$100 Lowe’s gift card Giveaway

This Giveaway is now CLOSED!!

Last month, as one of Lowe’s Creative Bloggers, I shared with you this fun and creative PVC Sprinkler that I made for the kids to play in.  We have enjoyed using several times this past month as a great way to entertain the kids and cool them off at the same time.  Even the neighborhood kids have been able to join in the fun with us.


Later this week I am planning on sharing the tutorial with you for how we were able to make this so that you can make one too.

In the mean time, I am able to give one of you a $100 gift certificate for Lowes.  That way one of you can pick up some supplies to make one for yourself with some money left over for other projects you may have around the house.

To enter simply leave a comment here telling us what you would use your $100 for.  That is it.  Straight and to the point!

And while you are at it, you could sign up for Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine.  It actually has a lot of really great and creative ideas that someone would actually use.  Go ahead and check it out!


Disclosure: Lowe’s provided me with a gift card to showcase this project this month as part of their Lowe’s Creative ideas Bloggers team.  However all opinions and statements are mine.  Giveaway will close on August 6, 2012 at 9:00 pm MT and a winner will be selected via Random.org.  The winner will have 48 hours to claim the gift card or a new winner will selected.

Amy Huntley is the owner/author of The Idea Room. A mother of five, who enjoys sharing her love of all things creative in hopes of inspiring other women and families. Connect with her on Google+, or read more of her posts.


  1. 1

    Oh my goodness, there are so many things we could use this on! We just bought our house in the last year and have a page full of projects!

  2. 2
    Christie says:

    Definitely would go for some updated drawer pulls and towards a new ceiling fan! Mine is inherited, ugly wood and makes a relatively frightening clicking sound these days…

  3. 3
    Jason Meserve says:

    My fiancee just moved in with me and we need to work on building some way of organizing all of our stuff (it’s amazing how much two people can accumlate).

  4. 4
    Denise T says:

    Living in a 40 yr old house, Lowe’s is a weekly trip for me. My kitchen has never been redone and I am looking for new cabinets. Found some I love at Lowe’s!!

  5. 5

    I’d use the $100 towards some long awaited home projects that have been on the honey-do list for awhile.

  6. 6
    Phaedra Johnson says:

    My house was involved in the Glenmore Golf Course fire last May and I had my basement flood when I was on vacation (due to fixing the sprinklers from the fire). I could use a gift card on just about anything in the store!!!

  7. 7

    I love Lowe’s!! We are fixing to start painting the interior of our house. We could really use this to get started!!!

  8. 8
    Mami2jcn says:

    We would buy paint for our bathrooms. Thank you!

  9. 9

    Paint, paint, and more paint! I can’t get enough of it! :)

  10. 10
    Sami Thomson says:

    I would use it for storage bins to round up all the toys in my twins room – they have so many animals!

  11. 11

    I would use it on cedar for a project I’m doing with my mom’s outdoor space!!

  12. 12

    I would get some paint to update the kitchen!

  13. 13

    I would buy a toilet seat with the kid potty training seat built in, some paint, and also some metal so that I can make one of those magnetic make-up boards I keep seeing on Pinterest! Thanks for the chance! :)

  14. 14

    Paint–our deck is looking awful.

  15. 15

    I would use the money toward lights from Lowe’s that I have been drooling over. :)

  16. 16

    Paint! We just bought a house and every room needs paint.

  17. 17
    Kristi Stewart says:

    I would definitely put it toward a new bathroom faucet and wood counter top. I have a beautiful farmhouse basin that I cannot install because the faucet is too low/short.

  18. 18

    I need to get some paint and some chairs for my patio.

  19. 19
    michelle riebeek says:

    Paint! We are working on our basement and need paint!

  20. 20

    I would love to paint the kitchen. Thank you for this opportunity.

  21. 21

    Probably paint…but we just bought a house with a whole lotta ugly plus an unfinished basement that we are starting on right away. So, since Lowe’s is my new home-away-from-home while we renovate, an extra $100 toward it all is great!

  22. 22
    Elizabeth P. says:

    I would put it toward a new floor in my bathroom that has carpet from the 50′s!

  23. 23

    A Lowe’s $100 gift card would help us semi-finish our basement. I just want to waterproof it and furnish it for watching tv, working out to a dvd, and a little space for sewing.

  24. 24

    I would def make that cool PVC sprinkler and some baskets to organize my pantry.

  25. 25

    Oooh! We’re building a house right now, so I would use it to buy some molding. Or some lumber. Maybe some hardware?!?! The options are endless!!

  26. 26

    I think we would use it to spruce up our yard a bit…it’s looking pretty sad! We could also use it for painting supplies for the dining room. It’s been on our list to do since we moved in…4 years ago!

  27. 27
    Rachel L. says:

    We are remodeling the kitchen in our over 100 year old house, so I have so many things I could use this for! I think flooring would be on the top of my list!

  28. 28

    We are in the process of building a house, so there are a million things I could use it for – blinds, appliances, lighting. You name it, we need it!

  29. 29
    Doralie g says:

    We just moved into our first home and the projects are piling up but I would use it to put a fire pit in the backyard. My husband has always wanted a fire pit and it would be a great place to spend time with the family and friends!

  30. 30

    Pick me pick me!!! I have a paint project in mind!!

  31. 31
    Lauren G says:

    I will use the $100 to buy supplies for different projects coming up, I’ll need lumber, epoxy, paint, paint brushes. I am sure I will find lots to use it for!

  32. 32

    I would love to decorate our new home! a DIY headboard is my next project on my list! :) Thanks for the chance to win

  33. 33

    I’m in the process of a bathroom make over and am dying to put up some board an batton and hooks for towels put lack the funds to do so. This would be great!

  34. 34

    Oh I am moving and could use the gift card to pick up simple things, like area rugs, for our new space!

  35. 35

    We are getting ready to replace doors. A gift card would be a huge help!

  36. 36

    I would buy some paint and primer :)

  37. 37

    dorm stuff…daughter off to Michigan State

  38. 38

    My craft room needs an update. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  39. 39

    Honestly, a new faucet for the kitchen. Ours is starting to leak.

  40. 40
    Erika Johnson says:

    I really need to paint our master bedroom and bath. Why is that always the last room in the house to tackle?

  41. 41

    We are remodeling our kitchen and I could use the money for paint or a faucet or supplies to help us finish this up.

  42. 42
    Anjanette says:

    We are finishing our basement.

  43. 43

    I would use it towards an update on our master bedroom!

  44. 44

    I would get some more plants and flowers for my flowerbeds!

  45. 45

    We’re in the process of buying our first home, and one of our first projects will be re-tiling the showers. I would use the gift card to help out with that!

  46. 46

    I would totally use it for my craft room which we are about to finally do!

