Lowe’s “curb appeal” challenge & giveaway

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This month, as one of Lowe’s Creative Bloggers, I was given the challenge of spicing up the “curb appeal” of my home.  I was a little bit more excited about this challenge than I should have been. 

front curb appeal


The front of my house needed some serious attention.  It is not that I didn’t want to work on making it nicer…it just that it was a fairly big undertaking and we always had more pressing items on the to do list.

front curb appeal after


The bushes in the front of our house and the sides of the front porch were overgrown and needed to be removed.  In December, we had a huge windstorm with winds over 100 mph.  The wind blew from the East and both of these bushes sustained permanent damage on the East sides.  All the vegetation had been completely stripped from them.  It was time for them to go for good.

front curb appeal before 1


And those decorative trees?  Well they both were also pretty badly beat up.  One was completely broken in half…which is why it is leaning up on the brick wall.  The potted plants?  Well…both of those got blown right out of the pots.  We had replanted them hoping they would survive…but as you can see…they didn’t fare too well.  And…how do you manage to have a plant that is dead on one side and not the other?  Ha!

front curb appeal before


So this “curb appeal” was JUST the motivation I needed to get this area fancied up.  We got to work ripping out the two main bushes and a couple of smaller ones as well.  Then we bought some plants and flowers to add some much needed color and texture to the front of our home.

front curb appeal bushes

And…I FINALLY got the nerve up to paint my front door black!  Can I get a holler?  I have always LOVED black front doors.  We bought some new door hardware from Lowe’s which made a huge difference in the overall look of the finished front porch area.  I will be sure to share some things I learned and the products I used for painting the front door.

front curb appeal 2

{mid project}

We also picked up these nice chairs from Lowe’s so we can sit on our front porch at night and enjoy the nice Summer Evenings we get here.  This is also where we come and enjoy a good summer afternoon rainstorm. 

I am really happy with how the whole look of the front of my home has changed.  It was quite a bit of work…but it really needed to be done.  And guess what?  Lowe’s want to help one of you update your curb appeal.

painted black door 2

Want to win $100 in the form of a Lowe’s Gift Card? I thought you might! What do you have to do? Simply follow the directions below…

To Enter:

Leave a comment, on this post, telling me what “curb appeal” project you’d tackle with $100 from Lowe’s.

That’s it folks!!  Can’t get any easier than that can it?

*This giveaway is open to US residents age 18 and over only.  Contest closes on Tuesday, June 5 at noon MST.  Winner will be chosen via Random.org and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.

painted black door 1  black front door 1  painted black door

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painted black door 3

**I was given a gift card by Lowe’s to create my Lowe’s Makeover Challenge this month.  However all opinions and statements are my own.


  1. says

    I’d make my hubby make me a barn door! And if there was any money left over probably a swing… or some planters. So many options :)

  2. Melissa R says

    The lawn of our house is a hot mess! We really need to reseed it! We are THAT house in the neighborhood!

  3. barb says

    I would decorate with oodles of potted flowers all over our porch and put it towards making a porch swing. :)

  4. Amy says

    Had our front landscaping re-done last spring… would love to spruce things up even more with some more annuals

  5. Cleta says

    I would paint the concrete steps to the front door that were recently widened–and probably paint the front door a new color.

  6. says

    Oh, how I need this! Last year, they had to dig in front of the dining room window to fix the foundation. We spent all last summer waiting for the soil to settle. It was UGLY. While I have it tilled and mulched, it’s just asking for beautiful greenery and flowers.

  7. Chrissy says

    Your porch looks great! I would replace some shrubs that look pretty bad after we transplanted them. I also need to replace an old park bench we are afraid to sit on is is so old! Thanks

  8. rima says

    I love your transformation what a difference between the before and after. I would repaint my front door and add some huge pots filled with colorful annuals.

  9. Tammy says

    We would put new pots with some pretty flowers and paint the outer area with a fresh coat.

  10. Melanie F says

    Our front yard slopes a lot so I would love to add a retaining wall & some shrubs lining the walkway to the front door.

  11. Tracy says

    I would love to re-seat and re-grout all the stones on my front porch and add some flowers to the edge of the lawn near the road and all along the front pathway.

  12. ruth tacoma says

    I would like to do something along the walk up to the front door………..maybe add lighting along it.

  13. Mandy says

    It looks great! If the Lowes gift card found it’s way to my wallet it would be used to spruce up the playhouse in the backyard. It was a hand-me-down and is need of a little TLC!

  14. Amber says

    We have been living in our home for almost three years. Last year, we cleaned out all the old old overgrown landscaping from the previous owner. We added lighting around the front and back with decorative rock. We would like to add a few bushes and flowers for color to make our red front door “pop” even more. We also have a small tree in the side yard that is just begging for some landscaping around it too.

  15. says

    Holy Cow! What a transformation! It looks fantastic!

    With a Lowes Gift Card, I could do some serious (and much needed) landscaping around the front door/stairs that lead to my front door. My current favorite flower.. Knockout roses!

  16. Anne Marie says

    I need to replace bushes and add some color – perhaps flowers. New hardware on the front door would be a great help – actually need to to alot of work as our curb appeal is nearing zero!!

  17. Tina Matteson says

    I would get a new front door, paint it black (just like you!) and new house numbers!

    We just bought a 100-year old house that had two front doors… we were able to take one off and replace the siding so it looks ‘normal’ and I’m excited about sprucing up our entrway.

  18. Caroline says

    Oh, I would definitely paint my front door and then do some landscaping with bricks, etc. my flower garden out front needs some serious help!

  19. Andrea gasser says

    Our front door is a horrible beat-up green color and the potted plant looks like broccoli in an old plastic pot, next to 2 very old wooden chairs…we could definitely re-do these things and make the front porch much more appealing and functional!

  20. Christina Hidek says

    I’d add some potted plants to my front porch and paint the door trim. Its quite sad looking right now.

  21. says

    Much like you did, I would love to add some chairs to my very small porch to make it appear more cozy and porch like. I would also love to add some flowers and hanging baskets. The flower beds around our porch need some work too!

  22. Mandy says

    Ok, I know right away what I’d do-repaint our new front door! Right now paint is peeling & there’s a sign on our front door that says “doorbell doesn’t work” ( :

  23. Michelle says

    I would help out our front yard with some plants and bushes/flowers!
    Thanks for such a great giveaway!!

