Checking back in…

Hey everyone…tap, tap, tap…is anyone still out there?  I am still around, I have just been busy! B.U.S.Y!  Can anyone relate?

I thought summer was supposed to be relaxing and kick back.  When I scheduled out our summer I thought I was doing a good job at keeping things easy going, but then all of a sudden I had a million things going on all at once.  And with five kids (and their friends) underfoot, and all the mess that goes along with that, I have found myself crazy busy!

We have been busy with a lot of good things, but sometimes I think we can get caught up in too MUCH good.  If you have been following along with me on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram (name: theidearoom) you may have caught a glimpse of the craziness :)!!!

For example, in the last 45 days I have slept in my own bed only 21 times.  Where have I been you say?  Well…the better question may be…where have I not been?  haha!

image image image

I shared with you our family reunion/vacations to California and St. George, Utah here.

I was home from those family vacations for four days before I packed up and headed off to the EVO ‘12 Conference.


I was able to stay in this amazing Links Luxury Rentals in Park City. 

evo 12 collage

I was also able to spend some time with some amazing online friends…new and old.

H birthday collage

Upon returning home from this conference, we celebrated my daughter’s 8th birthday (Ombre Cake Tutorial here), met up with our old college buddies my husband and I used to double date with before we were both married. 

Then we packed up AGAIN and headed off for a little family camping trip with my sister and her family to Flaming Gorge, Utah.

flaming gorge collage 1Flaming Gorge Collage 2

Immediately after that trip, I had to get all of my projects finished for my rooms in the DIY Blogger House, as we were finally able to get inside of the house to work on them.


I spent several days at the house getting everything ready with Brian, Jen, Char, Lara, and Shelley.


After a long Saturday at the DIY Blogger House…Lara, Tauni, Char and I enjoyed ourselves at the Neil Diamond concert.  We had purchased our tickets back in December of 2011!

neil diamond collage

During this time, my Mother-In-Law came out for a little visit and for my daughter’s baptism into our church which was the following Saturday after the Neil concert.  She was a great help with the kids!

A few days later we had a party at the DIY House to kick off the Parade of Homes with several bloggers and we found out Our Parade of Homes house swept all three awards in our category! These included: ARCHITECTURE / HOME DESIGN, INTERIOR DESIGN, and BEST OF CATEGORY!!


I spent a few days at home trying to catch up with everything that had been neglected…laundry, thigh high weeds, dirty toilets and floors…you have been there…right?!  And snuck in a quick lunch with my best friends from High School (minus one)!  I still absolutely enjoy them like I did back in high school.  We have a lot of great memories from the good old days!  I love that we can go a long time without seeing each other and pick up right where we left off.  That is a sign of a true friend.

high school friends

And then…if that were not a long enough list…I hopped on a plane to Dallas…in August…YIKES! (It was HOT!) and spent some time with some of the lovely people that work for Michael’s!  I had a great time and will be sharing some fun things here with you soon about my trip.

michaels collage

The very next day, my family and I spent the entire day up in Park City, Utah with my husband’s co-workers at his company party. 

park city work party collage

So today…as I type this, I can’t help but feel a bit worn out…PHEW!  I need a vacation…haha!  Not really.  I need a really long nap.

Things are THANKFULLY on the down swing.  I have a couple more things on my calendar until the kids start back to school just after Labor Day.  I am looking forward to school just so things can slow down a bit…haha!  Like that is really going to happen right?

I feel like I need to explain all of this to you so you know why I have been pretty absent around here.  ALL the projects in my house have been on hold all summer.  Crafting (other than the DIY House Projects) has been pretty much non-existent.  But the kids and I have been enjoying and getting the most out of our summer as we possibly could.  That is what it should be about…right?!  You should be seeing a little bit more of ME in the upcoming weeks, that is a good thing…right? ;)

What about you?  Have you had a busy summer?  Are your kids back to school yet? 


  1. Jessica says

    Amy! I just recently started following you and I love your blog! It is so fun and crafty and it’s just what I need. This is random, but was your husbands work party Thursday? I was up there that same day for my husbands work party. Maybe they work together. Small world! Thanks for sharing your amazingness!

    • says

      Jessica–So glad to have you following along! We were there on Wednesday! So we missed each other by a day. That would have been fun ;)!

  2. says

    Just reading this post made me tired! Looks like you had lots of fun and made some great memories! I wish I loved closer so we could hang out more often than once a year!

  3. Patty P. says

    Amy, you’ve definitely had a fun-filled summer. I am sure it is more than enough to get anyone through the next few grueling months of back to school! The DIY blogger house looks spectacular! :)


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