  47. 47

    I think I would use it one either a couple of kitchen cabinets to make into a moveable island, or maybe some trim/moldings for an unfinished bedroom. Lot’s of ideas…

  48. 48

    We are working on adding a bathroom to our home. We’d use the gift card for one of our many trips to Lowes to complete the project.

  49. 49

    Wow, where to begin… I’d like to replace the countertop in our bathroom and build a frame around the existing mirror to make it look like a custom mirror.

  50. 50
    Robyn @ Everyday a la Mode says:

    Ooo! It would goes towards woven blinds for our newly decorated back porch and towards supplies to redo our pantry, which is next on the to-do list!

  51. 51

    We need paint, paint and more paint. We still have the same, boring colors in our hose as when we moved in (in April). We need more color ASAP.

  52. 52
    Julie R says:

    We would probably use the gift card to build some shelves for our living room, but we have so many projects going on right now so who knows!

  53. 53
    Wendy Butler says:

    I would finish my laundry/mudroom!!!!

  54. 54

    My deck is ready to be stained/painted- I would definitely use the gift card towards that. Thanks for the chance.

  55. 55

    I’d use it for a nursery for my first baby (due in Sept).

  56. 56

    I would put the $100 towards a new grill for my hubby!!

  57. 57
    Lisa Hoeme says:

    Stain our deck!

  58. 58

    I’d use it to finish the ceiling on my covered porch.

  59. 59

    I’d use the $100 to build some shelves in our pantry. Or maybe to do that DIY headboard. Or for our backyard. There’s so many projects that need doing!

  60. 60
    Ashley W. says:

    Paint or carpet or baseboards or…we’re in the process of buying our first house so this would definitely come in handy!!!

  61. 61
    kristie says:

    I would use it to redo a dresser that someone was going to throw out and make a new dinning room table and bench… thanks!

  62. 62
    Michelle J. says:

    I would get some furniture to spruce up our patio!

  63. 63
    Caledonia says:

    I would use the $100 to a ceiling fan or maybe shelves in the laundry room.

  64. 64

    paint – I have three bedrooms and my kitchen I want to take care of!

  65. 65
    Carol Birch says:

    Numero uno would be a tool organizer box to bling-up for my classroom. Then of course a few too many house projects to complete!

  66. 66
    Heather W says:

    We just found out we are pregnant with #2, so I would use it to move my toddler to a big boy room.

  67. 67
    Felicia Woodward says:

    I’d use it to update my back patio, some new lighting and seating!

  68. 68

    I’d put it toward new cupboards in my laundry room! (We can’t open the mudroom/laundry room door because of the way our washer and dryer fit with the current cupboards.)

  69. 69

    I’d use it to refinish some 1980′s bookshelves that I’ve been wanting to do for 12 years!

  70. 70

    We just put in a new pool and backyard deck but, as of yet, have no grass or landscaping. I would use the gift card towards that. thanks!

  71. 71
    HeatherM says:

    Our patio needs some color and attention. The gift card would help brighten and warm up our backyard.

  72. 72
    Jenny Clayton says:

    Where to start?? I would put the money towards our bathroom remodel, it’s in desperate need!

  73. 73

    I would put the $100 towards a fire pit ring!

  74. 74

    Kitchen organizers!

  75. 75
    Sarah S. says:

    I love Lowe’s! I’m painting my entry way and hallway this weekend (shh! my hubby doesn’t know!).

  76. 76
    crystal says:

    I would build the window seat I’ve always wanted!

  77. 77

    outdoorstuff and paint of course

  78. 78
    Brittnie says:

    I’m getting ready to refinish some furniture and do a mini make over in our living room-a $100 Lowe’s gift card would be awesome!

  79. 79

    I would love to build some shelving units.

  80. 80

    We need more shelves in the toy room and storage room. $100 Lowes gift card would be great.

  81. 81

    I would use mine to purchase storage for my carport and laundry room! :) AND…if there was any leftover, some shelves for my classroom.

  82. 82
    Danette says:

    It would go towards updating the kitchen in my new home!

  83. 83

    Paint, paint and more paint! I need to paint my stairwell going to the basement – the walls, the woodwork and the steps. Yes, $100 from Lowes would definitely help out!!

  84. 84
    Elis B. says:

    I would use it to buy small appliances.

  85. 85

    I’m trying to finish a dresser re-do and I need to buy some wood, wood putty and hardware!

  86. 86
    melanie chambers says:

    I would want it for some wood to build some tables for our family room or a play kitchen for the kiddos.

  87. 87
    Natalie Backus says:

    My Husband and I have been married 7 years and are about to move for the 10th time! But this will be our last move for a long time because we have just purchased our first home. There are so many things I would love to do to this home to make it feel like ours and I would use this card to help me make it happen.

  88. 88

    I would love to put it toward a new faucet for the kitchen.

  89. 89
    Cassie K says:

    I would buy grass and dirt to bring our front yard back to life.

  90. 90

    Wow. With $100 from Lowe’s I would get the lock together sealed bamboo flooring I want to put into my downstairs bathroom. (When this house was built 6 years ago, the floor was done badly and is now all cracked and coming up. I can’t wait to replace it!)

    I already get the Creative Ideas magazine, and I love it!

  91. 91
    Brooke Lundholm says:

    Let’s see…I would probably use it towards paint or storage items. I am in need of some updated storage for our house. I’ve been eyeing some at Lowe’s. Thanks!

  92. 92

    We are first time home owners and will be moving in September! Lowe’s is my new favourite place to be! Would love any help we would get there, from tools and paint to patio furniture!

  93. 93
    Kristin Bogle says:

    I’d buy some new light fixtures for our bathroom!

  94. 94

    Oh my, we just bought a fixer upper. We could put a dent in the tile, buy new molding for doors and windows. A new front window. A new back door. A bathtub, a nice vanity for the bathroom. The list goes on. Thanks for the giveaway.

  95. 95

    So many projects, so little time……….chances are I would end up buying paint…as painting is making it to the top of the list.

  96. 96
    Kellie J says:

    Oh, they have some outdoor lights for my house that I love, they are the right size and eveything! Ya, thats what I sould get! Pick Me! Pick Me.!

  97. 97
    Barbara C says:

    we are redoing a pop up camper and I could put the 100$ into that no problem!!!!

  98. 98

    We are first time homeowners so we would use the gift card to help buy all of our household items we need!

  99. 99

    i’m thinkin’ i would use it to buy some storage bins for all the toys that get scattered around the house.

  100. 100

    Our ceiling fan broke and with this heat, I sure could use the money to go towards a new ceiling fan!

  101. 101

    With $100 I would build a new bench for my entry way.

  102. 102

    For me, this would go towards a tile backsplash in my kitchen. We’ve been remodeling for a couple of months now, and that is all that’s left. (WOOHOO!) So pick me!

