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Summer has hit and I always feel like there is an adjustment period when the kids are home all day again for both moms and the kids.  We are trying to set up a good routine that includes chores in the morning followed by fun.  Some are more on board with this than others.  Does this happen at your house too?  Ha!

pantry 2

While we try to get that all figured out over here I thought I would finally share with you our freshly updated pantry. As you know we have been remodeling our kitchen for the last few months along with the office. We still have some projects left but are getting so close. Life and kids activities have slowed us down quite a bit but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hoping to start sharing more of it here soon.

pantry 3

One thing we did finish up is the pantry. We didn’t do much to it other than wallpaper it with this Allen + Roth paintable wallpaper which we bought from Lowe’s.

pantry 4

This wallpaper went up pretty easily and I had just barely enough to fill my space.

pantry 6

In fact, I had on little strip left on the inside edge of the closet.  I was able to piece the last few pieces out of the scraps without having to buy a whole new roll of paper.  Phew!

pantry 7

I was planning on painting the wallpaper a nice grey color, but after the paper was up, I loved the original color so much with my new blue kitchen walls, that I decided NOT to paint it.  That could still change in the future (if you know me and my propensity for change)!!


I have a love for pretty labels and added some more to go with the few that I already had in the pantry.  They make everything feel happy and in place for me.  Did I mention that I have some OCD issues?

pantry 9

We then put the closet doors back on, which we had removed during the kitchen renovation when the wood floor was laid.  This whole process has been really drawn out which happens when you end up doing most of the work yourself, but it has been fun to see the transformation.

pantry 1

Now I need to go and get the troops moving on their chores and finally clean up my bedroom that looks like a tornado hit!  Just trying to keep it real.  At least my pantry looks pretty :)!


  1. Sarah E. says

    It looks awesome!! I would love that in my pantry!

    I probably missed it, but what color is the blue?!?! I LOVE it! We are painting over our very red living room– it’s all primed… and I can’t choose a blue. I want something light and airy, just like this. Can you please tell me what color it is??? Thanks!

    • Sarah E. says

      now I think that one might be for another room? Okay okay… I’ll be patient until you get a chance to reply! Thanks for inspiring me btw!

      • says

        Haha! Sorry I was gone all day. You are right. The paint in the kitchen is Benjamin Moore’s Quiet Moments and I LOVE it!! It is a nice soft gray blue color! So fresh and light!

    • says

      Ha! Thanks! It was only open due to construction :)! Doors have since been placed back on the pantry. Too much clutter that needs to be hidden away. But I like that it is at least pretty when opened up.

  2. Lindsay says

    Where did you get your shelving from? Love it all! Any tips on hanging that wallpaper? Never done before…thanks!

    • says

      The shelving just came with our house. They are just flat boards and then some metal closet brackets to brace and hold them in place.

  3. says

    The wallpaper is really easy to hang. I can do a tutorial on it if people are interested! Just basically get the paper wet and then place on walls and smooth with a flat scraper and wipe off excess glue with a sponge.

  4. Marie Warda says

    Where did you get your labels. I love them. Can I assume the containers are from idea or similar. Love your organization.

  5. says

    I love the wallpaper. I’m in the middle of a drastic pantry remodel and am trying to convince the husband that our ‘pantry needs painting’. I don’t think you can truly understand the impact painting a closet or pantry will have until it’s done. I’m inspired!

  6. Mark says

    I love how the containers keep you from stacking things deep into the pantry. I always end up with my pantry so full that I can’t really make use of it.

  7. says

    I kinda hate you for posting this because now I want to go out and buy plastic containers and make my pantry look the same. Don’t you know it’s summer??? :)

  8. Maggie says

    Do you have a style number for the wallpaper you used, I love it!! Also a tutorial on wallpaper would be awesome!:)

  9. amy says

    Fantastic. Where are your plastic tubs from. my issue is i have all shapes and sizes currently and need some uniformity and i like the sizes, etc. of what you have.

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