1. What a fun and creative idea! The bag topper makes me smile. :) I’m sure I’ll be printing more than a few of these–thanks!

  2. Those ladies are awesome. I wonder if they have stock in snack bags because they use them for great treats and crafts.

  3. So cute!!! How do you print these out to be the correct size? Mine are almost 8 inches wide…

  4. Thanks for having us today Amy!!

    Ali… the download is an 8×10. i usually just have mine printed at costco and then trim it down.

  5. Thanks for sharing the cute printable. You guys are seriously talented and also kind to share with us all. THANK YOU!

  6. This is just absolutely too cute. I will be making a set for every easter basket that i make!

    Thanks for sharing :)


  7. TFS appreciate those who are so willing to share their talents with those of us without any :) DEB~

  8. Marshmallows! So clever! We were trying to come up with a candy that would resemble bunny tails, but got stuck on cotton candy… Haha!

    • This was a guest post…but I believe that font is called Budmo Jigglish. They have it on which is a free site. Unfortunately it is closing in April. But you could hurry and use it now.


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