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So…still on the laundry room theme here…sorry about that. I promise I will change it up here soon so as not to bore you to tears! We updated our family organizational boards here recently.  I shared with you earlier this family work station that has really worked well to keep me on top (ha…ya right!) of all that comes with raising five kids. You can see that post here:

Kids Organizing Bulletin Boards

bulletin board 4wm

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I wanted to style it up a bit and make it look like an actual piece of “furniture.” But I could not have it stick out from the wall as the outside door opens right into it.  (see the black door mat?) So we added a few more changes to it.  I tried to show on the picture below what pieces we used to create this bulletin board.  It is really pretty easy and you can make it to your own tastes as well.  Here is what we used:

bulletin board 1 words wm

I will not share the lengths we used unless some of you would like the exact specifics.  Just leave a comment and I would be happy to add some edits to this post.  I figured since every one will have different wall dimensions and kids, etc, you would have to come up with something that will work for you.  This picture should be able to help you visualize it better.

After we added all of our molding and MDF pieces with nails (we always use nails rather than glue…just in case we ever want to take it down), we caulked all the seams with painters caulk.  After it had time to dry properly we sanded any areas that needed it.  Then we painted it with our white trim paint in a semi-gloss finish.

bulletin board 6wm

I also wanted to add some magnetic days of the week for each child to help us to organize their individual schedules.

bulletin board 3wm

I printed up some 1 inch circles with the days of the week on them and printed them onto some magnetic paper using my Xyron machine. ( You can always save those restaurant magnets and Mod Podge them onto there too).

bulletin board 7wm

Then printed up some of the kids activities on strips of magnet paper too.  Such as piano lessons, soccer, ballet, basketball and so on.  We also are including things at school like PE days (so we wear the right shoes), library and computer days so we don’t forget to turn in our keyboarding homework or library books *ahem*!

bulletin board 8wm

This wall is right at the front of my laundry/mud room as you walk in a side door of our home.  So this is the door my kids use when they get home.  It also happens to be the door all of my friends and family enter my home as well.  So this room NEEDS to stay clean…ha…whatever.

bulletin board 10wm

In theory…the kids are supposed to come home and put up papers and assignments on their boards (which each have been labeled with their names) and then hang up their coats and backpacks…MOST of the time they are pretty good and only need “gentle” reminders here and there.

bulletin board 9wm

But for me it has really cut down on a lot of the searching and chaos of the early morning rush or the evening homework routine.  It was really pretty easy to make and wasn’t that expensive.  We were able to use a lot of scraps we had on hand, but my estimates for this project would be about $50 depending on the hardware (hooks) you bought.

If you were to ask me which DIY project has been the most useful to me as a mom…hands down…this would be it.

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  1. Suzanne says

    That’s a pretty big endorsement at the end of this post. I can see how it would be a fantastic sanity saver.

    • says

      Ha…yes it is. And I was not paid to make that endorsement either if that adds any credence to it too :). It has made my life a little bit simpler. Every little bit helps us mommas!

  2. Aimee says

    This is so great! Good job! It’s looks so neat and “organized”. I wish I had space by my back door to do this.

    • says

      Thanks Aimee. I have seen some smaller versions. I also think it would be great to do this on a wall in your garage if you are lacking space too.

  3. says

    This is FABULOUS and real! I love it! I’m so so so so so so tired of backpacks being dropped in the middle of floor when they get home from school. haha. Thanks for always having so many great ideas! :)

    • says

      Thank you Cindy. It was done out of desperation!! :) Don’t know why it is hard to take one more second and actually hang the backpack rather than drop it :)

  4. Pam says

    Can we see a before photo?? It would really help me to visualize if this will work in my home! Thank you!!

    • says

      I do not have a before photo of just the plain wall…as I made the “first” version of it BEFORE I was blogging. Hence I never figured I would need to have a picture of a blank wall…Ha! Now I know better. :) I did however link to the “first” version of it that we made a few years ago when i shared it in an earlier post. Here is the link again… Thanks Pam! Hope you can figure on out to fit your space.

  5. says

    Most of the time I see board and batten type interiors they have to take out the baseboard and just put a flat plank in. Did you baseboard just happen to be thick enough or did you add some pieces to it?

    • says

      We did actually add another piece of molding to the top of our baseboard. It was just the smallest baseboard that came with the original home 30+ years ago. Instead of replacing all of it we just added another piece to make it “appear” like the taller baseboard. Nice way to pay attention to detail. Sharing it here on the blog soon if you are interested :)!

  6. says

    Wow, I love it!! What a great idea & it looks beautiful too. I’ve been trying to figure out how to organize my kids stuff too, but our mud room is in the garage so we’d never see it. I’ve been thinking of using metal too. Thanks for the great ideas!!

  7. Angela B. says

    AMAZING! This is EXACTLY what I have been looking to make for the kids! I have an old church pew that I’m using as the bench, but have been putting off the hooks and other things because nothing looked right. This will be perfect! So glad I saw this. You are truly talented!

