Fall Leaves Decor

Hey Idea Roomers! I am McKenzie from Girl Loves Glam and I am thrilled to be participating in the Fall Festival! The Idea Room has always been a source of inspiration for me. Amy is as sweet in person as she is on her blog too.
I am excited to share the newest addition to my Fall decor with you today, my door hanger. Not only is it so easy, but it is inexpensive too! You can’t go wrong with that.

You will need…
8 felt leaf place mats (I found mine at the dollar store!)
Burlap garland or ribbon
Ribbon (this will be hidden)
Hot glue or Tacky Glue
Spray starch
Flat iron
You are probably thinking, a flat iron?! Yes! I didn’t want the leaves to be totally flat against the door, so I decided to give them a little dimension. Just spray some starch on each of the leaves. Curl the edges of the leaves with your flat iron, by clamping down and curving the flat iron as you pull towards the edges.
Lay out your leaves how you want them to be and glue them together. I used hot glue because my door hanger isn’t actually outside. If it is going to be outside, I recommend using something like Tacky Glue.
Put a ribbon through the top of the leaves. I poked a hole in one, and laced the ribbon through the center slit on another leaf. Tie the ribbon in the back. This is how it will hang up on your door.
Make a giant bow out of your burlap ribbon or garland and glue it to the top of your leaves.
Hang it up and enjoy! I need to give a big thanks to Amy for inviting me to join you today! Come see what else I am up to at Girl Loves Glam, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter.
Here are a few of my favorite Fall projects so far…
Thanks so much McKenzie! So happy to have you join us! I Just love how fun and cute McKenzie is.  She exudes happiness.  Don’t you just love being around people like that.  Her blog is the same way.  Be sure to stop on over and check out all her other great projects!


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    McKenzie is fun. She just exudes positive energy!!! I think that’s why she can’t really be spooky, even when she thinks she is. LOL

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