Halloween Party Napkins

Hi Idea Room readers! My name is Tauni and I blog at SNAP! – a site where I can share social media tips, DIY and entertainingideas. I also host a fun social media conference with Amy and a few other fun ladies in the spring.

I am simply thrilled to be guest posting today. I found Amy’s site when she first started blogging and have followed her ever since. She’s taught me so much about being a mom, a woman and a positive person and I am truly grateful to call her my friend…

Halloween has become one of my favorite holidays. It’s fun to decorate AND fun to celebrate. Each year, we mark the week of Halloween with a spooky dinner.

This year, bats have dominated conversation so we’re having a bat themed dinner. I couldn’t find any fun party napkins with bats, so we made our own!  Today I am sharing with you how to make your own DIY Halloween Napkins.

Simple DIY Party Napkins

This is a really simple project that takes minutes and you can even have your kids join in on the fun…

Simple Halloween Party Napkin Supplies

DIY Party Napkins

Variety of stamps (letters, bats, etc.)
Stamp pads
Paper napkins

How to Make Simple Halloween Party Napkins

These napkins are great for instances where you need something really specific. The best part is they are super inexpensive too!

I had some fun, sort of rough letter/number stamps (sort of creepy, right?) on hand that I decided to mix in with the little bat stamp I found at Hobby Lobby. I think I paid about $2 for the bat stamp.

Simple DIY Party Napkins

I love the clear plexi stamps. It makes it so easy to line things up and get them where you want them…If I would have thought of it in advance, I probably would have tried to find a bat I could have used on the plexi block as well.

I prefer the pigment ink stamps that run about $2-3. The don’t seem to bleed as much as some of the other inks I tried on the paper napkins.

All you have to do is ink up, stamp lightly and let dry. Bam! You’re all done!!!

They’d also be perfect for a fun classroom party…

I love simple party projects with high impact, don’t you?!

Of course, the napkins are just part of our decor. We’ve got this spooky skeleton wreath on the front door…

And this fun bat wreath hanging inside…

(to go with the bat theme of course)

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Thanks so much for sharing these fun Halloween napkins Tauni.  They are so perfect for a Halloween party!  I have enjoyed working with Tauni on a lot of different projects and am always asking her for advice.  She has become a good friend and I am so grateful for the blessings I have been able to enjoy because of this blog.  Thanks Tauni!  –Amy


  1. Suzanne says

    This is one of those V-8 craft moments–Why didn’t I think of that? I’m so glad you did and that your share it!

  2. says

    Amy, Thanks so much for letting me participate. As a long time reader, sharing something on your site is sort of one of those bucket list moments. I am so grateful that you chose to share a part of yourself online so that we could meet and be friends (surely I am worth all the work you go through every day on this site, right?).

  3. says

    A great big THANK YOU!!!!! I am having a hard time finding a good green monster mash themed napkin for my party. Now I have just the thing to complete our table. SO so so easy! I love that you did this on paper napkins, it makes it inexpensive and I can have the kids do it.

  4. Nicole says

    I love this cute idea for the napkins, but I’d also LOVE to know the recipe for those delicious looking muffins in the picture :D Any chance you could share that?!?!

    • says

      Nicole, the recipe for the muffins is uber simple. It’s one box yellow cake mix, one can pumpkin and chocolate chips to taste. Cooke at 350 for 15-18 min.


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