Valentine Treats – Cookie Pops

Valentine Cookie Pops on a stick? Yep! You know how much I like them. Here is a new Valentine treat version.  But this time it is not an Oreo.  These are sugar cookies…


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These are pretty easy to make and would be a fun little treat to leave someone special this Valentine’s Day.


We made them with our favorite soft Sour Cream Sugar Cookie Recipe.  Then we cut the cookies into some fun Valentine’s Day cookie cutters…hearts, lips, and some X’s and O’s.

valentine cookie pops 7wm

Then bake your cookies according to your recipe directions.  And let them cool completely.

valentine cookie pops 8wm

Then we melted some white chocolate.  If you don’t have chocolate you can also use Almond Bark or Candi Quik.  I poured a small amount onto one cookie that I turned onto it’s back.  Place your sucker stick onto the melted chocolate and then add a little bit more chocolate on top of the stick.  Then place another cookie on top.

valentine cookie pops 9wm

Then to speed up the process, I popped them into the freezer for a couple of minutes.  Then you can dip them into your melted chocolate.  Instead of dipping I actually spoon the chocolate onto them as I turn the cookies at different angles to make sure that the entire cookie is covered on the front and back.

valentine cookie pops 10wm

Add some sprinkles or some other fun edible embellishments.  I did take a small heart cookie cutter and poured some melted Wilton’s Candy Melts into it to make some hearts to place onto the cookie pops too like the ones shown in the pictures below.

Sugar-Cookies-On-A-Stick  valentine cookie pops 3wm 

valentine cookie pops 5wm  valentine cookie pops 6wm 

I also used some fun striped straws instead of sucker sticks to make them a little bit more festive. 


Package them up and give them away!

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  1. says

    I love your cookies! They look awesome! I was planning to do the same thing for my visiting teaching handout for Feb. I guess great minds think alike- although I may have to steal your recipe! :)

  2. Nancy T says

    Love it – will put these on my list for next year. We’ve made our Valetine’s Day treats already and have in the freezer ready to give.

    My girls (2 & 5) got a heart shaped waffle maker and you can make them on a stick! LOVE!! We made heart shaped waffles on a popsicle stick, coated the top bumps in melted chocolate and dipped in heart shaped red/pink/white sprinkles.

  3. says

    I made chocolate chip cookie pops for the first time a few weeks ago. They turned out cute and were a hit with my daughter. These Valentine’s Day ones are adorable.

  4. says

    Oooh. I just popped over to your site to check out your wide array of Oreo pops…Imagine my surprise when I found your current cookie pops. No Oreos?!

    Stunning photos Amy. I love them all. AND, I’ve decided that since I can’t steal your baby we should work it out so that she can marry mine…Love.


  5. Amy D says

    cute cookies! Where did you get your daughters hats? did you make them? where did you find the pattern?


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