  103. 103

    We recently bought a house…so there are a lot of things we still need to improve the house. To start we’d probably get a vanity mirror for our master bath and to update our ceiling fans.

  104. 104

    We just found out Baby Fitz is a BOY! Our first baby and both grandparents first grandson! We’d paint the room or do crown molding! Or just make things easier on our back and install and hand sprayer in the shower for future baths!

  105. 105
    Kristen says:

    I would use the $100 for new lighting in our dining room or living room :)

  106. 106

    I would buy curtain rods for my living room!

  107. 107
    Carly Delise says:

    Where do I start. Our new home is itching for updates in every square inch! So many projects so little time!

  108. 108
    Jen Holt says:

    We are finishing our basement and I could spend that and much more!! Even for the little things like paint to blinds it all adds up!!

  109. 109

    well, we would love to repaint our bedroom, or build a bookcase….there are actually quite a few projects that we would use $100 for

  110. 110

    Classroom storage supplies and paint :)

  111. 111

    A whole bunch of things really…we’re moving to a new house this weekend and could use the $100 towards a new thermostat, some blinds and various other things!!!

  112. 112
    Maureen says:

    There are a world of things that I would use this for such as a new toilet or a new refrigerator both badly needed. We are also in need of some paint and tools to remove wallpaper.

  113. 113
    Jessie C. says:

    I’d use it for kitchen remodel.

  114. 114
    Lisa Parent says:

    I love the organizing stuff there, like hooks, plastic tubs, etc. I would also use it to get some mulch for our yard!

  115. 115

    I would use the Lowe’s gift card for our remodeling project we’re working on in our new home!!!

  116. 116
    Kristina says:

    Looking at buying a house soon – I will need that!!

  117. 117

    With our 2nd baby on the way and being in the process of buying our first home, there are PLENTY of appliances and things to fix up around the house that I would GLADLY do at Lowe’s! =)

  118. 118
    Monica Carrillo says:

    I am remodeling my craft room and i am in need of shelves… this gift card would be ideal right now. thanks for the chance to win.

  119. 119

    I would use it towards French doors in our office. A big project but so worth it,

  120. 120
    theresasea says:

    wood to build the pergola off of our deck!

  121. 121

    We’re currently finishing our basement so I’d probably buy paint. Thanks for the giveaway, and all your creative ideas.

  122. 122

    I would use the gift card to buy paint for much needed projects!!

  123. 123
    JennieS says:

    if i actually got to spend it on me…then some wood and stuff to build a cool table, but realistically i know it would be spent getting supplies for child #2′s bunk bed/loft….

  124. 124

    I would love to win the gift card. I want to purchase a new area rug and this would help out the budget. Thanks, Lowes and Idea Room for the opportunity.

  125. 125

    I’d use it to redo my deck.

  126. 126

    I am in the middle of putting my classoom together, I would use the money toward that. Thanks so much for the chance.

  127. 127
    Nicole H. says:

    I want board and batten my girls bathroom and add a wall of hooks instead of the towel rack!

  128. 128
    kathy f says:

    Paint. I have several projects that need to get finished.

  129. 129
    Sharon Worley says:

    My Lowes wish list is LONGGGGG, but right at the top is molding for our bathroom mirror.

  130. 130
    Mikayla Vega says:

    I am currently 25 weeks pregnant and just moved. I am finally able to set up the baby room and would like to use the gift cards for paint, picture frames and either a table or wood to make a customized diaper changing table to match our “baby bear” s baby room! Theme as you can guess is bears!

  131. 131
    Lora W. says:

    I have a list of home improvements that I need to work on. I think that staining and sealing the deck is a priority. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  132. 132
    Jennie P. says:

    I could really use some paint right now!!

  133. 133

    Wood to make a bench for the porch!

  134. 134

    I want to replace our 70′s ceiling fans…

  135. 135

    We are building a beer garden in our backyard – woohoo!

  136. 136
    Amy Hill says:

    I would use the gift card to buy PVC pipe to build a tent for my daughter. I would also put it towards some home repairs that are piling up waiting for me to get to. It never ends, does it? Love the sprinkler idea. Wish we lived somewhere that I could try it!

  137. 137

    I want to build a window seat in my girls’ room!

  138. 138

    Would love to get a remote for my son’s fan/ light in his room. When they fan is on for bed, the light is off. Then in the morning he can’t turn the light on. I know…it is a problem. But it has an easy solution. And if there is any moolah left over, I can always use more paint!


  139. 139
    Barbara says:

    I’d love to use it toward a dishwasher! I’m not meant for this hard labor of cleaning up after my family :) haha, just kidding!

  140. 140

    What an awesome idea! Living in AZ we need a good way to cool off! I would DEFINITELY copy your idea with that gift card! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  141. 141
    Emily K. says:

    I would use this giftcard to help with decorating my new apartment! There are so many projects I want to do and things I want to build- this would be a huge help!

  142. 142

    we need new bathroom faucets! i would use it towards that! thank you for the chance!

  143. 143

    I just bought a house and gutted it, oh I could do pleanty with it!!!!

  144. 144
    Mindy Gifford says:

    My daughter has finally decided she’s big enough to have a bedroom of her own in the basement . . . she would really like to not have to share with her brother any more. We have been planning on how we would decorate her room together for months, and are just planning on doing little by little until it’s done. So, a Lowe’s G.C. would be just the ticket to get us started! We could start with the bead board and paint, window coverings or a new light fixture! Oh what fun it will be!

    And after we’ve worked our tails off on her room, we can take a brake and cool off in the super fun sprinkler bike wash/kid wash/upside down sprinklers we can make thanks to your diy fun ideas!!

    Love, love, love your blog! It’s inspirational!!

  145. 145
    Jeanine Crane says:

    Oh I have a million things to use it for! Some new woodchips for our playground in the back… or a ceiling fan for the playroom… or some hooks… or shelving for the pantry… my list is endless!

  146. 146
    ayeshia patrick says:

    Don’t get me wrong I love my children’s artwork, but just not on my walls. I would definitely use this to start the painting process to cover up my mini Picasso artwork

  147. 147
    Samantha C. says:

    I would love to use it on some shrubs for our house.

  148. 148

    Maybe storage organizers, or paint, or new hooks, or knobs for dressers, or plants, or…need I go on? :)

  149. 149

    I really like the new Lowes website that saves your project ideas and measurements and even what you’ve purchased. I’d probably spend the money on paint and a shelving system for my kids’ rooms. Your sprinkler idea is fantastic! I made a PVC pipe playhouse last Christmas. Fun times!

  150. 150

    I would use my money for paint. I need to paint some furniture.

  151. 151

    I’d love to redo my laundry room! This would help!

