Marker.  Then let it dry.  After it had dried, I added a bit more melted CandiQuik to make the little fluff of feathers on the top of his head.

duck pop 2 

Pretty simple to do!  Aren’t they so fun?  A simple and easy gift for kids classmates and friends or for yourself!

duck pop


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  1. Janet says

    You’re bunny and duck are so very creative and fun! What a great idea to use colored sugar for the ears too. Nice job. :)

  2. Jackie says

    Not easy!!!! The cakesters fall apart..the Swedish fish don’t stay up if push to deep it will make the cakesters come apart.


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