  24. Carrie Eastman says

    I would love to add some tall planters in front of my steps to welcome you in!! I would even like to my house number on them too.

  25. Becky Greene says

    We need to replace a dead bush or two and my front porch desperately needs a pop of color – maybe a couple of nice planters?

  26. Teresa Vanselow says

    I need to plant some flowers, and try to make my front porch a comfy and inviting place to be.

  27. Brandi Gray says

    we would start on our sidewalk project…we have been in our new home for a year and have not touched the front yard/walk way area!

  28. says

    My husband and I are actually redoing the front of our house right now! We are repainting the garage doors, front door, replacing the storm door, and I bought new porch furniture (all from Lowe’s!). I’d spend the $100 gift card buying the finishing decorative touches like planters and a kickplate for my front door.

  29. says

    We need to repaint the shutters and front door. Plus, we have a nice southern front porch that is just screaming for some hanging baskets and potted plants on each side of the stairs.

  30. Kathryn Haroldsen says

    We actually lost two big trees during the big December windstorm in Utah, leaving a huge gap to fill in our front yard. I would use that money to re-landscape that area and spruce up our front door, projects that are on the to get done list.

  31. kaybee says

    I would love to add some color to the front porch! Maybe a nice red colored door and a colored mat & lots of plants! :)

  32. Charity says

    We have a very long list of house projects for the summer. We need to repair soffits and put in gutters then we can address the sad, pitiful landscaping in front of the hosue.

  33. Laura Wilkinson says

    I would repaint my front door, buy a couple of trees for my front flower bed that needs some height. I would like to also add another, larger flower bed in my front yard.

  34. Katie says

    I would like to revamp the front with a new door and then some chairs or a bistro set of some kind. We have a courtyard front.

  35. Stephanie says

    I would love to replace the bright brass handles and knobs on my front door with some brushed nickle or oiled bronze. Thanks for the chance!

  36. Julie B says

    Time to powerwash my front entry, refinish the wood door, replace the plants in the pots with something that is summer friendly and and some pretty color plants near the entry…I would love help from Lowes!

  37. Margaret M says

    You did a great job. Love your porch. My garage door is in bad shape. It needs to be repaired or replaced and the vegetation on the left side of the door need to be ripped out and replaced. I also need a new front lawn. It is mostly weeds with a few sprigs of grass to tease me. I’d love to win. Thanks to you and Lowes.

  38. says

    I love Lowes! I would also start with painting my front door black. I have a security door that I would like to paint as well…ever seen a finished picture with that?

  39. Chelsa says

    I would get lots and lots of flowers and a window box for the front window. Next I would paint my front door and get some new house numbers. :) I wanna WIN this bad BOY!!!

    Thanks Lowes

  40. says

    I love your black door! We had a similar storm a while ago that almost destroyed all of our plants. The front door definitely needs an upgrade. That is what I would tackle.

  41. Sarah says

    I would replace the light fixture and mailbox, paint the front door, and pull out the half-dead tree next to the door and replace it with…still figuring that one out yet.

  42. LizK says

    We just moved into our new house two months ago. We need to buy some hedge trimmers at Lowe’s and some flowers to spruce up the curb appeal.

  43. Courtney Guillory says

    We are building a new house and will have zero landscaping when we move in. I have a lot of “curb appealing” to to! A Lowe’s card would come in handy!

  44. JustVal says

    No more cutting hedges for me. Those bad boys would be yanked up an a wonderful miniature maple tree and flowers (our bees would love that) would be planted in its place. I do not want to cut hedges on into my 60’s, make life simple, that is my motto!

  45. Becky N. says

    We have some stepping stones that only go halfway from our driveway to the front porch (the steps to nowhere) that we would finish and add some flower pots and baskets. Your front door looks so great, I think I’m even inspired to repaint our front door a bright color!

  46. Melissa says

    We have a 2nd story deck on the front of our house. I’d love to get a little bistro set or maybe a rocking chair, along with some pretty flowers to spruce up the deck. Right now, it’s so drab and boring!

  47. Holly says

    We really need to tackle the major overhaul of our front landscaping . . . new bushes, digging out/shaping planting beds, mulch/rock . . . so much to do! Help from Lowe’s would be wonderful!

  48. says

    I need to paint my front door, as well as, redo a bench that sits out front, and we could def. use some new plants and flowers!

  49. Valerie says

    Definitely our mailbox & surrounding flower bed! It’s right near the road and is oh so shabby! I’d love to re-paint the post and box, put a border around the bed, and lay new mulch and flowers!

  50. Kristen says

    I’d love to add a cute little sitting area….sadly right now we pull out camping chairs when we sit outside.

  51. says

    We’ve already done a small amount of “beautification” on our back porch by adding a number of planters. But the real eye-sore is our tin-can screen door that the dogs have knocked nearly 100 screens out of. Nevermind all the peeling paint! $100 could go very far on our back porch to creating a more serene relaxation destination with a new door and paint!

  52. Shawna says

    My garden beds could use some work- some type of edging. My house could really use some paint too…

  53. Wendi says

    There is so much I would love to do – replace our front door, buy new bushes – the list goes on and on!

  54. fran says

    We need a little edging to keep our beds tidy, plus new mulch. Could use some new plants there too.

  55. Julie says

    I would add some more flowers/plants in front of our porch. Hubby took out a very overpowering bush 2 years ago and it seems bare now. Thanks for the giveaway!

  56. Jennie P. says

    It’s not really curb appeal but I’d love to get some fruit trees and bushes and plant them in the front yard. Also, a screen door sounds really great too! I could use one!

  57. Lori J says

    I think I’d repaint my front door and change the plant landscaping. The previous owners didn’t do a great job and we’ve just left it as is, but a change would be great!