  152. 152
    Deanna G. says:

    I could get some new lawn chairs!

  153. 153

    I’d buy paint, and supplies to build shelves above my desk! My little man would love a sprinkler like the one you made, so I’d probably buy stuff to do that too! Thanks for the chance to win!

  154. 154

    I would put the money towards buying a new front door that we so desperately need!

  155. 155
    Solducky says:

    Paint and a shade for our skylight that heats up the room waaaay too much.

    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  156. 156
    Anna Doogan says:

    PAINT! We have a ton of ideas and projects to make our house more vibrant and colorful.

  157. 157

    PAINT and PRIMER! I’m dying to repaint the dark red stairway this summer!

  158. 158

    I would love to use this card for pots and plants

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  159. 159

    I really would love to make some wood cubbiesi saw in a blog, and buy some sand for my kids sand box:)

  160. 160

    We are working on getting the sprinkler system in and landscaping the yard…tons of uses for this $100!

  161. 161

    I can think of a lot of uses for $100. My daughter wants us to build her a desk. We also have some outdoor projects to finish. Paint… So many things…

  162. 162
    Kayla Lindholm says:

    Oh man! My list is long!! New fans, paint, tile for the floor and I’m sure my husbands list is longer! It would be so nice to win this gift certificate!

  163. 163
    Beki Van Zelf says:

    I would love to build my little girls a big sandbox, a $100 would go a long way in buying the supplies and the sand to fill it. Winning the gift card would be the best summer gift for my children.

  164. 164

    Accessories to add to the DIY Clubhouse/Swingset I want to build from using pallets.

  165. 165

    I would put the $100 towards a tile kitchen backsplash.

  166. 166

    It’s hard to say! I’d like to make the PVC sprinkler thing (pinned it awhile ago). All of the sink areas in my house could use a makeover b/c they have wood behind them, apparently untreated b/c the wood looks really bad in my kitchen particularly. I could also just donate it to my in-laws who have been working on getting a house livable for 15 YEARS. Well, I guess I’ll only have to stress about how to spend it if I win. :)

  167. 167

    My husband and I are in the process of buying our first house. Scary! This card would be used to make it not just a house, but our home!

  168. 168
    Shan Anderson says:

    I would give it to my brother, who is refinishing his bathroom. They have been bathing their three kids in their standing shower stall for weeks now since they are currently without a bathtub! Thanks for giveaways!!

  169. 169
    Melanie C says:

    I use it towards some blinds for my boys’ room.

  170. 170

    i would buy a new mirror for my downstairs bathroom.

    arya_wiese {at} yahoo.com

  171. 171

    I need some trim for one of my rooms and some paint to paint it all!

  172. 172
    Manina Johnson says:

    I would replace the wood platform of our play-set with trex. It is rotting and needs to be fixed up badly.

  173. 173
    Melissa R says:

    We need to seed our yard!

  174. 174

    I’d definitely use it to take our bathroom from 1960 to 2012 :-)

  175. 175

    I would use it to go towards rebuilding our fence that is still down from the big wind storms a while ago. Ugh!

  176. 176
    Robinwood says:

    My special needs grandson will not sleep in his bed, so I am hoping (since he loves airplanes) that if I build him a loft bed that looks like an airplane hanger, we can convince him to try. I would use plans from Ana White and modify them.

  177. 177

    Awesome! We just moved into a new home and would love to paint the kids rooms as my daughter is living in an old boy room and my son is in a purple room LOL!

  178. 178
    christina says:

    We’d use it to redo our back deck and patio. We just moved to a great house, but the backyard needs some help!

  179. 179
    Charissa says:

    We would use it to fix up our toddlers room. It’s so bare and boring! We want to give her a room that she would freak out over and wouldn’t be that hard to transition into as she gets older.

  180. 180
    Connie Haack says:

    I love the Creative Ideas Magazine! So many great ideas. I would use the GC to redo my Kitchen. We will be painting, adding shelves, and trying out the Gioni Granite on the counter tops.

  181. 181

    We desperately need a new grill.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  182. 182

    My cat just destroyed the screen on my bedroom window. I now need to replace it :(

  183. 183

    I want one of your sprinkling houses. My grandkids would love it. Oh I also have a lot of home improvement items I could use any leftovers on

  184. 184

    I would use it towards renovating my downstairs bathroom.

  185. 185
    Lisa Cooper says:

    My husband and I are beginning the process of building our first (and last!) house! There are so many things that we could use the $100 Lowe’s giveaway for!

  186. 186

    I would buy a ceiling fan for my son’s room.

  187. 187

    I need a new rug for my kitchen table I just re-finished.

  188. 188
    barbara n says:

    My bathroom really needs a make over!

  189. 189
    Tracy Luke says:

    Oh gosh – I desperately need a deluxe closet organizer!

  190. 190

    I would use it to buy some paint to redo my bathroom!!!

  191. 191

    I would love to win $100 to make the pvc sprinkler project and to buy paint for the new white home we just bought!

  192. 192
    Joy Gleason says:

    I would be purchasing supplies to make picture frames and then supplies for more doll furniture.

  193. 193
    Becky N. says:

    We recently cleared out a space in our yard to build garden boxes for next summer – we would use the gift card to complete the project.

  194. 194

    Organization stuff for inside and curb appeal stuff for outside…..Thanks!

  195. 195

    We just moved and I have several small projects I’d love to do in the new house and this would be a great start!

  196. 196
    Anne Marie says:

    I really need a new ceiling fan and light fixtures – thanks for the chance to win.

  197. 197
    Debbie Goss says:

    I want to repaint my sun porch – and replace some windows.

  198. 198

    Wow! What wouldn’t I use it on? I know my lighting could sure use an update. But, then you could see my dingy paint on the walls. Then, of course the ……I would just love to win the gift card. Thanks for the chance.

  199. 199

    I would use the $100 towards supplies to paint our living room.
    Thank you!

  200. 200

    would love to carpet my dtrs room, the downstairs family room and stairs….love the chance to win, thanks.

  201. 201

    With the temperature in the triple digits I will probably build a PVC sprinkler too!

  202. 202

    We are redecorating our master so this would come in handy.

  203. 203

    I would spruce up my patio with a water feature from lowes

  204. 204

    I would use it to create a mudroom area.

  205. 205
    Karen Tecklenburg says:

    I would use it to paint some rooms in our house.

  206. 206

    I already get their fun magazine. It’s always full of great doable projects. I’m working on a few backyard projects and would love to get some pavers or stone you can stack.

  207. 207

    we moved into this house when our baby was a month old… oof! a LOT has fallen by the wayside in favor of more time to cuddle and money towards baby necessities. i would use the lowe’s giftcard to “girl-ify” my little office space! i would like to add shelving, maybe wallpaper, and i would like to make a calendar system with magnetic boards. thanks for this chance!! :)

  208. 208

    Paint! I have three rooms that need to be repainted, plus a dining set I’ve been dying to refinish for years.

