Summer Vacation 2012

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My family just got back from TWO different vacations…back to back.  This was not planned as we were scheduling our summer calendar a while back.  We were originally planning to go to California for a family reunion with my husband’s side of the family which we did do at the end of June.

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As we were packing for that trip, my mom and sisters planned an impromptu trip for the following week…over the 4th of July.  My sister’s husband was studying for a big test and had taken the week off to study…so they decided to get the kids and go play so he could have some nice and quiet study time.

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The only problem was that they were leaving just one day AFTER we were home from Cali.  And that one day we were home just happened to be my birthday.  But I decided it was worth it to be able to spend some time with my family.  Although it was a bit crazy getting there! I basically dumped everything out of the car, washed it or refilled it and then repacked it.  I was able to squeeze in a quick birthday lunch with the hubs.

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We had a great time with both sides of the family!  Playing in the water was basically our main focus since it has been so stinking HOT!  Is it hot where you are?  Whew! 

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We went rafting down a river, went swimming and played in a big pond, hiked to a waterfall and played in the falls, swam at the pool, went hiking up to a little slot canyon and launched off some rockets.

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Probably the best part though was reconnecting with the cousins and family members on both sides.  My kids are pretty lucky in the cousin department.  PLENTY of cousins their ages on both sides.  We have 19 cousins on my side of the family (the oldest is 16) and 19.5 cousins on my husbands side (oldest is 19). 

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I have been so busy catching up with work, home and church duties that I have had ZERO time for any creative endeavors or home remodeling…but that is okay.  Summer is supposed to be like that…right?!  Is it crazy to feel like I miss you guys?  Cause I kinda do!  I feel like I have been mentally away from this blog for a little while.  Have you missed me? :)  Don’t feel like you have to answer that unless it is a resounding YES!

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Let’s get back to some good fun summer projects…shall we?  Sounds good!

What are your favorite things to do on your summer vacations?


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    Is there a way to email you privately? I notice that one of your ads is in regards to getting disability grants from the Canadian government. I have just been doing some research on them and the BBB has received many complaints about them. They appear to be scamming vulnerable people out of their already limited resources and the consensus is that at best their practices are questionable. Just thought you would want to know. Feel free to delete this after you read it.

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    I love the vacation pix. Looks like so much fun. My daughter and I spent time in Northern MI over the 4th of July with family. I would love to visit Cali one day.


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