Christmas & New years 2011

We had a really fun and relaxing Christmas vacation for the most part this year.  I thought it would be fun to share a few photos of what we did over the Christmas and New Years break.Christmas collage 2011

On Christmas Morning, we got up early to get ready for 9:00 am church.  We told the kids they had to wait to open presents and see what Santa brought them after church.  So we hung up a big blanket over the entry way into the room with the Christmas tree and presents.

I actually really like having Christmas on Sunday.  Our meeting was really nice and it was a great way to focus on the real meaning of Christmas.  But the kids were itching to get to the fun part of Christmas.  So as soon as we got home the kids changed out of their church clothes and got back into their pajamas…haha!  (the picture of the kids hugging by the Christmas tree was actually the day after Christmas since I forgot to get pictures on Christmas Day…so that would explain the bed heads…)

Christmas iceskating collage 2011

During our Christmas break we were able to go Ice Skating with some cousins and Grandma! I learned that I am not as good at Ice Skating as I used to be…which was never that great to begin with.  I was happy to “help” the little kids as holding their hand helped me feel a bit steadier on the ice.

new years eve collage 2012

We also spent a lot of lazy days lounging around the house eating goodies and playing games.  But some of the time we spent working on some projects like painting my new office…can’t wait to share that soon…and a few other painting projects.

Then for New Years…we went and stayed up in Park City, Utah for the weekend.  It has become a family tradition and we always look forward to it.  We were able to stay with some cousins and Grandma again.  We played games and then I went shopping with the ladies while the men took the kids to see a movie.

NYE 2011 gwm

Then, even though it was only 20 degrees outside…we sat in the hot tub with all the kids! Good thing the water was hot!  Later that night we bundled up and rode the Cabriolet at the Canyons Ski Resort up to the Lodge to see some fireworks.  They were supposed to start at 8:00 pm…but at 7:45 as we were about to get on the Cabriolet…the fireworks started!  We got to watch them the whole way up.  We had the best seats in the house!!!  It was a lot of fun!

Then we came back to the condo and warmed up playing games and watching movies till 2012.

I can’t believe another year has come and gone.  Time is flying by!

I have a few New Year’s Goals this year that I will be sharing at a later time with you.  Hope you all had a happy and safe holiday!  Can’t wait for another full year of fun and projects. Heavens knows I have already a lot of them on the to do list!

What was the most favorite thing you did to celebrate?

I think mine was the weekend in Park City this year!

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  1. Patti S says

    We did a whole lot of nothing. LOL After 4 days of celebrating Christmas plus the weeks previous full of prep I was so tired and worn out. My husband was back to work on the 27th so the kids and I just lazed around most the week with no plans and no schedules. It was great! New Years was uneventful too…everyone but myself and my oldest son had gone to bed way before midnight. :( What a bunch of party poopers!

    BTW…I love the photos you shared. The ones of your kids on Christmas made me think of all the Christmases I had growing up in a large family. :) I have 5 siblings and Christmas was always magical…it always brought us all together in a special way.

    • says

      Sounds like the perfect relaxing break to me!! I always wish I went to bed before midnight on New Years Day ;)! I like big families too! We had a good time! Thanks Patti! You are one of my regulars…thanks for always leaving a sweet comment! I have noticed!

  2. says

    I ended up going into labor on Christmas later on in the evening, and having my son on December 26th at 2:30 in the morning! It was so nice to sit back and enjoy Christmas eve and day with my two little ones, then bring a new little one into the world, and have my husband home for a week. We kinda just soaked it all in, relaxed a whole lot, played with new toys, and enjoyed each other’s company. It was perfect, my favorite Christmas season yet.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures with us, the photos of all of your kids together brought a smile to my face. I like to see big, happy families. :)

    • says

      Yay! That is the best Christmas ever! So glad you had so much time to have the perfect Holiday and then be able to have a great recovery time with the husband home to help. That makes such a huge difference…especially with two other little ones under foot! Congratulations on the new baby!

  3. says

    amy- I laughed out loud with the photo in the pantry at Shelly’s house. I have emailed Shelly a few times and always think of kristin chenoweth (and i tell her this). Loved the front entry rug (looks vaguely familiar). My son and husband are headed to SLC area for a tennis tournament and then up to see friends in Park City. Thanks for the inspiration and laughs. Happy and Healthy New Year! xo, [email protected]

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