  209. 209
    Sue Ahmadi says:

    I would use the gift card for waterproofing. The children’s playset could use a fresh coat.

  210. 210

    Lowes is such a fun store. I have 2 dressers that need to be refinished so I would probably by the supplies to refinish them.

  211. 211
    joanna waddoups says:

    i would buts some book cases and maybe shelves finally hang stuff up after this move:)

  212. 212

    We are living, temporarily, with an amazing woman in her mid 70′s. She has a historical home that she has been in for 50 years. She has flower beds across the front of her home but no sprinkler system. We have been talking about using pvc pipe to put in a sprinkler system in her flower beds. Right now we are dragging a hose and sprinkler to keep things alive. Before we moved in, she was depending on people randomly coming by to water for her. We live in North Texas and the temperatures right now are getting up to 107-110. We would use the Lowe’s gift card to put in the sprinkler system for her so that when we move she can just turn it on and not worry about loosing her plants.

  213. 213

    I have lots of updating to do on this house we moved into earlier this year. I think I’d start with paint and window coverings for our front room.

  214. 214

    Paint! I still have to paint the living room, dinning room and hallway of this house since we just moved in last summer. The gift card would help with that a lot. Thanks for a chance to win.

  215. 215
    Tina Matteson says:

    If I had the Lowe’s $100 gift card I would get a new light fixture for my kitchen! Maybe two…! Right now we have a very bedroom-y looking ceiling fan in there, that I can’t wait to remove! Thanks…

  216. 216

    I will make a potting bench and a headboard for the bed!

  217. 217

    I need to update my back porch and clean it, it will take at least $100! So I could def use this!

  218. 218
    Erin Dzida says:

    So many projects! Paint, wainscoting, flooring, light fixtures, building a raised garden bed. I could go on, but I’m sure you get the idea.

  219. 219
    Stephanie says:

    I am working on a bathroom re-do right now, and this would definitely help with the cost. Thanks for the chance!

  220. 220

    I would finally purchase wood for a plaque project I’ve wanted to do for a while. Thanks for the chance to win!

  221. 221
    Christine says:

    Oh wow lets see….likely do some more wood projects. The husband is enjoying using his drill. We just shelves up in the bathroom and they look great. So I think a nice headboard for he master bedroom next.

  222. 222

    WOW, I love all your projects! We are building a small beach house and I know we could easily use this $100 while purchasing hardware!

  223. 223
    Jennifer says:

    We have quite a few projects that need to be completed around our house. The gift card would definitely help with

  224. 224
    tammy d. says:

    We mad one of these for my youngest also. So fun.
    I need my bathroom floor redone…white with white grout is NOT smart. Never again. lol

  225. 225

    Towards a new kitchen sink!

  226. 226
    Laura Wilkinson says:

    buy paint for my living room or bedroom

  227. 227

    Towards the renonvation of my grandparents’ home which we are closing on this week!

  228. 228

    I would love to purchase a new kitchen faucet that I’ve been eyeing at Lowes! You have a great blog – - always look forward to your posts.

  229. 229

    Gardening, fixing up the master bathroom & supplies to make a play house in the back yard for my daughter!

  230. 230

    With SO much to do in our new house, I could easily spend $100 at Lowes!! We want to put board and batten up in the boys’ room, paint a ton of furniture, put a larger top on our kitchen table, paint the master bedroom, and the list goes on and on. :)

  231. 231

    I would use it for paint right now. I am trying repaint almost the entire house.

  232. 232
    Alyssa P says:

    We are working on adopting a toddler boy, so we would use the gift card to decorate his room or make something fun in the back yard!

  233. 233

    New baseboards and trim! I’m in the process of updating them in my home and a gift card would come in so handy!

  234. 234

    My 3 boys would love the PVC sprinkler & I would like to start organizing my garage w/ some shelves!

  235. 235

    I’ve been wanting to make one of those sprinklers.

  236. 236

    I’d love to install misters and a ceiling fan in our backyard.

  237. 237
    Sherri Snyder says:

    The PVC sprinklers would be a perfect addition to my daughter’s FUN IN THE SUN birthday party we are planning at the end of them month!

  238. 238

    I love Lowes with a gift card I would either use it towrds our new counter tops in the kitchen or a new ceiling fan for our deck which are both on my wish list for the summer:)

  239. 239
    Elizabeth B says:

    I would use the gift card to buy tools, household items, and plans that I need for my first house that I just bought!

  240. 240

    I am in the process of redoing my living room and I need new window blinds, I actually saw some blinds on their website that I really liked

  241. 241

    We could totally use this! My husband is flipping a house right now for us to move into. It’s expensive!

  242. 242

    We are in the process of making a playroom for our daughter. I would use this $100 to get some paint and other supplies we need. Thanks for the giveaway!

  243. 243
    carrie eastman says:
  244. 244
    Becky Jones says:

    Wow..we could use this..our front screen door has had a broken doorknob for over 2 yrs..it just hangs..ahem..and we have scoured for a replacement knob, but have been told numerous times they don’t make them anymore!! This would boost my hubby to replace the door..finally!! :) thanks

  245. 245

    This would probably go towards a kitchen renovation! It would probe to be the catalyst to get things going.

  246. 246
    Kris Reynolds says:

    I would use the gift card toward the supplies needed to build my son a new desk.

  247. 247
    Diane Riedel says:

    Awesome giveaway! I’ve been planning on doing a raised gardening bed for 2013. I’d like to try growing vegetables next year. It will be fun! :)

  248. 248

    I would buy some shelves to put my massive amounts of fabric on.

  249. 249

    I’m totally excited about this! I’m working on redecorating my daughters bedroom. This would be perfect!

  250. 250
    Karlene Hansen says:

    So many projects, so little $$, lol. I would use it towards plants, trees, sprinklers, cover for the BBQ, etc. etc………

  251. 251

    Paint to redo the nursery for our new arrival this December!!! And a few minor touch ups we need to do around the house!!

  252. 252

    I would make a new pallet couch for my van, and the drawers to go in it =)

  253. 253

    We’d use it to replace our kitchen faucet which is having numerous problems these days!

  254. 254

    I would buy a sander to sand my front door! I got carried away with spackle in April and my front door has been sitting all ugly for the world to see! I tried sanding by hand, but it really needs a sander! I would also buy some tools for my husband and I to use! – - Thanks for a chance to win!!! – - I have been getting the Lowe’s Creative Ideas magazine for years and love it! It always has the best ideas in it!