  58. Crystal Alvear says

    I have a few projects that I could use the $ for…a “library” for the kids, diy homework space, the possibilities are endless :)

    • Crystal Alvear says

      I guess I should have read it more closely…LOL!! For a “curb appeal” project, I would reseed the entire front and redo the pine straw. Probably get a bench for the patio. (We can’t do too much as we live in military housing)

  59. Christina Grosshans says

    I would definitely pick up one of the adorable chairs you have on your porch, and some planter boxes to spruce things up on our porch/deck area! We are desperately in need! :)

  60. Kathleen says

    I would love to fix up the area underneath our deck!! Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize :)

  61. says

    I would pull out some 20+ year old yew bushes & replant with something smaller & more attractive. Would also take out a dead tree & replant a small fruit tree.

  62. says

    oooo i love the black door! very nice. i would paint my front door and add some plants. my front yard is not in the best shape.

  63. Lindsey says

    Powerwash; Paint front door and shutters; new mailbox; new hardware for doors; new house number sign; new door mat; and new summer wreath. I’m already putting all of this in motion so the gift card would help so much! Love what you have done with yours!

  64. Gretchen says

    I would love to make our tiny porch an area we can enjoy with some lighting, furniture and a new grill!!

  65. Christa s says

    That looks great! I think the black door gives it character and depth! :)
    I would buy new lighting and get rid of the gold
    Stuff, I hate that color! Also we need some flowers and mulch :)

  66. Afton says

    I would paint our front door. Its a horrid brown and it makes me sad so that would go! I’d also pull out the one ugly bush in front of the front windows and make an actual flowerbed and fill it with beautiful flowers!

  67. Jessica Self says

    My husband just built some window boxes for the front of our house so the gift card would help me fill them with pretty flowers!

  68. says

    We have this ditch, bare area, river in our front yard. It is a river when it rains, ditch/ bare area when it is sunny since we can’t get grass to grow. This gift card would get us motivated to come up with a solution. A rock bed maybe.? Thanks for the opportunity!

  69. Katie says

    I would love to put up some new lights outside of my front door. The 1980’s editions just aren’t doing it for me.

  70. Liz J says

    Our house came without a dead bolt. Can you believe it?? Some builders are so cheap now a days. I would love new hardware!

  71. Elizabeth R says

    I would love to plant some colorful perennials and add some landscape lighting to the front of our house!

  72. Lureen Cathey says

    Where do I begin?! We’d like a bigger porch and the flower beds need to be all redone.

  73. Wendi S says

    Our front porch could definitely use some sprucing up…and new hardware for our front door would be lovely too :)

  74. Su says

    I have so much to do I wouldn’t know where to begin! But on my list — paint the door, add landscape lighting place colorful plants and if there was some way to add a small gate I would do that as well…

  75. says

    We live in an apartment so I couldn’t really do any actual “curb” appeal project (you can’t see our apartment from the street anyway), but I could definitely spruce up the little deck in the back that overlooks the alley! Most people go in and out of the building that way anyways, so it would be nice to have a few planters with flowers or something else simple like that when people walk by. :-)

  76. mary says

    I would redo my front porch the previous owners painted the concrete green and it is now peeling and looks just awful!! Also I want to add a raised flower bed!

  77. Rachel says

    O, I love your black front door! You REALLY made your house look nice! I would LOVE to have a pergola but it won’t be happening this summer without a little help. ;)

  78. Heidi says

    I would get new planters and pots for my front porch and also some porch chairs or a porch swing!!

  79. says

    I just painted my front door black too! I would get a bench or a rocking chair for my nook in my porch! Its an empty space that needs some life!!

  80. Ashley says

    We just bought our first house and its curb appeal really needs some spice. I’d love to use it towards my new flower beds.

  81. Erin says

    This summer we are planning to make our double front door a single with two sidelights. DH is of the opinion that no new hardware is needed. Um, WHAT? How can I get a new door and put the OLD knob on it? …With a gift card from Lowe’s, that’s how!! Thanks.

  82. Kristina S says

    My front door desperately needs painting and the plants around my front door need to be replaced. A new door mat would help too.

  83. Catherine says

    I have a big lattice area in my front yard. With a gift card to Lowe’s, I’d plant something in front of it!

  84. Elizabeth says

    Oh you name it! We just bought a foreclosure and it needs curb appeal help…at Lowes I would probably work on plants, or a tree or new light fixtures.

  85. Kathy Juarez says

    Wow! I couldnt really think of anything then I started reading everyone elses wish list! reseed the lawn, power wash the bricks, repaint the entry way, new landscape lighting! But honestly, A powerwasher would be my first purchase.

  86. Jana says

    I would love to get more perrenials and annual flowers out front. All our money is going towards basement finishing so the yard is getting put off. It would be nice not needing to wait.

  87. Valerie says

    My husband and I were just talking about adding another flower bed along the length of the driveway with potted plants and some nice lighting. I would also love to repaint around my front door and clean it up a bit with new hardware.

  88. Raluca ploog says

    Great job! If I win, we’d definitely get landscaping completed…fill in the dirt patch which has been sitting there for 2 years.

  89. Sarah E. says

    It looks great! Ours is pretty bad. I’d love a new light cover and maybe even paint our door! I’d love to change out/redo our landscaping, but I don’t even know how to do that!

  90. Ellen S. says

    I would love to add a pretty wreath and some colorful blooms now that summer is around the corner!

  91. MeganM. says

    I would add some more flowers to the bed below my front window. And maybe a water fixture on a little brick area we have in front too. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  92. Elizabeth Smith says

    We badly need some attractive way to get to our backyard. Right now you have to duck under trees, walk on dirt and try to avoid dips in the land.

  93. Madison L says

    Just bought our house in January and it’s yard was horrible so I would put in a flower bed out front, plant a tree for some shade, and get some new light hardware for the front of the house! Thank you for the giveaway!

  94. Lisa Parent says

    New bushes and plants for the front area! I would also get a couple of colorful pots for the front porch. We have only lived here for 10 months, so the curb appeal is pretty boring!

  95. says

    I would love to make a planter box to hang below my front window! I think I’d fill it with red Geraniums…my favorite!!

  96. Rachel P says

    A porch swing, new door hardware, and some flowers for the flower bed full of little rocks and nothing else.

  97. Rachel says

    I have finally realized what style suits me and my family, and what decor makes me feel comfortable, and at home. I am slowly reinventing the decor of the inside of my house to a cottage/country feel. I would love to bring that same style to the outside of my home. Right now, our exterior is very plain and not a representation of the three of us by any means. I would love to paint the door red, and buy some white flowers to line the walkway… and possibly by some type of country feel wheel barrel or other fun yard accessory that is unique to place in our front planter.

