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Last April my little sister convinced my brother, his wife and me to participate in a beginner triathlon.  I was really excited and super nervous at the same time.  I started running in college just for exercise and grew to really enjoy it.  But it was always just a hobby/exercise.  I have never been competitive because I am not really fast.  But I am okay with that.  I just did it because I enjoyed it and loved how I felt after my runs. 

I continued to run after my husband and I were married but as soon as the kids started to come along it became harder and harder to find the time and the ENERGY to get out and run.  I sort of forgot just how much I enjoyed and missed it.  After my 4th baby, I felt a strong desire to get back into it but was several years older and quite a few pounds heavier.  It was hard to get back into running form.  But I started running again and enjoying…and then…I got pregnant with #5!  After having #5 it was almost impossible to find some time to get out and run.  So I was glad to have this triathlon to get me motivated to get out there and get moving again.  Can you guys relate?

My sister and I trained together and woke up at 5:00 am and headed to the gym several mornings each week.  It felt good to be doing something just for myself after years of pregnancy, breast-feeding and taking care of the kids and the home. 

We followed a training program for a sprint triathlon we found on the internet and changed it up a little bit so that it would better our schedules.  The first time we attempted to swim I thought I was going to die.  Growing up I had a few swim lessons but the only swimming stroke I had seemed to master was the “doggie paddle”!

triathalon 3wm

(During my race…no fancy flip turns for me…still working on that.  And no mocking the nose plugs…

I kept getting sinus infections because I would get water in my nose…not pretty…but necessary for me..haha)!

I couldn’t even make it across the length of the pool without feeling tired.  My husband who grew up swimming on swim teams came with us and taught us how to swim the freestyle stroke WITH OUR FACES IN THE WATER!!  With lots of practice we were able to learn to swim well enough and feel like we could actually do this.


(brother, SIL, me and my sister)

The day of the race came and all of us were pretty nervous…except for my sister in law who is a little bit crazy Winking smile and also in incredible shape!  We had no idea what to expect or how to set up our transition area…I love the look on my face in the picture below…can you see the nervousness and apprehension in my face?

triathalon 1wm

We were each marked with our numbers and then given a timing chip to wear around our ankles.  I wanted to just enjoy my first race and just make it across the finish line.  When I crossed the line I felt so good to have accomplished something for myself.  It was also fun to have my husband, kids, mom and other family members there cheering for me and my siblings on the sidelines. 

That experience gave me a little bit of confidence in myself and helped me to realize how important it is to set goals for yourself.  So when I heard about this Triathamom race I knew I wanted to participate in a triathlon again.  And I would love for some of you to join me.  I know not all of you are in Utah…in fact only about 12 percent of my readers are in this area…but you could find a race in your local area.  And just because you may not live in Utah doesn’t mean you can come out and join us. Triathamom has woman from all over coming out to participate in the race. The Hampton Inn at Thanksgiving Point is offering a special discount for Triathamom participants and their families. You can learn more on the Triathamom site.

Triathamom is a race that is geared towards the beginner!  People with with no or a little experience.  And it is for women only!  Experts are also welcome to join in.  Don’t get me wrong…Triathamom is a real Triathlon!  There website is full of great information that explains all about the race so that you can know what to expect the day of the race and also gives you some great training tips.  You can do all three events…the swim, bike and the run…

 a 300 yard swim, 12 mile bike course, and a 5k run…

or you can opt out of either the bike or the swim.  So if you are really uncomfortable doing one of the events, you don’t have too.

This is the perfect race for someone who is wanting to try a triathlon but who may be nervous or unsure and therefore decides against participating. 

triathalon wm

(after the race feeling happy and relieved at the same time)

Well, why do I tell you all of this? 

Triathamom is giving one Idea Room Reader a free spot in the race!  To enter you can follow Triathamom on Facebook.  

For additional entries you can:

1.  Subscribe to my Triathamom Training Channel on Vimeo which was started by my friend Becca from Blue Cricket Design.

2.  Subscribe to The Idea Room RSS or become a follower if you aren’t already Smile!

Triathamom is also offering all Idea Room Readers $5 off of the registration fee, all you need to do is enter the code “theidearoom” upon checkout.

You can register here for Triathamom!

Triathamom is  September 24th in Herriman, UT.

**This giveaway will close on Thursday, August 4, 2011 at 11:59 pm PT.

I would love to have you come and join me!  Who is in?




  1. Dezi A says

    Wow! This is super soon… not sure if I could really do it this soon, but if I happen to win, I’m willing to try. :) I liked them on FB.

  2. Melissa Canning says

    This sounds sooo fun!!! I have been looking for a triathalon to try! I “Like” triathamom on Facebook!!!

  3. says

    Yay! Can’t wait to see you and Becca there! I do like TriathaMOM on Facebook and am looking forward to race morning!

  4. says

    my friend, you are truly amazing!! i just wanted to let you know how much you inspire me to be my best self everyday. thanks you!!

    {by the way, this is not an entry for the giveaway. if by some chance i win please pass it on to someone in utah who will be able to use it. i just wanted to say hello!}


  5. Jenifer Nordgren says

    I like Triathamom on Facebook! I have always wanted to do a Triathlon but have never known where to start this sounds like a great place to start!!!

  6. Elizabeth Campbell says

    I like Triathamom on Facebook! My Stake Relief Society is actually doing a sprint triathlon on Sept 3rd which I’m taking part in. It’s also my first time EVER doing ANYTHING like this. It would be great to do another one! It’s been hard, but awesome. I’ve been training now for over a month…I’ve written about the whole training experience on my blog if you are interested :) ( Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  7. Katie says

    I have been looking into doing this! I would love a free entry! I have liked TriathaMOM on facebook.

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