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Hi! We’re Nat & Holly from My Sister’s Suitcase and we are so excited to be a part of Amy’s Fall Festival! The Idea Room is one of the first blogs we ever read years ago, so we feel pretty lucky to be here! We are two sisters that share a love of creating. We love up-cycling furniture, planning parties, decorating our homes, and doing fun projects with our kids.
Now that it’s finally October, the kids are getting excited about Halloween and of course, their costumes. It seems that every day brings a different idea of what they want to dress up as. (Can anyone relate?) So today we’re sharing a fun printable just for them!

This little book is as simple as you can get. It’s all ready to go in PDF form. Download here. Print it out, fold it in half (twice) and let your child’s imagination run wild!
Here are the pages included:
{digital art via CU.com}
Our kids thought this was really fun. Here’s how Holly’s son used his book.
The book has prompts for writing/or drawing and is good practice for following written directions! I love this Harry Potter!
For younger kids, you can read the directions to them and help them to narrow down the list to just one. This is a HUGE decision, you know.
We hope your kiddos have fun getting all ready to dress up for Halloween! I guess now we just have to figure out what Mom & Dad get to be…
Thanks for having us, Amy! We love the Idea Room and hope you lovely readers will come see what we’re up to at My Sister’s Suitcase. You can also find us on
Here are a few of our favorite Halloween & Fall projects:

Thanks so much Nat and Holly!  What a fun idea! I can’t believe it is that time of year already!  I am so happy to have these ladies sharing over at The Idea Room today.  Some of the sweetest and nicest women I know.  Be sure to head on over to their site and check out some of their other fun creativity!



  1. Joanne says

    Love the book. What a fun way to get the kids involved in the creative process of their costume design. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Stephanie Duvall says

    I loved this book as well. I just read the book “Matched” and it is quite similar to “Divergent”. It’s the first book in a series of three. I have read the first one and just started on the second one.

  3. Lori says

    This is such a great idea. My son it too young to do it himself but I already did a drawing of the costume so this is the perfect way to save it. Thanks!


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