  98. Patricia Crowley says

    I would tackle some landscaping in my front yard! I have some ideas…but right now, it’s pretty much a blank slate!

  99. Lindsay Hansen says

    I, too, would paint my front door. I want to do a bold color, but I haven’t decided what I’d do yet. New hardware would finish the look. I hope I win!

  100. says

    We just bought a town home that has absolutely zero grass or landscaping, so we would love to use a gift card to go towards some nice grass for our little boy!

  101. Emily says

    We just repainted our house exterior, but didn’t do anything with our door, which used to match our trim but now clashes terribly. So, definitely I want to repaint my front door and tackle some landscaping projects in my front yard.

  102. says

    we have one area in the front that is dire need of mulch or pea gravel and some weeding– we did it earlier in the year but it needs to be done again and it needs some color!

  103. Kim says

    We are moving into our first house in a few weeks – winning this would be great! I would re-paint our front door and we want to put a clematis plant to climb up our lamp post. We also want to add window boxes to add some more color to the outside of the house.

  104. says

    I think my neighbors would really appreciate if I won this giftcard. haha! I would definitely buy plants and flowers. We have an ugly palm tree and 1 bush in our front yard. The rest is rocks and few weeds. It’s definitely lacking curb appeal.

  105. KT says

    I would love to paint my very old sun faded door a fun color. Also, I would love a few flowers to match.

  106. Nicole Burris says

    I seriously need a curb appeal makeover? We seriously need a paint job and some plants so I would love to win to help us get started.

  107. Jackie B. says

    I love what you did. Great job! I, too, need to paint our front door. I was actually thinking of black, too :)
    I also need to replace our 2 front lights. I know both of those things would make a great difference. Thanks!

  108. says

  109. Lindsay says

    I live in a condo so curb appeal isn’t a big concern, but I do have a balcony on the front side of my condo that could use some work. An outdoor rug, a table and chairs, and some potted plants would make a huge difference!

  110. melinda says

    I would get window boxes and fill them with flowers! I have always wanted window boxes- kinda my version of the standard ‘white picket fence’ dream.

  111. Kaysi says

    I’ve wanted a bench and some big potted flowers for some time. I have a large empty front porch. It really needs some attention.

  112. Laura Barlow says

    We need to rip out bushes and put in rocks in our front!! this would be a great help!

    Thank you!

  113. River Babe says

    We bought a 50 year old home that never was updating. Anything would add curb appeal!! Door knobs, new lettering, paint, wreath, plants, new driveway, new sidewalk (oh, wait $100 may not cover that!)

  114. C.C. says

    My front and back yard seriously needs some work. I would love to paint my front door, add some potted plants, cut some branches off, and a new fence would be nice too. So much work…

  115. says

    We’re going to be moving out of our townhouse into a real house (yay!) and we’ll actually have a yard! I’d love to spruce it up!

  116. says

    I’d probably spend it mostly on plants. We took out a big tree in our front yard last year and it would be great to get some other things growing in it’s place.

  117. Kim Altobelli says

    Love your websites and lowes creative magazine! I need to spruce up my front porch and flower beds. Would love the help of a lowes gift card.

  118. Stephanie says

    Your painted door looks great! I’d love to update our porch light fixtures, paint the fron door, and add new house numbers. Thanks for the opportunity!

  119. Allison says

    I love your makeover! I also would love to paint our front door- as it is still just primed white!! In addition I would love to add some outdoor pillows to our chairs and an address plate to the house!! Love love love LOWES!!

  120. Dorothea says

    I’ve been wanting to paint the front door since I moved in – it’s not an inviting color, and the front door sets the tone for the rest of house. And once time and money permit, I’d like to change the entry light fixture and add a colorful planter!

  121. Trisha Brown says

    I would paint my front door. My door was red when we moved in and I have always wanted to paint it a different color. So I would paint the door and also add shutters. Our home when we moved in had two shutters (the rest were missing) so I took them down. I have always wanted to make more to go on all windows. 6 Years later I hope to get these two things finished.

  122. Stacy Stauffer says

    The landscaping in the front of our house is in diar need of Lowe’s help! Please, some plant life of any kind would be a welcome addition!

  123. Mary Stewart says

    LOL…I don’t have anything at my front door. Due to last summers heat, we have some foundation issues that still need to be addressed. We were away for part of the summer and came back to a brown lawn and flower stubble. We really are starting over! I’d love to win a Lowe’s gift card!!!!!

  124. Kristi says

    Would love to repaint front door….a little chipped from all the kids running around constantly. Would also love to put some summer flowers by the door..new rug too!

  125. says

    i would buy a new storm door. ours don’t close all the way and the trimming around it is popping off! and trip back the crazy bush that’s starting to take over the front steps.

  126. Kayla says

    I would love to paint my front door as well! Add some pots with colorful flowers. And maybe two new lights for the front porch. Oh and a new door mat. Thanks!

  127. Liz says

    Updating our flower beds in the front of our house. They need some serious work! And maybe some porch chairs too!

  128. cassie says

    I’ve got a list a mile long of things that need to be done. For curb appeal I need to paint our front door and surrounding trim/sidelights and paint the shutters. We also need a few bushes to hide an electrical panel that was moved last year and is now an eyesore on the front of our home.

  129. GinaE says

    I would love to paint my front door a different color. My garage doors also, need painted. Flower box, which is the main focal point to our house, needs new plants and mulch. Many thanks for the chance to win!

  130. Annette says

    Our entrance needs a little love. Front door to be painted, archway to be scrapped and done again . . .a good spruce up would definitely add some curb appeal!

  131. Marin D says

    I would love a security door. I don’t k now if that is “sprucing” things up but it would be nice and they have such pretty ones these days!

  132. Alyssa P says

    Our front flower beds need a lot of help. The biggest problem though, is that our fake plastic shutters come off the house every time there is a strong wind. The front light also needs a new sensor.

    Love your new look!

  133. erin evans says

    I would love to paint my front door a bold color – it is still just plain white. I would also love some decorative planters and plants for the front porch to add a little decor to the cement steps.

