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Have you heard of The Rusted Chain?  If not, I am not sure what rock you have been hiding under:)…you are going to love this jewelry site! 

Beki Hastings began making custom jewelry in 2003. Since that time, her products have been featured in various parenting magazines, Pedi-ped shoe advertisements, Law and Order Criminal Intent, and are sold in local upscale boutiques and internationally.

Her designs feature the best of rustic elegance and trendy looks, with the end result being quality jewelry that will look as new and fresh years from now as it does today. Each piece is custom made using sterling silver, stainless steel, natural stones, and the finest components.

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I just love how personal hand stamped jewelry is don’t you?

Well, Beki has generously offered to give TWO Idea Room Readers each a $25 gift certificate towards item(s) in her store.  If you would like to be entered for a chance to win one of the gift certificates you will need to visit The Rusted Chain and look at all the beautiful pieces Beki has for sale.  Then come back here and leave a comment telling me what your favorite item is.

If you would like additional entries you may:

1.  Sign up for The Rustic Chain’s newsletter – link on The Rusted Chain blog

2.  Like The Rusted Chain on Facebook 

3.  Follow The Rusted Chain on Twitter

*Please leave a comment for each separate entry.

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The Rusted Chain has a variety of beautiful jewelry that would be perfect for a graduation gift, teacher gift and she even has a few gifts for the Father’s in your life.  A personalized gift is fun and unique and almost everyone loves to have a unique piece just for them.

Good Luck!  This giveaway will close on Thursday, June 2, at 11:59 pm PT.

Thanks Beki for sponsoring this great giveaway!



  1. says

    I would definitely go with the “I Have All I Need” necklace. It’s a great reminder to be content whatever the circumstances. We are all blessed!

  2. Diane says

    I love everything! Being a Christ follower and a worship leader, I especially love the “Worship always” necklace. Following Rusted Chain on FB.

  3. Larisa R. says

    I loved the “Hidden Meaning necklace”. It is absolutely beautiful. I must have been living under a rock because this is my first encounter with the Rusted Chain, I love her jewelry!

  4. Lora W. says

    I really like the “I shoot people” or “capture life” necklaces. I have a friend who is a photographer and I would give it to her for doing our photos all these years for free. =)

  5. says

    I don’t know… I like the “capture life” necklace — but the “I shoot people” and “Mom’s gonna snap” are pretty awesome!

  6. Randi Coleman says

    I love the “Eat, Sleep, Craft” necklace, because really is there any other way?

  7. Julie N says

    I adore the “My Sweeties” Necklace!! I love her stuff, thank you for introducing it to me!

  8. says

    I have loved these stamped necklaces forever, I would love a “family is Forever” necklace, they are so precious!

  9. Lori says

    I liked so many of the necklaces but if I had to choose I would say I liked the Love Live Believe Give one.

  10. ~ Karen ~ says

    I love the sweet rose earrings–but I don’t have pierced ears. Too bad they aren’t clip-ons….

  11. Diane says

    Some fun necklaces – I like the camera ones – especially the “Moms gonna snap” one – she should do one that says G’mas gonna snap – for Grandma’s!

  12. Sheryl says

    I really love the “Blessed” and “Capture Life” necklaces. They’re great inspirational messages that can be worn as a daily reminder.

  13. stephanie f says

    There are so many that I like, but I really love any of the necklaces that could have my babies’ names on them.

  14. Alison says

    I signed up for the newsletter. I love Rusted Chain, I have one necklace from there about teaching. It is super cute, so if you are ever looking for a gift for a teacher you should consider it.

  15. Melissa Tilley says

  16. nikki says

    I love her site! I dont know if I can narrow it down to one thing! Id love a necklace with my two kiddos names.

  17. Maria-Isabel says

    I love the Moms gonna snap necklace! So cute.. and so totally me! :) I also really love the one thats pictured above in this post that says God is Good. That is awesome. What a great site, and giveaway! :) Thanks!

  18. Kayla says

    I love the “oh happy day” and est. necklaces! They are all SOO cute how do you choose just one?!

  19. Sierra says

    My favorite is the hidden meaning necklace. I would have it say 1321E on the back, because this was the place that I would spend the most time with my best friends in college. We live in different parts of the world now, but we call each other “the family” and 1321E was our home away from homes.

  20. Melissa M. says

    So many to choose from but, my favorite is “In Christ Alone”. Has a very special meaning to me that reminds me that nothing is forever except “Christ”. Thanks for the opportunity to enter and for posting this site. Lovely work.

  21. Jocelyn says

    I really like both the Life is Sweet and Capture Life necklaces. So simple and perfect!

  22. Rene' says

    Sweet Rose earrings, hands down. BUMMED that they are sold out!!
    Mom’s Gonna Snap is an awesome 2nd though!

  23. Shannon R. says

    I love the “funky mama” necklace. We are having our third child in July and this would be great!

  24. Tarah Mims says

    I love the two tab necklace! I have been begging the hubs for one forever! I kinda just love everything.

  25. Alyssa P says

    I love the Sweet Rose earrings and the Choose happiness necklace! So many good items…

  26. says

    Seriously? Pick just one ‘favorite item’ ?? :)

    I love the “Mom’s Gonna Snap”, “Mandy” earrings, “, and the “Hidden Message”…..

    I may have to order on my own if i don’t win! ;)

  27. Laci says

    So many wonderful things. I may have to get one of everything. I love the “Family is Forever” necklace! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  28. Jen says

    I love the inner circle and the tiny tabs necklaces. Such cute stuff!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. Anne says

    I love the dancing pearl earrings, or the one word tab necklace, but EVERYTHING is fabulous!

  30. Lisa Hathaway says

    Wow. I love the Mandy Earrings; the Live It, Dream It, Do It necklace; the honeysuckle earrings; the Simply Stated bracelet … I could go on!

  31. Amy S says

    I love the “Life is Sweet” necklace with the cupcake and blind charms and the “Live It, Dream It, Do It” necklace. Thanks!

  32. Barbara says

    I have a great granddaughter due any day now and I would pick the you’re beautiful necklace for new mama to show her that she is still in my heart and I am proud of her.

  33. Janae says

    My favorite piece is “Big Love”. I would love to have a charm for each of my six boys.

  34. Samantha Wayment says

    I love the “Capture Life” necklace! I think I need it for my photographer BFF!!

  35. Shala says

    I would love the Two Tabs necklace. I have been looking for a mother’s necklace that is simple & represents my style, this would be perfect.

  36. donna says

    I love all their stuff! My husband got me the official photographers necklace for Christmas. I wear it everywhere.
    Thx for a chance to win.

  37. Monique W says

    Odds are bad for this one- but I have to go for it! Thanks for the giveaway! Short of writing an eternal post I will tell you the “how great is our God” necklace has huge personal meaning!

  38. Nelly B. says

  39. Jayde says

    I love the “I shoot people” necklace becuase I am an aspiring photographer…it will help me keep my dreams close to my heart <3

  40. meagan says

    i love true love always, with a little pearl for each of our kiddos and I like you are my sunshine too

  41. Ryan Ann says

    I’d choose the “choose happiness” because it’s always a choice to be happy :) thanks for the chance to win! :)

  42. Laura McCleve says

    I LOVE Ther Rusty Chain, her blog and jewelry! I really like the Hidden Meaning necklace and Family Monogram. Full of love & My Love are cute too. Hard to choose ya know. Thanx for telling us about her!

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