  255. 255
    Jennifer Smith says:

    As I am getting ready to sell my house, I would use it to fix all the little things that need done. Paint, caulk and all that fun stuff – maybe even some new curb appeal fluff!

  256. 256

    My husband and I just bought our first house so a Lowes gifts card would be put to good use purchasing tools, paint, new light fixtures…

  257. 257

    Oh $100 is just enough to get me in DEEP trouble at lowes : )
    Actually I need some tin and I need some spray paint and I need some wood and I need a power sprayer. Then I will NEED a month to get all my stuff done. : )
    I sound pretty needy don’t I?

  258. 258
    Jennifer Moody says:

    My boyfriend is building a shed, so I could use the $100 to give the bathroom a little more decor than I am sure he has in mind. ;)

  259. 259
    Julie Downing says:

    Paint for my bedroom…we’ve needed to repaint forever!

  260. 260
    Kari Richards says:

    I have bought a few pieces of furniture I want to give new life off of Craigslist. I’d love to buy an electric sander, staple gun, and paint to finish those projects.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  261. 261

    i would buy wood paneling for an accent wall i’ve been dreaming about for a year now.

  262. 262

    We just bought a house so there are several things I would use it for – paint, a power sprayer to clean up the outside etc.

  263. 263

    We just moved after living in our other home for 11 years! So, I have a huge list of things I need to
    do to make this new place our home. I would use the gift card for the kids bathroom and make it efficient
    for our 4 children. Thanks, what a cool giveaway!

  264. 264

    Gosh, the list is huge of things I could use this for. First up would be painting the outside of the house!

  265. 265

    I would use the gift card for paint or lighting.

  266. 266

    We just bought our house about 10 months ago, and the to do list is long!!! I’d probably buy paint, or moldings.

  267. 267

    I need some paint!

  268. 268
    Liz Anderson says:

    We bought a “new” old house in June- Already spent to much at Lowes this past month but still have 2 bathrooms and lots of painting left.

  269. 269

    Our little guy is approaching one years old and we would like for him to play in the backyard so I think we need to make a dog run if you know what I mean ;) LOL

  270. 270

    I would use it to buy home decor to spruce up my home!

  271. 271

    I would love a new coffee table for our patio!

  272. 272

    I would use it to start my garden and re-do our fire pit!

  273. 273

    I would use the money to build a diy project. I was thinking a new head board or a cubby storage shelf.

  274. 274
    Jessica Andersen says:

    We just celebrated our one year anniversary of being first time homeowners. We are in a new home so the backyard is not finished. With two active girls, I want a place where I can let them run, play, and be safe. My husband has big plans for the backyard, but the funds are harder to find! I would use the gift card to buy materials for a cute girlie playhouse my husband could make!

  275. 275
    Erin Struwe says:

    My husband and I are about to build a table to go behind our sofa in the “movieator” as our boys call it! That would help out a lot!!

  276. 276

    Oh, so many project… I’d probably use it to buy paint and primer a kitchen update!

  277. 277
    Adena Miller says:

    I love Lowes patio furniture! And the hubby just loves all the tools at Lowes

  278. 278

    Towards redoing my baby girls room. Due in December : )

  279. 279

    I would use it towards a new toilet for our unfinished bathroom.

  280. 280

    Would use it to finish up some projects in the kitchen.

  281. 281
    Christine says:

    I have been wanting to buy an umbrella style clothes dryer to be more earth friendly.

  282. 282

    We still have a few more projects to do so it would be put to great use!

  283. 283

    I’d repaint my living room

  284. 284
    carolee c. says:

    We would put it towards a new shed for our lawn stuff!

  285. 285
    Tanya Rubezhov says:

    Plants for our patio.

  286. 286

    Oh I would buy some paint….I make homemade signs and could use an update in the paint department!

  287. 287

    We’re trying to get our yard in! Sprinklers and grass are expensive. $100 dollars would definitely help. :)

  288. 288

    Love that sprinkler. If I won the gift card for Lowe’s I would buy some of the remaining lumber we need for our pergola. :) Megan

  289. 289

    I would use my $100 to buy a shiny new power tool! ;)

  290. 290

    Having built a smaller, more a-frame looking pipe-sprinkler that was over a small kiddie pool, I have to say the larger scale looks even more fun…for mom and dad and not just the kids! I’d love to have the $100 to finish mulching and landscaping around some trees I recently put in the yard.

  291. 291

    I would use it to buy paint to cover up some of the crazy colors the previous owners of our home used!

  292. 292

    i’d buy some new potted plants!

  293. 293

    I have some much needed improvements to make to my room!!!!

  294. 294

    I need a new front door. Would love to win this gift card to help me out :)

  295. 295

    This would be wonderful to win right now, due to the fact that our house is being converted from propane to natural gas. Also, my little ones have been wanting to make one of those sprinklers. I would love to win and thanks for the chance.

  296. 296

    Crown molding baby!

  297. 297
    diane hriczko says:

    I would definitely purchase paint.

  298. 298
    Colleen N says:

    We are building a play structure for the kids- this would be awesome!

  299. 299

    Sprinkler would be PERFECT for my husband and tennis students on these hot summer days.
    Smaller version was to a cub scout event and we’ve wanted one since.

  300. 300

    Paint and wood! I have some rooms to paint and some shelves to make :) I love Lowe’s

  301. 301

    Fencing supplies…part of my fence has barbed wire, and it needs to be replaced.

  302. 302

    I would get paint for our office. It’s so boring and white now, it needs some creative help!

  303. 303

    I’d put it toward a patio swing. I want a new swing to put out on the deck!

  304. 304

    We are getting ready to try to sell our place, so there are a bunch of little projects that need done. I would use this to complete a bathroom renovation. Thanks!

  305. 305
    tiffany sexton says:

    I would use it for a new fan since ours has stopped working – UGHHH! It is way too hot for that

  306. 306

    I would use the $100 to finish all the 1001 projects I have going on in my basement LOL

  307. 307

    My kitchen cabinets need new paint. I have the colour.

  308. 308

    I am looking to buy a house soon, so I would save it to buy paint for my new house!

  309. 309
    pamela milogradov says:

    There are several projects we could use it for. Framing project on bathroom mirror, crown molding in our bedroom, re-do of my son’s room, paint for our second son’s bathroom, flowers/stone for new flower beds in back yard. The list is endless!!

  310. 310

    Wow, so many things I would love to spend that gift card on!! Probably would use it to help with a bathroom remodel.

  311. 311
    Amberly Wilding says:

    I would use it for outdoor furniture!

  312. 312

    We have a couple projects for our yard this would be great for!

  313. 313

    At the top of my long list are: a new ceiling fan for my children’s room, some organizers for my new craft area, and some concrete paint for our front entry. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  314. 314

    I am working to organize our office/craft room so I would invest I some peg boar and some sheet metal that I can frame for magnetic storage. I also need closet doors for our baby that is on the way. Not fun things but they will definitely help out this busy mama.