  134. says

    I would love to paint my front door and do a makeover in the front yard as well. I just need to figure out a color for my front door!

  135. says

    I have some seriously ugly bushes along the side of the house that I would love to rip out and do something with the area.

  136. Shelley D. says

    We bought a foreclosed home in October and I would tackle the landscaping out front as well. There are some bushes that are growing out of control and have been for too long. I would love to remove them and add some different bushes and add some flowers, etc.

  137. says

    I’d love some hostas for a few of the shade spots in my front yard, some bright colored flowers to add some pop, some nice dark brown mulch to make everything look new and clean, and/or new hardware for the front door. :)

  138. Dani says

    I want to paint my door RED! My husband says no, but I think it would be so pretty! I also want to buy cushions for my chairs and maybe even paint the chairs.

  139. Heidi says

    Our house is desperate for new paint on the trim around the windows. Some windows even need new trim because it is rotted and crumbling. It also needs some new plants to add some color.

  140. erin poulsen says

    I would love some fun chairs. I have some orange plastic one, but there are many cuter ones out there at lowes.

  141. Laura says

    I would redo all of my front flower beds with rock and add some planters in front of the bay windows with some sidewalk lights.

  142. Cassie K says

    First thing I would do is trim the trees and plant some grass. Then I would tackle a much over grown flower bed.

  143. says

    We need more bushes in front of our porch to balance out what the previous owners did. And I’d love some furniture on our porch.

  144. Jennifer says

    You did an awesome job! I love the black door too. My update would be the front door area, maybe a hanging flower basket and clean the roof with a power washer… I’m borrowing your monogram wreath idea!

  145. Aggie says

    We definitely need new shrubs in front of the house! And we also need some new furniture on the front porch..we have a long front porch and the 2 rockers on it are not quite enough. Thank you for the giveaway!

  146. ashleigh says

    We are building a home (a first for us) and I have WAY more ideas than cash for our exterior! This would definately help get us started!

    I would love some knockout roses planted out front and a huge planter for the useless area by the front door. And a potato vine…and assorted daylillies…and an arbor…and….

  147. Gale Garrick says

    Just love the front door painted Black! Your wreath layered with the large H adds so much character to your entry.
    Lowes can help us add color with plant material, and a fresh new lantern for the porch entry.
    Thank you.

  148. Shayna says

    Our grass in the front yard so desperately needs some help from Lowe’s!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  149. says

    There are so many projects I’m wanting to tackle that Lowes would help with :) I’m wanting to tackle getting a little path to the side of our house from our door to look prettier! plus some new flowers & plans to pretty it up.

  150. emily says

    Oh, my patio needs tons of help! This would be so nice; patio furniture probably is the biggest thing.

  151. Sha Nielson says

    We just bought a new home. The yard needs a complete overhaul ($10,000 easily), including grass, new door, etc. unfortunately for us and fortunately for our Lowes.;)

  152. Tanya M says

    I would really love to win this giveaway to be able to reseal our driveaway and get some plants for our now empty flowerbed.
    Thank you for a great giveaway.

  153. Terressa T. says

    I need to put some bushes and plants and flowers in my little front flower bed. I am adding some flower beds around the house and need some “terra cotta” containers to give some pizzazz to the look. This giveaway would be JUST the way to get it going! Thank you!!

  154. Carrie H says

    I would work on my front porch…it is huge and empty and in need of some new plants and seating!

  155. JK says

    I would start with new door hardware as well – and definitely some plants, our flower beds are EMPTY!

  156. Nonie says

    There’s so much that needs to be done! I would love to get some more furniture for my large front porch or start working on creating the flower beds in the front.

  157. Julie says

    I would repaint my shutters and the front door. Update the exterior light fixtures and house numbers. Add more landscape plants.

  158. Katy says

    Well, since we’re dreaming big, I’m gonna go ahead and say that my curb appeal update would be to have a GABLE installed over my front door. We have a concrete porch out front with nothing over it, which makes our railing going up the steps look really awkward. I’d love to have a gable over our concrete porch, much like yours! Then I could line our porch with a cute white railing and fill it with white rockers and a vintage cooler. It’d be lovely!

  159. Karen says

    We would convert an old stone well into a wishing well, set up a lamppost, switch to motion sensitive lights on the garage. What a great giveaway!

  160. Lynn Osborne says

    I’m actually working on my front entrance also. I would use the $100 to actually make some of plans a reality.

  161. Andrea hall says

    Where do I start?! I also need to paint my front door, paint my craft room, redo my hall bath… The list goes on! I could really use that card!

  162. Laura Moran says

    We desperately need new flagstones leading up to our doorway; a few are cracked and there’s weeds coming up inbetween them all!

  163. Kari S. says

    I’d love to get some flowers and a new mat for my front porch area. Maybe a new light fixture. Thanks for the giveaway.

  164. Natalie P. says

    I would use the money to spruce up our concrete front stairs, and also add a small walkway from our driveway to the front porch.

  165. Anjanette says

    We have a new home and would love to buy more plants for our front yard. It needs some color.

  166. Katherine R. says

    I would buy some planters for my porch and a few porch chairs. Where did you get the H for the wreath, I’ve been looking for one like that for a gallery wall. =)

  167. Lori says

    We have tons of projects that need attention in front of our house. The first thing I’d tackle with $100 is to fix the tiling on our front porch. It’s been falling apart since we moved in and makes me a bit nervous!

  168. Sarah S. says

    Excellent giveaway! I would get some new house numbers for our home and some decorative flowers to brighten it up. Thanks for the chance to win!

  169. Alaina Christensen says

    Our new house needs has a nice little sitting area, and we have nothing there to sit on! I would love to put in a plumeria bush!

  170. Eva Scott says

    My front porch needs some love! I need to paint the front door and the floor is concrete and desperately needs a coat of paint as well! Thanks!

  171. Pat says

    I would patch up the stairs with concrete, add a new door mat and lighting fixture and add a great hydrangea bush, to the front garden.

  172. says

    Without a doubt a new coat of paint would grace my proch entry. After that I’d love new porch lights, a ceiling fan perhaps? Love new cushions or pillows….wait! A porch swing would be better. Oh my… the wheels are turning.

  173. Stacey B says

    We really need some new pavers and a few colorful potted plants to make our front yard complete.

