Thanksgiving Craft–Soap Bottles

I have made a couple of other versions with the Monogrammed Hand Sanitizer and the Happy Hands version. These are so simple and inexpensive to make…who doesn’t love a that combination?

Thanksgiving Craft Soap Bottle gwm

You will need the following supplies:

A bottle of hand soap or hand sanitizer

A sheet of overhead transparency

Goo Gone (to remove sticky label)

Copier or Laser Printer


Thanksgiving Craft Soap Bottle awm


1. Remove the label(s) from your bottle.

2. If there is any sticky residue left, you can easily remove it using some Goo Gone.

(I picked mine up from Home Depot)

Thanksgiving Craft Soap Bottle bwm

3. If your bottle has an insert inside you can remove it with some tweezers.

Thanksgiving Craft Soap Bottle cwm

4. Print out the Thanksgiving Soap Insert here.

5. Print it using a laser printer onto your transparency film.

Thanksgiving Craft Soap Bottle dwm

If you do not have a laser printer you will need to print it out and then copy it onto your transparency film. If you do not do this your ink will end up running and falling off into the soap or the hand sanitizer. You can take it and have it printed at your local copy store as well.

Thanksgiving Craft Soap Bottle ewm

6. Measure your bottle and cut your transparency so that it will fit into the bottle. Be sure to measure it on the top and bottom so that it sits where you would like it to…INSIDE THE BOTTLE!

7. Roll your transparency backwards and slide it into the top of the bottle. Push it into place so that it sits right against the front wall of the bottle. You can use the soap dispenser pump to push it into place.

Thanksgiving Craft Soap Bottle hwm

That’s it! Pretty easy right?

These are great for a quick and easy gift or to use in your own home to help remind you of the reason for the season!

Thanksgiving Craft Soap Bottle fwm


  1. says

    Love this idea. But does the transparency stay in place? Even when the soap is only 1/4 left? Or does it fall off the wall of the dispenser? Thanks!

    • C.Rivera says

      I too would like to know if there’s a way to prevent the transparency from moving. Thank you! :)

  2. Jacki says

    Hey Amy, not sure if you know this or not: WD-40 also works great for removing the glue gunk left over from labels. (THAT I have in the house always – Goo Gone not so much.) Thanks for the great suggestions. I love your ideas. :)

  3. Kathleen says

    I love this idea, but I have had trouble getting the labels to stay in place. They keep sliding towards the bottom of the bottle or tilt sideways. This only happens with the hand soap not the hand sanitizer. Any suggestions? Thanks.


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