A Mother’s Vote Does Count

It’s time once again for Heather from Family Volley to share with us some Parenting Tips as part of her “Parenting Tips” here on The Idea Room. I realize that today is a Wednesday and usually Heather’s series runs every other Thursday here on The Idea Room.  I had to make a little rearrangement this week so you get her a day early! Here’s Heather in her own words…


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Disclaimer: This is all personal opinion. I am by no means suggesting a “political discussion.” I am not qualified to have a discussion like that. 


Over the last few weeks my husband and I have been watching the Presidential Debates. Although I know who I want to win, I find myself watching in a stupor. Can anyone really make things better? Can America ever get back on track?


I have always “loved” America. I feel very blessed to live in a free land, but the last few years have really taken a tole on our family personally, and I feel helpless and a little hopeless.


My love for our country started when I was little. It started with my parents. They always taught me it was a blessing to live in this promised land. I believe that. 


In the 8th grade I went with my school on an East Coast Trip. I visited the battle fields and the monuments. I went to Philadelphia and New York, and saw Les Mis on Broadway. I can still “feel” what it was like to stand at the Korean War Veterans Memorial (my favorite) and tour the White House. The trip was magical and the sights made an impression. Les Mis made a bigger impression. I never enrolled in a political science class, but I did study French for the next 5 years. 


Then, before I met my husband and got married, I had the opportunity to work in Washington D.C. for 6 months. I spent every day associating with people who didn’t just believe in America, they loved America. While working there my testimony grew. My patriotism grew. East Coast-ers don’t learn about America from a text book like I did on the West Coast. They learn about America because it is in their backyard. They visit it, they see it, they remember the battles and stories because they stand on the ground where the battles took place. It is different there. I loved it. There are days when I long to be back there. It stuck with me. Since that experience my feelings about our country are different. They are stronger and more reverent.


When I think about this country it stirs up strong emotions. But when I watch these debates and think about another presidential election, those good feelings are tinged with an anxious frustration. I feel like whether I vote or not, doesn’t matter. I can’t do anything about the direction American is heading.


In an attempt to shake this helpless feeling, I have been pondering what I can do to make a difference, and then I realized, there is so much I can do. In fact I am already trying to do it.


I can teach my children about America. I can teach them that this is a “promised land.” I can teach them how important it is to vote, and fight, and stand up for what is right.


More than that, I can teach them to be moral and honest men and woman. I can teach them kindness and manners and patience. I can teach them how to love and serve and work, and how important it is to be good fathers and mothers. I can teach them to be true to themselves, their virtue, and their beliefs. I can love them and hold them and serve them, in hopes that they turn into adults that love and serve others. I can be positive and happy, hopeful and encouraging. In hopes that they never loose hope.


No, I am not a congressman, a senator, or a presidential candidate. I am a mother. And the way I see it, mothers CAN and ARE changing the world, one household at a time. I will sleep better tonight knowing that my vote always matters. In fact, my vote is shaping the future. Forget the White House, I have my own house to run.


What did your mother teach you?


Do you ever feel politically helpless?





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  1. Tracy says

    LOVE IT!!!! You took the words right out of my mouth and said everything that I have been feeling about the debates and elections. I have always felt that I have to be making a difference as a mother. Thank you for letting me and I’m sure a lot of others out there know that we are not alone!

    Well said!!!!

    • says

      Thank you Tracy. I am with you. Mothers have to stick together. We are shaping the future, and we need to support each other in that pursuit. We can make all the difference in our own families.

  2. says

    What a beautiful post! Man! So inspiring! I am not a mom. but this is so going in my mom file to make sure I do when I have kids!! I hope all mothes and future mothers of america read this and do this for their kids too!!


  3. Rebecca B. says

    I really love your thoughts as I struggle with the same ones – who can really do anything to change the situation we are in. But after reading the final part of your post, I no longer feel hopeless/helpless. I do have a house to tend to…regardless of who wins in the next election. Thanks for the reminder of what is truly important!

    • says

      Hi Rebecca, Thank you for your comment. It can be a really helpless feeling. So glad this has lifted some of the “weight”. What we do in our own homes is much bigger than any “vote.”

  4. says

    I think many Americans, including myself, feel similarly. Thank you for putting things into an inspiring perspective!

  5. Amanda Andrus says

    This was a great post! This reminds me how important it is to teach our kids the blessings that we have by living in this land.

  6. says


    me encanta!!!!

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