  174. Shaleigh says

    I would love to also paint my front door. We desperately need a new rug and I would love to build a welcome sign to set on the porch next to a newly cushioned bench swing. Oh the ideas are flowing now…

  175. Anne says

    I would probably repaint my front door – maybe a buttery yellow color. Also, add a new mat and some hanging flower baskets.

  176. Aimee G. says

    We could really use some nice fresh mulch for our flower beds. And maybe plant a couple of new bushes too!

  177. says

    Id love to repaint my front door, put on a new door latch and extra lock as well as repaint the front shutters!

  178. Latrice says

    I would also try to improve my house’s curb appeal…beginning with the grass. We have way too many weeds.

  179. Jackie says

    I LOVE the black door! I would spend the money on some new bushes, potted or hanging flowers, and I really want to do a walkway on the front/side of my house going to the backyard! :)

  180. Amy says

    I would love to remove rust and repaint my outside railing. I have a long entryway and the railing has probably never been redone. It’s old and half painted and half rusty. Would love to win.

  181. Malinda Anderton says

    I would love to win $100 gift card to Lowes! My poor yard could definatly use it! I would buy more bark to replace what the Idaho wind blew away.

  182. Dezi A says

    I would love to paint my front door and get a new screen door that isn’t so beat up and nasty. Ugh!

  183. says

    Ohhh love the door mine needs painting bad. It is white and shows everything. What type of door do you have and what type of paint did you use? My problem area is the rhododendron s in the front they dont get enough water in that spot so they need to be removed and something else put in their space. And then the railing needs to be reprinted its showing areas of rust. And I would like to spruce up the concrete on the porch. Always something I could find to do around the house lol

  184. Shelly Henderson says

    My porch is feeling quite neglected. I would first of all change the old gold light fixture that is in the ceiling. Only half the lights work and it is filled with bugs, ick! I would paint the front door. I changed the hardware but never got the door painted. I’ve already purchased new pots but now they need plants. We replaced the flooring on the porch last year but it still needs to be sealed. Finally, I need to replace the white siding that is wrapped around the posts. It had a railing that was removed but you can see where the old one had been. It’s a start, but does the list ever end? I think not! Thanks!

  185. Tanya Neill says

    I love the black door and the furnishings. What a great finished look! My curb appeal project would be doing some pretty borders around our flower beds and replacing the hideous holly bushes our builders put on both corners of the house. Those things are UGLY!!

  186. Margaret says

    I would love to get a new door, and perhaps add some seating like you did to your porch. It looks beautiful!

  187. Holly says

    I would replace my front door and spruce up my front porch. We just purchased our house and it needs some work. We want to make it our special home to raise our family.

  188. Amanda says

    We just built a new house. . . so we are just starting with our “curb appeal” I would love to get some flowers and maybe a cute bench for my front porch. LOVE your blog!!!!

  189. says

    I would finally complete some needed changes to our front porch like replacing the railing.
    I love your makeover it looks amazing. Very nicely done.

    my_2_cents at hotmail dot com

  190. says

    Looking Good!! Great giveaway… I would like to spruce up my front flower bed with pretty pots and flowers. AJ@queenofmynest

  191. Kyleigh says

    I love it! You might change me from a red front door girl, to a black front door girl! I’d love to rip out and split some plants we have in the front that are VERY overgrown and replant some perennials in our front flower bed… and mulch! Make it pretty!

  192. Jeanine Crane says

    We just moved and I would love to win this for my new home! I really want to get a rocker for the front porch!

  193. Michelle says

    Oh the possibilities!!! A new light fixture, a bold paint color for the door, new hardware, new doorbell, flowers…. Pick me!

  194. Kathy Moody says

    My front porch really needs painting and some plants. We moved in about a year ago and that has been my neglected spot. Thanks for the giveaway!

  195. Chelsey G says

    I would add some new planters with flowers and a couple of chairs or bench with some colorful pillows. My new porch would be so inviting.

  196. says

    We are actually tackling a big project right now. Building a chicken pen, our own pond, etc. The Lowes GC would definitely come in handy for materials we need! Thanks for the chance!

  197. SewLindaAnn says

    The black door looks amazing. Love when ideas turn into what you wanted them to be. My use of the $100. would be to buy a large pot for the front stoop, put a small stone wall in front of the windows with flowers. This includes the labor of removal of the small and lackluster bushes presently there.

  198. christy r. says


    I would buy some nice heavy duty planters for my front porch and fill them with flowers. I might also add some bushes under my front windows. Thanks for the Giveaway ! ! !

  199. laura says

    I really need to do my front porch. It is small and has no cover so it gets rain and lots of sunshine. It is plain and needs help!

  200. Jan says

    It looks wonderful! I love the back door! I have a big empty porch, I add a small breakfast table and two chairs, and several pots with flowers!

  201. Oksana says

    I need to do some landscaping in the front. A Gift Card would be an awesome help. I love Lowes one of my favorite stores.

  202. The Farm Girl says

    I would re paint my front door because I think that makes a huge difference on a house :)

  203. Andi says

    I would landscape and add the little charming details, like the painted number on your door! Gorgeous :)

  204. Nicole Stone says

    We’re about to close escrow on our new home…so the possibilities are endless! We could do a lot with $100 :) Thanks!

  205. Monica Vaca says

    I need add some type of landscape to the front of our house. Some type of shrubs that will grow & stay alive out here in hot Riverside, CA.

  206. says

    We just recently moved into our home and the front yard has not been at the top of the list of things to do. I would love to find some fun pots or plants or something to put on the porch and we have some bushes that need some major love. Spicing up our “curb appeal” would be a fun project to tackle :)

  207. laura says

    with a hundred dollar gift card from Lowes I would replace my tired door hardware, my too small welcome mat, repaint my front door, and maybe even put our house numbers up!

  208. kara says

    I would love to replace my light fixtures and hardware on my door. Repainting the front door would be nice too! This $100 Lowes gift card would come in handy!!!!

  209. says

    I would love to replace our front door! It’s 60 years old and has issues. Your house is lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  210. Amanda says

    We are in serious need of a curb appeal makeover! I want to paint the front door, redo some planting and edging around our big tree, and make a walkway to our front door. :)

  211. says

    Great job on your front porch! I would love some new lighting to go with the new portico our son created for our front!