  315. 315

    Were remodeling our kitchen so I would probably use it for more plywood or paint! :)

  316. 316

    I just moved into a new house less than a week ago and can think of at least $1000 in repairs I need to make, LOL. I’d start with changing all of the plates on the light switches and wall outlets.

  317. 317

    Oh my gosh that is one fancy sprinkler system!! We are buying our first home next week and our kids are bummed that it doesn’t have a pool…. I would love to surprise them with the supplies to make this!!

  318. 318
    Melissa P. @Mel4Him says:

    If I won it would definitely go toward purchasing a Keurig.

  319. 319

    I love Lowes – I’d either go crazy in the garden center and add some lovely perennials to my flower beds, or I’d get one of their lovely outdoor rugs for our porch … so many possibilities!~ Thanks!

  320. 320

    I would love to help my boyfriend with projects for his bathroom. It has been seven years undone!

  321. 321

    Paint for our bathrooms!

  322. 322

    A back splash in my kitchen

  323. 323

    I would love to get a grill cover and some outdoor seating for our porch

  324. 324

    I would love a bench for our front porch!

  325. 325
    Ashley C says:

    I’d like to get some tiki torches for our porch


  326. 326
    Ashley Lindberg says:

    There is so much that needs to be fixed or updated in my house its ridiculous! I would say maybe a new countertop?!

  327. 327


  328. 328

    Seeing how I missed the planting band wagon this last spring and summer…I’m dying to get going on some fall color outside of my house. This place needs some curb appeal! I think Lowes could help me out with that one!

  329. 329
    Aubrey Wentworth says:

    I would love to use it for my kitchen remodel!!! Anything would help :)

    Also, not sure if you remember me, I used to be in your ward when I lived with my parents Brad and Leslie Rosser. Found your blog and thought ‘Hey, I know her!’ ;)

  330. 330

    I need to reseal our driveway.

  331. 331

    re-do our kitchen cabinets. thanks for the giveaway!!!

  332. 332

    I have been desperately wanting to paint the walls in our house so paint would be top on my list.

  333. 333

    I need a new fridge and I woud use the certificate towards it! That would be so great!

  334. 334
    Michelle Laulu says:

    I would love to buy some primer, paint, and glaze to re-do some furniture!

  335. 335
    Dianne Stilley says:

    I would love to use the $100 Lowe’s gift card to get paint to copy your beautiful bathroom with the black cabinet and black framed mirror! It looks so rich and clean. Good job.

  336. 336

    I would love it to make a new bookshelf for my daughter!

  337. 337
    Christian says:

    I would use it to frame the builder-grade mirrors in my bathrooms!

  338. 338

    Building a gate for our deck!

  339. 339

    I would use it for some new baseboards for the house. Ours baseboards are 60+ years old and REALLY showing it!

  340. 340

    If I won a Lowe’s gift card I would use it towards an extra freezer!!

  341. 341

    Wow… there are so many things I could use this for! I would use it to buy supplies to help me turn a bedroom into a craft/learning/play room!

  342. 342

    I would use Lowe’s gift card to build that cool sprinkler for my kids and two Golden Retrievers. It’s HOT in Florida and my kids and dogs would LOVE it!!

  343. 343

    I have been wanting to make me a new headboard for forever. That is what I would use a Lowes gift card for.

  344. 344

    Off the top of my head…there’s a long list!! First I would repaint my girls’ bedrooms, though. :)

  345. 345

    I would use it towards redoing our bathroom. It is in major need of an upgrade.

  346. 346

    Paint, paint, paint, and more paint. I have sooooo many projects that involve a gallon or quart of a specialty paint color or finish: kids book shelves, metal spray to re-do light fixtures, counter top paint, high gloss to stencil over same color wall. My paint “bucket list” goes on and on!

  347. 347

    I’m in need of shoe storage at the back door. It’s a small landing that leads down the stairs into the basement or a small step up to the house/kitchen. I’m thinking about making 3 shelves using wide (hubs wears a size 13), thick boards painted white. I’m still working out the mounting part.

  348. 348

    I would use the gift card to buy supplies to make some outdoor fun for my kids. They love being outside but we don’t have much of a yard or any outdoor toys. Thanks for the giveaway.

  349. 349

    I desperately need a front porch swing!

  350. 350
    Catherine Zile says:

    We’ve been tackling a lot on our Pinterest “Home Ideas” board so this would get used towards one of the many projects on there!

  351. 351

    I’d love to use the $100 on my bathroom redo. I’m getting ready to tile the floor! Wish me luck.

  352. 352

    moulding to finally frame out my bathroom mirror!

  353. 353

    I need to do some major remodeling of my laundry room!!

  354. 354
    Jackie Monak says:

    I would love to win this to buy the things I need to turn half of our double size bedroom into a playroom for my son, and maybe one day a bedroom for a future sister!

  355. 355
    Heather Smith says:

    I have a bunch of work to do to my yard. I’d buy some plants and mulch.

  356. 356
    Carrie Phelps says:

    I would use the money to buy PVC piping to create a kid car wash for my grandchildren to ride their bikes through.

  357. 357

    Since we’re big DIY and just bought our home 11 months ago, its hard to pinpoint just one thing to do with $100, but I’d probably get some window treatment for our currently bare windows in the dining room. I’d love some natural looking shades, like bamboo.

  358. 358

    We are in the process of buying our first home so I would definitely use this towards a fridge or something big like that!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  359. 359
    shae johnson says:

    This would go towards paint for our home.

  360. 360

    I would put the card toward a new lawn mower. My son has to use duct tape each time he mows!!

  361. 361
    Michaela says:

    I would use this to spruce up our patio. Make it more inviting with potted plants, an outdoor rug, the possibilities are endless at Lowes!

  362. 362

    Can I come play in your sprinkler cave? So cute. I’m sure your kids love it and it helps to water your yard too. Great idea.

    If I were lucky enough to win I think I’d tackle creating some raised flower beds. But, I also want to do a drip system for my potted plants….which brings me to think – do you have a tutorial to help with that? I’ve worked with adding drips before, but definitely looking for ideas. Especially if they work with automatic drip systems {hint, hint}.


  363. 363

    I’d buy some plants and decor for my patio- poor thing looks so sad

  364. 364

    I would use it towards converting our utility closet into a much-needed pantry!

  365. 365

    I would use the $100 to spruce up our bathroom

  366. 366

    I would buy some paint for the house. Thanks for the chance.

  367. 367

    If I win the gift card, I would def purchase supplies to plant stuff around my house. I like Lowe’s.

  368. 368

    Oh My! I would use it to remodel my closet.

