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Hey guys…I just wanted to take a minute and re-introduce you to one of The Idea Room’s sponsors My Job Chart.  If you have been following along with us from almost the beginning I am sure you have heard me talk about them before.  My Job Chart was one of my very first sponsors back when they were just starting out.  In fact, The Idea Room was their very first original sponsor.  They had a few thousand kids signed up with their innovative chore chart system.  That was almost two years ago.  Well, today, they have over 110,000 kids in their system and they are continuing to grow at an impressive rate. 


All it takes are a few easy steps and you should be up and running in no time.

1. Go to My Job Chart.

2.  Upload a picture of your child

3.  Set up their jobs.

4.  Determine the point value for their jobs, and what their rewards will be. Your child may receive the reward when they reach a certain threshold of points.

5.  After you have set up their account, your child can login and see their tasks and check them off as they complete them.

6.  An email is sent to the parent and then you can access whether they have completed the task and then approve them and they will be awarded their points.


And very recently, MJC has been working long and hard to get a bank that would open online savings accounts for MJC kids so that we could further integrate our SAVE, SHARE, SPEND philosophy and I finally pulled it off.  The bottom line is that MJC now has an exclusive deal with ING Direct so that when an MJC user opens an account for their kid, ING deposits $20 into the account just for signing up. Pretty exciting that by using their FREE site that you can get FREE dollars into your kids accounts and jump start all your kids on the path to savings.  Is that cool or what?

If you are already an MJC user simply email [email protected] and they can email you a custom email for your family.

If you are NOT an MJC user all you need to do is simply sign up following the steps above and then email [email protected]   and they will send you all the information to get you signed up with a new ING account.



  1. Janet McKee says

    I set up an accout for my oldest daughter and we both LOVE IT!!!! She is working toward an iPod touch and is getting closer and closer all the while helping me around the house!! Love, Love, Love!!!!

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