  212. Heather says

    Black is brave but it looks great! I desperately need to replace the border between my grass and planter. The mailbox area has pipes and grass that need to be addressed (as well as a new box). And if I am really dreaming I would love a fountain and extend our driveway to get to the back yard!

  213. Felicia Woodward says

    I would use the gift card for my back yard patio or my living room area. Both are in dire need of some attention!

  214. Sarah S. says

    Our front door needs a new coat of paint, too. Ours is now black, but we just put up new siding a shutters, and black just doesn’t match. A deep navy would be PERFECT. Love your ideas!

  215. Crystal says

    We bought a house in January and we have completely gutted it and redone everything. The yard on the other hand is going to be a ton of work! We got hit with a freak winter storm Oct 31, 2011 and the house we bought was vacant leaving us to clean it all up when we bought it. So far we’ve pulled out shrubs/bushes and taken down some half broken trees. With the gift card from Lowe’s it would help us out in many different ways in the yard. What we would love to do is get rid of the old cement block that represent out “walkway” and replace them with nice pavers. It would really dress up the front of the house. The gift card would definitely help us out!

  216. Kim B. says

    I need to build new steps up into the house. Been putting it off but after seeing how wonderful yours turned out I feel like tackling it now.

  217. says

    i would love to have an exterior designer give me advice on a door color for my tudor revival home that i am currently trying to update with color . my front alcove has cracked paint and i would love to find a product that could tackle this problem! my mailbox is a running joke as well maybe an updated mailbox would be nice:)

  218. Natalie says

    I have a large-ish front porch with NOTHING on it. I’m in serious need of a bench. Or some chairs. SOMETHING. :)

  219. Michelle says

    Love your transformation!

    My front door desperately needs repainting. I have a great front porch, but it is bare…I would use the card to purchase a few decor items.

  220. Tammy wallis says

    The front of our house gets the afternoon sun, so the front door and frame need to be painted so badly! I would do some painting and buy son flowers to brighten it up!

  221. Cynthia says

    I would use the money for new lighting and some new plants. We just moved into our home a week ago and it needs some TLC out front.

  222. Kirby says

    Pick me! Pick me! I would love to get some pretty flowers and nice big pots for our front porch, and I would totally invest in some tools to prune the tree in our yard that is getting way out of hand.

  223. Sue Smilesalot says

    I could use some grass seed for the patchy areas in my yard, as well as a new coat of paint for the house!

  224. Leeann says

    I need pretty things near my private “getaway” on the side of my house, a birdbath maybe?

  225. Tammy Snider says

    We landscaped the front of our house this year but it needs some finishing touches, the gift card would be great to add some annuals and a bird feeder or two.

  226. says

    Oh goodness!!! I so need to paint my concrete! It’s chipping and AWEFUL! This would be so great to motivate and get it done!!! Thanks a ton!

  227. says

    I have always wanted to paint my front porch floor. I have a great diamond pattern in mind and the $100 would get me paint, brushes and a whole bunch of painter’s tape… then all I will need is patience and time!

  228. Rebecca says

    We would put in a new front door. We put cement siding on last year and want to change the door to match the new look.

  229. says

    I would paint my front door and add new hardware to the door that is more substantial. I would also add a new welcome mat and if I still had money left I’d buy some urns to flank the entry.

  230. says

    I cannot wait to do what you did– rip out old, overgrown shrubs and plant something new and freshen up my front porch! I’d also add some lighting.

  231. Alecia says

    We moved into our house about 4 years ago and we are just not starting to work on the outside! My husband planted some new bushes a few weeks back but we didn’t get as many as we need. So, I would start by picking up a few new bushes. I REALLY want a sitting area in front of our house but we don’t have a large enough front porch so I am considering getting a bench to put in the flower garden along with some stepping stones to get to the bench!

  232. Jessie says

    We need to add some trees to the front of our house – none were included by the builder and we miss having them!

  233. missy says

    I am like you! I have trees in my front windows that needs to go! I would add flowers and bushes. My front porch has nothing on it bit a rug. I would love to add some furniture!

  234. julianne says

    I would want to add a little color by adding some potted plants,maybe also give the front door a new coat of paint!

  235. Alicia Plavsic says

    We are relocating to Louisville and are buying a house that needs some TLC, okay a lot of TLC. I would love to remake the front yard and fix the brick retaining wall that is slowly falling apart (demolish it actually)… Then there’s the garage door that needs some sprucing up. There are endless possibilities. Don’t even get me started on the tadpoles growing in the pool. Haha. Love your transformation! The look is very clean and classic.

  236. Cindy lundell says

    I would love to finish my front porch makeover that I ran out of money for . I need new hardware for the front door, and a small table to put next to a rocking chair that I painted black. Also some new flowers to fill in where I pulled out some rose bushes

  237. says

    We had to do the same thing to our front flower beds…but our bushes had overgrown and been neglected by the previous owners. We pulled them out but have yet to fill one of the beds in. This gift certificate would be PERFECT for that! :)

  238. Jennifer says

    I’d like to paint my front door and shutters on the front of the house. We bought a foreclosure and they’re painted a hideous green with lovely brush streaks through them. Drives my Type A personality crazy. I’d also like to put some window boxes under the newly painted windows!

  239. Kierston Scott says

    We have SOOOOOO many projects going on our house right now. 3 years ago I took out all the plants from the front flowerbeds and have only replaces half the plants. We have an older house so there are thousands of project constantly going on here.

  240. Gianna says

    The hubs and I are updating our outdated home, so there are many projects to accomplish, especially the exterior. We could use the $100 to remove an overgrown bush and add some flowers. We definitely need to add some color. We also would like to build a fence of some sort to hide our trash cans and recycling bins. So it definitely would come in handy! ;)

  241. kathy says

    looks like there are alot of us that could use some help on our curb appeal…My front door desparately needs a new paint job after the grandkids have been here for 2yrs. The side plant pots need replaceing to add some much needed color….I could go on and on. There’s always room for improvement!

  242. says

    We’d probably opt for some new front lights. Or we might opt for planters. If we could swing both…whoo-hoo!!! Thanks for the chance – your front yard looks great!

