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I am always looking for a fun and inexpensive gift idea for a teacher or friends.  Now, there is nothing new and exciting about a mug with candy in it…unless that mug has a fun chalkboard label on it.  I saw something similar while perusing the aisles of Target one day.  It had been three weeks since I had been there…THREE WEEKS!  So I was getting my Target fix and saw a Chalk Board Mug. So what is a crafty girl to do? Yep! I made my own.


Pin ItTarget was even kind enough to have some different colored mugs on sale for $1.99.  So I snagged a couple.  Here is how I made mine.  I cut out a heart shape from my vinyl collection.  Contact paper will work well too.  Make a stencil in the shape or design of your choice. Chalk-Board  Make-Your-Own-Personalized-Mug Then I used some Folk Art Bake-On Enamel Paint in Engine Red.  I mixed it with some Non-Sanded Grout to Make Chalk Board Paint.  You can find the recipe for that here: Make Your Own Chalk Board Paint Make-Your-Own-Chalk-Board Then I simply painted a couple coats of it onto the mug and baked in on low heat in my oven for an hour to set the paint.  So easy. Valentines-Mug Prime the chalk board paint by rubbing the side of a piece of chalk onto it first and then wipe off the chalk.  This should prime your chalkboard label so that you can write new messages to your hearts content. (pun totally intended)  I also put the word “love” on the other side of the mug using the same process as above. Love-Mug A super easy and inexpensive gift idea.  Spruce it up by adding a gift card to Starbucks or attach a package of your favorite hot cocoa mix…or…my personal favorite…fill it with CHOCOLATE! Oh…and where did I get that adorable framed picture?  That would be from the talented and lovely Lara from Less Cake, More Frosting!  You can purchase your own copy of it in her shop Announced Design.  There are a lot more where this came from. image If you are interested in more Ways to Decorate Mugs, check it out here: This post is dedicated to a week-long series with some other bloggers and shop owners: Gina from The Shabby Creek Cottage, Kellie at Nest of Posies, Liz from Hoosier Homemade, and Charlotte from The Paper Cupcake! On Monday, Liz her adorable Pink Lemonade Pies and a giveaway for The Paper Cupcake. On Tuesday, Gina shared her fun Valentine Mantel and a giveaway for Baybee-Dahl Boutique.  Wednesday, Kellie from Nest Of Posies made some darling Valentine Envelopes. We have also set up a Pinterest Board for Valentine’s Week if you are as addicted as I am. And…if that is not enough…come back tomorrow when we share an amazing Valentine Printable from The Paper Cupcake! Just wait till you see it! Love it! Need some more Valentine’s Day Ideas? Check out these past Idea Room Valentine’s Ideas. Pin It Here is another fantastic idea: DIY Confetti Painted Heart Mugs diy-confetti-painted-mugs  


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    So….that’s pretty much the CUTEST idea. I’ve never made chalkboard paint. You, my dear, are amazing….as always! I’m off to post this on my FB page. Because it ROCKS!

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      I made the love cutout on my silhouette so it is a in their format…but the font is called Chopin Script and I just found in on the internet as a free download. Hope that helps.

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    Just found your site. Love the ideas you have w/ chalkboard paint. My question… does it wash in the dishwasher? Wondering about making my own reusable party cups. Also, the mugs are adorable. Does it work as well with purchased chalk board paint?
    Also….had to laugh! I am named Amy. Am a former teacher. And have 5 kids. (However, I’m Catholic, not Morman. LOL)

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      I personally will be washing them by hand. I think in the dishwasher it will wear away quicker. So to be safe and have it last handwashing would probably be best. Love that we have so much in common. Mormons and Catholics can be friends so it is all good :). Thanks for the fun comment. I love getting to know who my readers are!

      • Veronica says

        Love the idea! I’m also wondering if it works well with purchased chalkboard paint. I have some leftover from painting an accent wall and could use some for this project!

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      Thanks Jessica! You are one of my best commenters :)! Thanks for always taking the time to leave one when you have time. I totally get how hard it can be! Hope you are doing well!

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    This is so awesome! I can’t believe I didn’t think of it! This will definately be one of the Daddy gifts this Valentine’s Day! Thanks so much for sharing!

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    I am doing this for my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, and I was curious as to what temperature you baked your mug at.

    Thank you for the awesome inspiration! (:

  6. Lindsay says

    I made your adorable mug last night for my daughters teacher. Mine didn’t quite turn out like yours. I couldn’t get it to paint on smooth and flat, it had brush stroke marks and was a little thick. Did you water the paint down? Any tips? I’d love to make some more for our personal use. Thanks!

  7. Christine Kelley says

    Too adorable and I am now looking for items that need to be turned into message vehicles!!!

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    Hi! Great blog! Do you think this would work on glass jars? Would they have to be baked on, or would just regular old acrylic paint + grout work?

    Thank you!

  9. LorY says

    Hi there, I am sooo late for this post but I found it and I love it!! What temp should I bake these on? Mine came out soooo awesome.

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      I don’t see why it wouldn’t. The paint is supposed to work on those slippery surfaces like glass and ceramic!

  10. Ash Davies says

    Hi there
    How do I make the chalk board paint not come off when cleaned…..?????


    Ash …in South Africa


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