Favorite Things Giveaway

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25 creative bloggers have gathered together to share THEIR favorite things in a gift giving guide, and nearly all of the items are under $25! I am so excited to be a part of it and to add my list of items to this large group giveaway.  Here you will find some great and simple ideas for the holidays.  Gifts don’t have to e excessive or extravagent for the recipient to love and appreciate them.

Here is how it will work:

  • Take a quick glance at the gift collage below
  • Scroll to the bottom to see mine up close with details and links to buy my favorite items
  • Enter to win my gift basket at the giveaway below ($25 value)
  • HOP to all of the other sites to enter to win their gifts!
  • Look around and enjoy the sites of the 25 creative bloggers–they will not disappoint!


To view closer shopping details and links on where to purchase each basket item, simply HOP on over to the links below, where you can also enter to win the giveaway on their sites.

1. All Things Thrifty

15. Six Sisters’ Stuff

Here is what I included in my Favorite things gift basket!!

things i love giveaway-1

1.  Wilton Candy Eyeballs (Target)

2.  Dove Milk Chocolate

3.  Apricot Fruit Leather (Target)

4.  Bath and Body Kitchen Lemon (Bath & Body Works)

5.  Scentsy Body Spray

6.  Crystal Light Pink Lemonade

7.  Fuzzy Socks (Target or Old Navy)

8.  Personalized hand sanitizer/soap bottles

9.  doTerra Tension

10. Aquaphor

11. Earrings

12. Martha Stewart Glitter Paint

13. Mod Podge Starter Pack

Amy Huntley is the owner/author of The Idea Room. A mother of five, who enjoys sharing her love of all things creative in hopes of inspiring other women and families. Connect with her on Google+, or read more of her posts.


  1. 2

    My favorite thing is the Mod Podge kit :)

  2. 3

    Candy eyeballs-so fun to decorate with!

  3. 4

    My favorite thing is the glitter ;-)

  4. 5

    I would normally say the MP, but right now the candy eyeballs. I’m hungry. :D

  5. 6

    what a fun idea. I love those socks. My feet are always cold!

  6. 7

    Love the candy eyeballs. Used them in a Halloween popcorn treat for the grandkids. They loved them!

  7. 9
    Lisa Perry says:

    Anything apricot gets me going. Never heard of the Apricot rope, hitting Target to check it out.

  8. 10

    Such a fun basket! Love the socks, the candy…eyeballs…how cute!

  9. 11

    I love the Mod Podge, because you can never have enough Mod Podge. ;)

  10. 12

    I love, love, love glitter paint!!

  11. 13

    Personalized hand sanitizer/soap bottles

  12. 14

    love the crystal light lemonade single serve…have at work and home….

  13. 15

    I like the fuzzy socks. I live in Wisconsin and its getting cold.

  14. 16
    Cindy Hillman says:

    I love the glitter paint. My 3 year old little girl loves painting and the glitter would just be over the top for her! So fun.

  15. 17

    Socks! It’s getting cold!

  16. 18

    the personalized hand sanitizer bottle because I always have one out and now it would look cute too!

  17. 19

    So Fun!

  18. 20

    I love all things lemon!

  19. 21

    What a great giveaway!

  20. 22

    Very cool

  21. 23

    Do terra tension!

  22. 24

    When I saw your basket, the first thing that caught my eyes were the fuzzy socks! I LOVE fuzzy socks (I only own about ten pairs thus far…). And then, as I continued to look at everything, the candy eyes and the GLITTER paint (I LOVE GLITTER) made me very happy!

  23. 25

    Crystal Light pink lemonade. YUM!!!

  24. 26

    love aquaphor!

  25. 27
    Merideth Dunning says:

    My favorite is the Martha Stewart Glitter Paint! That will be soooo fun!

  26. 28

    I’m excited about the Mod Podge–I go through a lot of that.

  27. 29

    Aquaphor—I use it all the time on everything! And have forever!

  28. 30

    I love the Bath and Body Kitchen Lemon (Bath & Body Works), because it gets off any food smell from my hands like onion and garlic!

  29. 31

    The fruit leathers from Target are so good!

  30. 32

    I like the chocolate. Dove is the best, so creamy.

  31. 33

    Love those earrings and fuzzy socks!

  32. 34

    I love the Candy eye-balls! What a fun idea to have on hand to make cupcakes or cookies more fun!

  33. 35

    the glitter paint because I love glitter!

  34. 36

    I’m all about jewelry right now! The earrings are peaking my interest!

  35. 37

    I have heard amazing things about DoTerra Tension! I would love to try that. Anything to help calm my system would be fabulous!

  36. 38
    Huguette E. says:

    Right now as I have cold feet I’m going to say the socks, they look warm :)

  37. 39

    Being as crafty as I am, the mod podge and glitter have me excited!

  38. 40

    love fuzzy socks. Nothing better during the winter

  39. 41

    what a fun giveaway!

  40. 42

    Love this basket! I have several things I love in this basket…..fuzzy socks…crystal light…chocolate!

  41. 43
    Tiffany B. says:

    I love the fuzzy socks. My toesies are always cold, but here in Utah the temps are starting to drop. These socks not only would keep me warm but they look so comfy!

  42. 44

    Candy eyeballs and mod podge because I love to bake and craft and these are always needed

  43. 45
    Carla Graves says:

    Such fun stuff! Saw lots of my favorite things too!

