Cookies for santa

Do you leave a plate of cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve? We do! And my kids remind me EVERY year multiple times to have some cookies ready so Santa will be able to have some sustenance on his long Christmas journey.  We didn’t have a cute cookie plate so I decided to have a dedicated plate just for Santa Claus.

cookies for santa wm

I simply picked up a white plate from our Thrift Store for $1.  Then using my Silhouette just cut out some black vinyl with  the words “Cookies for Santa”.

cookies for santa 2wm

Then simply applied the vinyl to the plate.  It could not have been any simpler.  Literally a 10 minute project.

cookies for santa 4wm

And since we always leave a glass of milk for the weary traveller, I made him his very own special milk glass.

cookies got milk jar 1 wm

Two very simple projects which is perfect for this crazy time of year.

cookies for santa 6wm

Wouldn’t this make a fun gift for a family with young children?

cookies for santa 7wm

Santa is sure to appreciate it!  You can never have enough milk and cookies…Right?

cookies for santa 5wm

Do you usually leave cookies and milk for Santa? Does Santa really eat the cookies? Or does he put them back in the cookie jar and leave a few crumbs behind as evidence? Only 12 more sleeps till Christmas!

cookies for santawm



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  1. Brindy says

    I haven’t been able to view your photography tips under “past projects.” It goes to a blank page. Love your cookies idea!

  2. says

    Hi Amy !! Happy Holidays!!

    Please visit my community (natural child-rearing) for my gift to you and all of my blogfrog friends!!

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