  369. 369

    Pick me please! I love Lowe’s! I need paint real bad cause my young children drew on the wall of their bedrooms!

  370. 370

    I would do so many things with it! I need new yard supplies and mulch.

  371. 371

    Lowes has great ideas! I need to develop a patio that is inviting! I’d start there!

  372. 372

    I need some garage storage solutions! It is out of control!

  373. 373

    I’d use it for fall plants and gardening soil and maybe some after summer sales for patio cushions.

  374. 374

    I would use it to buy paint.

  375. 375
    Heather Coleman says:

    We would buy some new planting pots and some paint to paint my daughters room..Thank you for this oppotunity!

  376. 376

    I would love to win! My husband and I are moving into our first home this month and would use the gift card to paint our new nursery.

  377. 377

    Always a list of projects to work on, never enough $ to go around. This would be great.
    PS Love the parade of home, looks great.

  378. 378
    Kim Gambill says:

    I love Lowes and all there great deals. Especially around Black Friday.

  379. 379

    Love Lowes’ Creative ideas magazine! We are working on our Boys’ bathroom a gift card would really help with the project!! our first bathroom!!!

  380. 380
    Lori Morton says:

    Winning this gift card would sure help get us busy finishing our Bathroom! Arrrgh! NEEEDS help! lol

    Thanks soooo much for chance to win! :)

  381. 381


  382. 382

    I’d totally use the gc to add corbels under my kitchen cabinets. It needs a little umph since we painted them white earlier this year. Although I love the color, it needs something to bring it back to the “traditional” styled kitchen that I love.

  383. 383


  384. 384

    Patio furniture & planters!

  385. 385

    I’d like to plant some flowers and landscape a little.

  386. 386
    Gina M (crave to save) says:

    I would love to use it for repainting my front porch stairs and railings! Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  387. 387

    I would love to make some striped curtains out of drop cloths!

  388. 388
    Gwen Windham says:

    I love the outdoors, so if I won, I would use the gift card toward something for my yard or porch! Thank you so much for the chance to win!! :-)

  389. 389

    I’d love to add some more shelves to our craft room. We love Lowe’s!

  390. 390

    I want to redo a room for an office. We want to paint the room, strip 2 desks and finish them.

  391. 391
    Karen Peterson says:

    I would use it towards wood for floors ;)

  392. 392
    Jenn Postma says:

    I’d use it on those last little bits I need to finish my kitchen re-do.

  393. 393

    We just bought our first home this week so I could use that giftcard really fast! I want to paint every room and we need some new window treatments.

  394. 394

    Oh my, I could use the $100 on a lot of different things. Spray paint, wood for different projects, etc. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  395. 395

    A new hose that doesn’t kink up each time i use it!!

  396. 396

    I am getting ready to redo my daughter’s bedroom. So $100 from Lowe’s would be amazing to help purchase paint, a new chandelier light, and other accessories to her reno. Thanks for the opportunity. :)

  397. 397

    I’d paint my dinning room and kitchen. Thanks for the giveaway!

  398. 398

    I would use the money to buy paint for our new playroom for our three year old daughter and her soon-to-be baby brother.

  399. 399

    I need to revamp my laundry room and downstairs bathroom. $100 would help with paint, wallboard, and lumber. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  400. 400

    I would most definitely use it to do some painting around the house (inside and outside) and decorating!

  401. 401

    For projects around the home…a lot of them!

  402. 402

    I would use it to do a tile backsplash in my kitchen!

  403. 403
    colleen boudreau says:

    I would buy some paint.

  404. 404

    Definitely paint! My master bedroom is looking way sad.

  405. 405
    Diann Cornell says:

    It would go toward a new kitchen faucet.

  406. 406
    Amanda Lundy says:

    we bought a fixer-upper of a house…I need it for everything!! but, first on the list is to paint the exterior to just one color!!!

  407. 407

    I NEED a new rug for my den. Thanks for the chance to win!

  408. 408
    Leslie kole says:

    Would love to buy some new exterior lighting!

  409. 409
    Jessalynn Bowman says:

    I would LOVE to make this pvc sprinkler system for my boy!! I’d also like to buy some sand for sensory activities!!

  410. 410
    Christy File says:

    I just found your blog and I love it! I would use the gift card to buy paint to repaint my bedroom and bathroom. Lowes is one of my favorite places! Thanks for the giveaway!

  411. 411

    If I were to win the Lowe’s gift card, I would use it to help paint our new house as well as purchase fixtures for the kitchen!!

  412. 412

    I would use the $100.00 to buy the materials I need to create a design wall for my quilting projects.

  413. 413
    Christi P. says:

    We are transforming our dining room to a playroom (it will get more use that way!). I would love the extra help to get some supplies for our new projects!

  414. 414

    I would buy some paint to repaint my living room.

  415. 415
    Kari Williams says:

    We are building a house and I am drooling over some light fixtures from Lowes. My husband would be thrilled for me to have a gift card to use when shopping :)

  416. 416
    Carrie H says:

    I would use the gift card to go towards building a new dining room table farmhouse style!

  417. 417

    I was just looking at a new sink and cabinet for my cabin. I would upgrade to the one I really want! Thanks.

  418. 418

    I’m sharing a room with two other girls and we are saving up for a trundle bed to save space! also my passion at what i’m going to go to college for this fall is Herbology and my fingers are just itching for a green house!

  419. 419

    Would love some extra cash to build my 3yo ds a new bed!!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  420. 420
    Shelley C says:

    I’m already thinking Christmas here, but I think I’d buy some 4×4 inch tiles to make coasters for gifties this year.

  421. 421

    First thought: pvc pocket chart holder supplies, paint, and “teacher toolbox” for my classroom. But since hubby just found out Friday that he will no longer have employment as of this Friday, probably need for home things like the thermostat on hot water heater and filter on messed up AC unit.

  422. 422

    We’ve lived here for a year and a half and still havent landscaped our back yard, so I would use it towards that!

  423. 423

    I would use for some outdoor projects

  424. 424

    i would use this to build a backyard fireplace

  425. 425

    I would purchase supplies to repair damages to my home caused by flooding.

  426. 426

    I would be purchasing a new sink for the kids bathroom.

  427. 427

    I would use it for paint to jazz up my bland off white walls. Or maybe the materials to patch our roof (BORING).

  428. 428

    Would use this to redo my grandson’s room

  429. 429
    ECrowder says:

    Lowe’s has always been my favorite DIY location! With extra cash, I’d buy the supplies to convert a yard-sale coffee table into a sitting bench for my living room, and then maybe make some flower boxes for the backyard.

  430. 430
    Marina Andrade says:

    I am from Brazil but about to start college in the States. With the money, I would buy the basics for an apartment.

  431. 431

    Where do you post the winner? Thanks.


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