Potato race cars

I just recently spent several hours with some of my very favorite people at a family reunion.  I feel like I must mention how lucky I am to belong to such an amazing family.  We grew up going on trips to Lake Powell and St. George together every summer.  And we just generally have a great time hanging out together.

And even now, as we have all gotten older and had families of our own, we still really enjoy getting together at our annual family reunion. My husband and kids also really enjoy these reunions. I ran my half marathon the morning of the reunion this year and my kids made me promise that we wouldn’t miss the reunion.

potato car 14

We always have a BBQ or some yummy lunch.  We also always have a big water fight with the younger kids, while the older folks compete in friendly basketball, horse shoe, and sometimes a volleyball tournament.  Most of the time we are able to have the reunion at a great location by a lake which we later get to play in together.

potato car 3

And we always have some other fun activities for the kids to participate in. This year my cousin Angie showed us all how to make a race car out of a potato and arranged for the kids to make some fun Potato Race Cars. Then they raced them down a Pinewood Derby race track.

They are really easy to make.

You will need the following for each Potato Race Car:

  • Potato
  • 4 Pinewood Derby Car Wheels (can be purchased online or at a local Scouting store)
  • 4 large nails
  • 4 small washers that fit onto your nails
  • potato/cheese grater
  • decorations for your cars

potato car 1

You may need to shave your potato so that the wheels fit on nicely and roll without rubbing on the potato.  You can also shave some from the bottom of the potato so that it will roll down the track easily.

potato car 5

Stick the nails though the washers and wheels and then stick them into the sides of the potato.  Be sure to place them so that the car rides evenly.

potato car 4

Then bling out your car with your favorite accessories.  This can be difficult to get it just right…haha!  I love how serious she is about getting her car just right.  Isn’t she adorable?!

potato car 6

Then when you have all the cars made…line them up and let them go!

potato car 9

We had some great cars.  But wouldn’t you know it…one of the youngest competitors won the whole race.  And this was his winning Potato Racer!

potato car 11

And this is the grand prize!

potato car 13

Such a fun activity that got all the kids old and young involved.  It is similar to a Pinewood Derby activity I shared with you in an older post…Banana Pinewood Derby Cars.

Do you have any fun ideas that your family does to make your family reunions special?  I would love to hear your ideas!



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