1. That’s funny, I used to rearrange my bedroom every week when I was younger, I loved it!
    I didn’t realize it but our cute 3rd graders are in the same class, Yeah, I love our teacher!

    • You did? I knew I liked you! I didn’t know they were in the same class? How fun! Hope we have a great year! Hope your kids all enjoyed their first day back!

  2. I definitely got my work ethic from my parents. While I, like you, may not have always been crazy about the chores, I am so glad now that I was raised that way. Having a strong character and being able to dig deep is so helpful for overcoming hurdles in life later.

  3. I was constantly rearranging my room a a kid–loved it! I always roped my little sisters into helping me, and at least one of them caught the bug from me. She just moved off to college with a ton of DIY projects to fill her apartment. And now, as a mom, there is definitely a mental energy boost from cleaning and organizing and a *new* project–it’s a necessity for me, for sure!

    • So fun to hear that. I used to make my two little sisters help too :). Big sisters are awesome! I totally agree in the mental energy boost! Thanks for sharing that!

  4. I love this post! I had no idea you had all those opportunities as a kid to learn those skills- I assumed you were born with a genetic mutation that made you super skilled in that area ;)

    I like to be busy with things that will get done and stay done too- it helps balance the avalanche of laundry :) My mom had her own sewing business for as long as I can remember, either mending, making bridesmaid dresses, and now a full-fledged drapery workroom professional. I think watching her make her own way and having a hobby she could be proud of really influenced me- and of course, I sew more than anything else :)

    • Haha! Thanks Melanie! Although I do think I have some genetic mutations…:)! I love that about your mom. You sure did get her sewing gene! Too bad my mom wasn’t a sewer…oh wait…she was…hmmm guess that I got a mutation when it comes to sewing skills. :)

  5. I could really relate to moving your furniture around. As a girl, I did that at least quarterly. It always surprised my dad when he’d come in to kiss me goodnight and he’d find the bed in a new place.

    • Ha! I laughed when I read that. Sounded familiar! Glad to know I was not alone in my “craziness” :) Thanks for taking the time to share that!

  6. It’s always awesome to see when you share personal things, I feel even more connected to you!

    I use to organize a lot as a child, everything has it’s place (picked that up from my dad). And I like the ‘clean and crisp’ look (picked that up for my mom). But I don’t know where my color and flare comes from though. Mom always said I made up my own genes, hehehe.

  7. great post and so important not to compare ourselves but appreciate our differences and talents!

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