  243. Kim P. says

    Oh, how cool. I would choose to replace the dying tree out front. I would love to paint the cement steps to look like a porch and add some color. Our curb is so outdated and ugly. Thanks.

  244. Dinah Luevano says

    OH, we started fixing up the front yard of our home last year and some of what we did failed to survive the winter. We need to fix it up better than we did…and we needed to add some more plants. It is also time to paint the exterior of our home. Hmmm, which to do first. :) Lowes is my home away from home so would LOVE to win a gift card there.

  245. Aubrey Wentworth says

    Oh man, our yard is such a mess. Our main pipe coroded in Our front yard, so there’s a huge patch of grass missing where we had to dig a hole. Ugh. Anyway, I would probably use it to reseed our front lawn.

  246. Teresa says

    Wow! We would use the gift card instantly on a new mailbox and new grass for our bare dead lawn. Then, new colorful plants/flowers to welcome summer with a fresh new start.

  247. Sue S. says

    I could use the gift card towards a new front door and storm door. We need a little updating and that would be the perfect place to start. Thanks for the opportunity:)

  248. Regi says

    Hmmm….so many things I need to do. Paint the front door and the porch. Add some color with flowers. Refurb the porch furniture. So much to do, so little time….

  249. Patricia says

    It looks great. I need to add more color. Some rose bushed would be great. I would also brave it and paint my door a bright color maybe blue. Thanks.

  250. Amy Carter says

    I would buy a few more butterfly plants (they are beautiful and smell good too). A few more planters for the front steps and find a bright color for the front door.

  251. rhibrix2 says

    I’d love to add some container plants and flowers to my porch. I LOVE your front door, its gorgeous! :)

  252. Connie says

    Your home looks awesome! Paint my Garage and add potted plants to my front porch! I also need to add a cute wreath to my front door. A little more color would be great!

  253. Janell Peterson says

    Paint that door! (Well, doors actually) We have these great double doors with lovely leaded glass that are desperately in need of a new finish. I’ve have the most delightful shade of bright blue in mind to go with our red brick house with black shutters and white trim. The card from Lowe’s would let me use my own $$ to hire a babysitter for my little wild man so we could get it done! :)

  254. Kristy Degraaf says

    Wr recently had to rip up part of our lawn to pipe some water to another part of the lot. So now we have a big stripe of dirt runnin across the whole front lawn. In addition we had a loader run across the yard and now there’s also tire tracks compressed into the grass. We would fill in the tracks and reseed and fertalize everything.

  255. sheryl calvert says

    I love the black door. We painted our front door black last summer and I love it. I need a new screen door and this card would help!

  256. Ammie Barbee says

    I would love to use the gift card to spruce up the walk to the house. Right now it is a dead flowerbed and I would love to create an herb flowerbed or a flowerbed with perrenials so that the walk to the front door would be a fragrant walk. I would love to replace the sidewalk to the front door with stepping stones with thyme around it to complete the look. I would also love to repaint the front door and either replace or repaint the porch wicker furniture.

  257. G Crupi says

    Let me just say… Plants! Plants! Plants!!! We finally got the thistles under control in our front bed, but we have a giant square area that’s all mulch, so I neeeeed it! :)

  258. Sarah J. says

    I would LOVE to paint our front door black. It would look great against our pale green house. I would also buy some pretty succulent plants as we’re in a low water area. Thank you for sharing your ideas!

  259. Rachel G. says

    I would like to add some brick steps leading up to the front porch of my house! Also some new planters would be nice! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!!

  260. Angela says

    I could do several things with $100 from Lowe’s! My front porch needs help! I would first replace the lighting and strip and stain the porch. And add some planters!

  261. Melissa Betts says

    I would put the gift card to good use on our screened in porch. We need a new screen door, a paint job on the trim and doors and character adding touches.

  262. says

    This excellent post, “Lowe’s “curb appeal” challenge & giveaway – The Idea Room” displays the fact that u fully understand everything that you’re speaking about!
    I personally thoroughly agree with your blog.
    Thanks ,Dorris

  263. Robin says

    Hey Do you know what the name of the black paint was,I love it ,it has a satiny finish!
    Thank-you! I love Lowes too!

  264. angel says

    any chance you remember what paint you used for the front door? gloss, semi-gloss, satin?? Also did you brush it or use a sprayer? I am wanting to paint both inside and outside of our door black but not sure about what finish to use.

  265. Christine McD says

    We have a couple of bushes that need to be pulled out of the beds in front of our house. And replaced with some pretty blooming bushes!!

  266. Andrea says

    We want to take the crumbling cement stoop out and replace it with wooden steps and paint the front door. That would make a WORLD of difference!

  267. Monica Jacklin says

    I would love to paint my front door and remove a couple d shrubs and replace those! Love the refresh of your house!

  268. Sheila Peoples says

    I’d love to repair our rusty railing and replace my front door. I love your front door. Looks great.

  269. Cindy Harned says

    I would like to get some new light fixtures for the sides of my garage and next to the front door… That would make a huge difference!!!

  270. Elizabeth Gharagozlou says

    begonias! Lots and lots of colorful begonias! Our local nursery has the best anywhere, but the best comes at a price ;-)

  271. Kierston scott says

    Where do I start? I’d fix up my garden area and add some plants to the front flower box.

  272. Hillary Redden says

    We REALLY need to pull out some old bushes in the front of our house and replace them with some smaller bushes and landscaping.

  273. Meg Dawson says

    My 115 year old house has 6 stone columns that need new support blocks/concrete stones. They are crumbly and ugly. Fixing those would be a simple way to bring some youth back to the front of our house!

  274. Debby Guardino says

    I live in a condo, but it has a small entrance. I would like a new door mat, wreath and and a small plant. I think $100 could take care of the entire project and a nice Mother’s Day present!

  275. Beth says

    I need planters and plants. I would love to line the overhead with board like an old farmhouse would have.

  276. Karen says

    I would love a gift card! I would pull up over grown shrubbery and add new. I would love to have a window box underneath my kitchen window! Fresh paint on my door! Oh!! Pick me!! :)

  277. Karen Allen says

    I’d use $100 toward pansies and cabbage/kale to update our flowerbeds and flowerpots for the winter season.


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