Back To School Ideas-Clothing Organization

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We have been busy getting our house back in order after a crazy summer.  I needed to come up with some back to school ideas for organizing the kids and our new schedules.  I knew one area we needed to work on was our morning routine.  This year we decided to make a drawer for the younger kids to hold each of the school weeks outfits.  I know this is not a new concept, but we needed a better plan of action at our house this year.  Last year we tried hanging them in the closet…but that didn’t seem to work for us very long.  My kids seem to forget how to hang up their clothes for some reason.  Do your kids suffer from the same problem?  So this year I decided we need to have a spot in their dressers for their school week outfits. 

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My kids are really excited about this new method.  And I actually have hope that this one will stick.  We have been refilling the drawer when the kids put their laundry away for the week.  I have been helping them this first little while so that they can know what to do and what shirts and pants/shorts make a good combination.  This is really going to save me some headaches this year when dealing with a certain child’s dressing habits.  And hopefully it will save us some precious time in the early morning before school rush.   And in case you missed it, I also like to organize the kids home lunch routine that I shared last year.

What do you do at your house to beat the early morning chaos?


  1. Christine says

    Great idea!! I just posted on my FB page about the arguement about clothing I had thus morning with my 7 year old daughter! Maybe the drawer idea will work!! Thanks :)

  2. TyLeen says

    I love the idea but I just had a suggestion. When I am folding laundry I fold their pants and shirts together. So when they go to grab something to wear I already know it matches. But because I do it that way I am a freak about making sure I have matching stuff. If I buy a shirt I have to buy shorts, a skirt, or pants to go with the shirt.

    I hope this helps someone. I know it helps us. Happy school year!

  3. says

    That is a great idea! I’m not on top of the weather enough for that so I’m not sure if it would work out for us. (Our weather is all over the place.)

  4. Amanda says

    I found hanging shoe rack/organizers at the dollar store and it has 5 cubbies. I don’t worry about labeling the day. I just put a complete outfit in each cubbie.
    I let my kids pick out which outfit they want to wear for the day but because one full/complete outfit (socks, underwear shirt and bottoms) is in the ‘stacker’ per cubbie, I know that they will always match.
    When I do laundry I fold the outfits back up and slip them back in. I have used this option for years. Works fantastic, it is easy and super cheap…. doesn’t get better than that!

    For bigger kids or kids that share a room walmart has double row stacker.

  5. Dana says

    Similar to Amanda, I bought hanging closet organizers. This helps me to make sure outfits match and that I am rotating outfits from week to week. If I have time, I refill empty spaces during the week instead of waiting until the weekend. This has definitely helped us get everything together in the morning!

  6. says

    Oh my…we need to do this for my daughter. We may or may not have drama half of the mornings because I ask her to go change because:

    a) she wore it yesterday
    b) thats dirty
    c) that doesn’t even begin to match
    d) that isn’t modest

    She has a closet/dresser full of beautiful clothes…and a style all her own;)

  7. says

    Since my oldest could walk, she’s had her own sense of fashion… And a strong desire to chose her own clothes. When morning’s got out of hand in Kindergarten, we got one of those 5 pocket hanging cubbies for the closet. Every Sunday, after laundry is done, she decided her outfits for the week ahead. At first, she needed help organizing, but now, at 7, she can do it on her own. We pull up the week’s weather forecast and talk of any special events that week, then I leave her alone as she hems and haws over what matches with what. She puts socks & undies with each outfit, and we place it in it’s cubby, with the deal that there’s “no changing.”. I pop clothes in for my almost 4 year old, because she isn’t like her sister… She could care less what I put her in. It might not make mornings exactly a “breeze” but it saves me one battle. And let’s face it, that’s enough.

  8. says

    brilliant. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. And if it didn’t require so much responsible laundry completeing (on my part) we would begin it tomorrow. however….it’s hard to find your outfits when mommy has yet to fold them. Hey. They’re clean. And in 10 baskets. Geez people are so demanding around here. :)

  9. Marigold says

    I don’t have kids, but I think I’m going to steal this idea for my work outfits! I hate mornings and I’ve definitely found that planning the whole week on a Sunday helps me get out of the house more quickly each morning. Great post, thank you :)

  10. Amanda says

    I love the idea of having a drawer for just their clothes for the week. We’ve been putting their clothes piled on the end of their beds, not a very good method. Currently there isn’t room in their dressers/closets, but we are ordering new closet organizers for the kids and this is definitely going to be a MUST HAVE space!


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