  8. says

    These are so awesome!! This is a great tutorial also. I will definitely keep this in mind for when I have kids old enough to utilize this, it looks great & functional!!

    Visiting from 30 handmade days :)

  9. Shelly Wolf says

    I love this!! I actually made a version of YOUR first version but I think that I might change mine up too!! Can I ask how high your hooks are? And the size of the sheet metal pieces?

  10. Meaganne says

    I LOVE this idea! I’m hoping that I can convince my husband that I NEED this in our entry:). Five kiddos ages 15 months to 8 years old in our house=mess, coats, backpacks and papers EVERYWHERE! Thanks for the post!

  11. says

    I saw your original post and we went to town making one for our 5 kiddos as well. I thought it was a brilliant idea and too cute. It really has helped keep track of papers and they like displaying awards and invites.

    I am a little bummed because some of the thin boards just fell off. It started warping a little too. Might have been our fault. I don’t wanna chuck it so I’m searching for a stronger glue. I used the one HD suggested but may have to go back.

    This white one is gorgeous!

  12. Megan says

    I love this idea and we are putting it into action as we speak. Just wondering where you bought supplies. We haven’t been able to come across 2in mdf only 1 1/2 and 2 1/2? Checked Home depot and some other random places. And also wondering in more detail how you did the bottom part? did it line up with the baseboard evenly? I saw in another comment that you added something to the top of your original baseboard? But if we did that we would have to extend ours all the way down the hallway to make it look uniform. Any suggestions? Thank you for this wonderful idea.

  13. says

    Could use please send me your detailed dimensions for this project? I have the perfect spot for this and want to see if I would have enough room. Thanks do much

  14. Kelly James says

    Love this idea and want to do the 5 hooks/spaces. Could you please send me the dimensions.
    Thanks so much!

  15. Sandramomof4 says

    I LOVE THIS..I thought the top was a window…but after reading all of it and seeing the magnets I love it even more! With 4 kids all in school and never being able to find all their school papers,notes ect ect this would be a god send!!! now to find a wall hmmmmmmm hehe

  16. Stephanie says

    Thank you so much for posting this!! I have a wall just like this in my laundry room that I’m trying to figure out how to make it a place for organization! This is absolutely perfect! Hope you don’t mind us making an exact replica, I LOVE everything about your’s!

  17. Susan says

    If you put chalkboard paint, either the black stuff or the make it yourself any color you want, on the sheetmetal you would have a writeable and magnetic surface and you wouldn’t have to worry about the day of the week magnets.

  18. says

    I love it and I appreciate you using nails since I also like changing things up. If possible, I would love the exact specifics of the project because I can figure out minute changes but seeing this project as a whole is a little overwhelming. My project would in the laundry room behind two doors. Thank you and I understand it’s been awhile since your original post but I just saw it and followed you on FB so I wouldn’t miss anything else you do.

  19. Carrie G. says

    We are trying to spruce up a farmhouse that is over 100 years old – I have been wanting to design a mudroom space that would help our three boys keep their belongings in “one place”. Love the way you designed your area – was wondering where you purchased the sheet metal – haven’t been able to locate any in our area.

  20. Chelsea says

    I love this!! And I would love for you to send me the dementions so my husband and I can start building right away! :) I have no kids yet…but am ALWAYS searching for my purse, or the dogs leashes this would be GREAT!! :)

  21. Chelsea says

    Could I get the dementions? I don’t have kids yet, but I plan to, and I always am searching for my purse and bag for work, it seems to be in a different spot every day! This woul be amazing! :)

  22. DaSha Galloway says

    I love this. Just wondering how tall it is and about what height you put the hook?


  23. Kira =] says

    I have the perfect spot for this in the hallway between their rooms! Thank you for sharing!
    I did have a few questions about how you attached it to the wall: nails, glue, screws?

  24. heather says

    This is awesome. I must have this in my home. We have 7 children and I run a in home daycare. Would you might dgetting into more detail me? Maybe via email?

  25. Joanne G says

    Would love to do this in my entry way!! Could you please email me the dimensions? Thank you! Great job, I love it!

  26. Cheryl says

    I like the sheet metal portion. My kids have lockers, but I still haven’t found a way to tame those stray, but important papers. Add in crazy practice schedules for travel sports x3 – and well, I could use all the help I can get!

    I’m thinking of maybe framing some sheet metal – or maybe even just bulletin boards? Hmmm.

    Thanks for getting the juices flowing.

  27. Jaclyn Wickline says

    This is a great organizational board and I will definitely be building mine soon. Can you send me the dimensions of yours?
    Thank you!

  28. Jackie says

    I just made this in my hallway. I’m so excited to have the school stuff contained! Thanks so much for the inspiration.

    • says

      oh!! I am so happy to hear that! It has really been a life saver and sanity saver for us! I am so glad you let me know!!

  29. Cailin says

    I would appreciate the demensions you used. My area looks surprisingly similar. You could always come over and help. Ha

  30. Grace says

    This is such an awesome project and would be an absolute life saver in my busy home! Will you please email me dimensions/details? Thanks so much!


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