Decorating with Halloween photos—Kristen Duke

Hello my Idea Room friends! Oh, how I’ve missed my regular interaction with you! I am still coming over to Amy’s blog to read her posts, so I’m not too far away.

I’ve got a fun little idea to share with you today that has to do with 2 of my favorite things–Halloween and pictures! Part of my Halloween decor around my home are pictures from Halloween’s past. I think I shared her last year that I made a faux polaroid clothesline hanging strand of photo’s with some past Halloween pictures of my family. If not, check this out:

It’s hard to see it all, but if you look closely at the image on the right, I am pregnant with my first and have a homemade maternity pumpkin belly shirt. I had my son the next day. I love being reminded of the past Halloween’s. I’ve also got a few framed pics out, and just one to share today with you. It’s of my hubby and I when WE were kids! I’m so grateful that even though we had lots of siblings, our parents got individual shots of us in our Halloween costumes. Not to self (espcially me, I often just do group shots) take pictures of your kids individually for Halloween.


And look…we’re both super hero’s! (Check out our bold plaid patterns in curtain and couch respectively). This just makes me smile, and my kids also love it…to realize their old foggie parents used to be young and carefree once. I purchased an unfinished frame with 3 openings and cut my pictures to 3×3. The middle image, I used a pattern piece from Sprik Space (lots of free printables) to make a simple pattern behind the Happy Halloween text. I hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween! Come stop by my spot on the web and say hello sometime… I’ve also got a fun fall facebook freebie today (and every Friday) if you want to check it out on my facebook page!


Thanks Kristen! Love all of the creative ways to incorporate your family photographs into your Halloween decor! Just wanted to pop in and let see if any of you are interested in joining in on a fun little discussion in the International CoffeeTalk Community that I am a Leader in. We are talking about the ways that your family celebrates the Halloween holiday. I would love for you to join us. No need to go anywhere…simply reply to the discussion right here.


  1. says

    That’s a great idea! I think next year I will start to do the same. We will have more pics of all the girls by then. Thanks for sharing such a cute idea. :)

  2. says

    I do something similar. I have a display board in my dining room with the past 5 years’ Halloween pictures of my three kids. They love seeing them!

  3. Brenda in Sunny SoCal says

    I also have string in the hallway(same color paint btw) but instead of pictures I pin the school Halloween artwork on it. It’s always a big hit with the kids to see their art!

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