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Hello Everyone!

I am Desirée visiting from The 36th AVENUE.

The 36th AVENUE

I am sharing today with you a quick tutorial of how to give an

ordinary set of Dollar Store Hot Pads a little Fall makeover.

Isn’t it fun?

Before I share the tutorial let me thank Amy for having me.

I love The Idea Room and I feel honored to be part of her fantastic blog for a day.

I am a lucky girl!

OK, are we ready for the tutorial?

Let’s do it!


You don’t need much.

1 Hot Pad Glove

Square Hot Pads

{ You can find them at the Dollar Store. The squares hot pads comes in a set of two }

1/4 Yard of Fabric of your choice.

{ I found mine at Jo-Anns, but you can use a fabric scrap if you have some around }


{ My buttons came from Wal-Mart }


This was so easy and quick to make.

FIRST cut a strip of fabric long enough to cover the width of your glove.

I cut mine 4 inches wide.

Fold the fabric in half and then fold the unfinished top again about half an inch.

Just like the picture.

I like to use my iron to make every fold perfect and crisp.


Use one of the square hot pad as a mold to cut another piece of fabric.

You are going to use this fabric to make a pocket.

After you cut the fabric fold the ends of it.

Iron it.

Turn it around and sew it to the hot pad.

THIRD do the same thing with the strip sewing it around the top of the glove and

attach the buttons in place…They are so cute!

And you are done!

These would make a great gift for neighbors or the lucky one hosting Thanksgiving this year.

I am giving mine as a gift to a good friend of mine

with our favorite delicious Pumpkin Bread.


I hope you stop by The 36th AVENUE and say hi.

Make sure to check out our Pumpkin Bread Recipe here.

You are going to love it!

Thank you again Amy for having me today.

I love it here!


Desiree Campbell


The 36th AVENUE

Don’t you just LOVE Desirée? So is so talented and one of the sweetest people I have ever met.  I LOVE this project too.  Such a fun and simple gift idea.  Be sure to head on over to Desirée’s site, The 36th AVENUE and check out her other amazing ideas.  She is full of them!  Thanks Desirée!–Amy


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