  44. 46

    DoTerra oil but the apricot leather is also a top fave!

  45. 47

    I would keep a thing or two for myself and then, share the wealth with more friends! Wish me luck!

  46. 48

    I <3 Aquaphor for my chapped nurse hands.

  47. 49

    Martha Stewart Glitter Paint rocks… Ive made sooo many cute glasses and mugs with those all you do is bake and its dishwasher safe!

  48. 50

    I love love love your basket! Thanks for the great giveaway!

    • 51

      I forgot to say what I loved the most!!! I love the martha stewart glitter! We just used it for a YW activity and it is awesome!!!

  49. 52
    Audrey Crisp says:

    I’ve been wanting to try mod podge!

  50. 53

    i love the mod podge stuff… I have only used it a little… but I want to try the different finishes!!

  51. 54

    Glitter paint, love it!

  52. 55

    The whole basket is great but my favorite item is the mod podge starter kit. I’d love to try it out!

  53. 56

    Lets see, modge podge or crystal light, both used daily!

  54. 57

    The glitter paint!

  55. 58

    I love the candy eyeballs! They are so fun to decorate with, especially for kids :)

  56. 59
    Janet Boyanton says:

    The Dove Milk Chocolate.

  57. 60

    Love the candy eyeballs. I’ve been wanting to do something with those forever!

  58. 61
    nikki hatfield wilson says:

    Matha Steward glitter and Modge podge are my favorites in this basket. I love sparkle!

  59. 62

    I love this giveaway! Everything in your basket is so great! I especially like the glitter paint:)

  60. 63

    Definitely the Mod Podge Starter Pack!

  61. 64

    What a cute basket. The socks rock!!

  62. 65

    I adore fuzzy socks, I wear them all winter long to keep my toes toasty!

  63. 66

    The candy eyes! I think my daughter would love them and I’m trying to be more creative with her meals to encourage her to eat more.

  64. 67

    Gotta be the chocolate! Love chocolate.

  65. 68

    I’d love to stock-up on candy eyeballs! :-) The DoTerra oil is a generous prize I would love to try!

  66. 69
    carly dunavant says:

    The candy eyeballs. I want to decorate some cookies with them!

  67. 70

    so excited for the fuzzy socks! i need cute winter socks! thank you so much for the giveaway, i’d love to win! :)

  68. 71

    Love me some Crystal Light! Yummy and guilt free, what’s not to love? Thanks for the chance to win!

  69. 72

    The chocolate! Chocolate makes everything better!

  70. 73

    My favorite (guilty pleasure) prize is the Dove Milk Chocolate.

  71. 74

    I was eyeing the glitter paint this week at Hobby Lobby, I’d love to win!

  72. 75

    hmm…the eyeballs or i would like to try out the doterra

  73. 76

    I love glitter!

  74. 77

    I love using Aquaphor and drinking Crystal Light.

  75. 78
    Michelle Fears says:

    Fabulous giveaway.

  76. 79
    stephanie kirk says:

    Fuzzy socks as my feet are always cold!

  77. 80

    candy eyeballs! so many fun cupcake ideas!

  78. 81

    Love give aways

  79. 82

    Dove chocolate! And the earrings are super cute

  80. 83

    dove milk chocolate. what girl doesn’t need some chocolate!

  81. 84

    Fuzzy Socks! My feet are always cold so I can never have too many :)

  82. 85

    Fuzzy socks! I have a pair in my room, in my car, and at my friend’s house because my feet get cold at random times and I’ve got to be prepared!

  83. 86
    carol jane says:

    I would love to try the modge podge starter kit, because I never used it before.

  84. 87

    Crystal Light! I always feel guilty when I drink sugar.

  85. 88
    Kelley Galyen says:

    The chocolate because …well…it’s chocolate.

  86. 89

    I love the candy eyeballs since I did not know that Target sold them. These can be used on cookies, cupcakes

  87. 90

    I am in LOVE with this entire idea of all of you teaming together to do these giveaways. It’s so fun to see all the FAVORITES. :) Thank you for the anticipation and giveaway.

    My favorite thing I’d want to try is the MS glitter because I’ve never worked with it but it’s on my list of things to try! :)

  88. 91

    Hard to choose, but the chocolate! :)

  89. 92
    Lauran Frank says:

    The Martha Stewart paint!

  90. 93

    Fuzzy socks for sure!

  91. 94
    Christy Finley says:

    I love your basket.

  92. 95
    Kathy Davis says:

    My favorite item is the Wilton Candy Eyeballs. I love to bake and my granddaughter would love helping me decorate cupcakes with these.

  93. 96

    mod podge…i’m interested in trying out this kind of craft

  94. 97
    Kathy Davis says:

    GFC follower as Mrs. Kathy Davis.

  95. 98
    Kathy Davis says:

    I follow The Idea Room on Facebook as Kathy Newsom Davis.

  96. 99

    Candy Eyeballs because my son loves to decorate his cookies and cupcakes with them.

  97. 100

    The modge podge starter kit! I need it because I’ve been wanting to start crafting with it :)

  98. 101

    Fuzzy socks are my favorite! I also love modge podge!

  99. 102

    would love this!

  100. 103

    Aquaphor, because I have a new baby boy with sensitive skin and three girls that keep chapped lips in the winter!

  101. 104

    the fuzzy socks – - that’s what I like to give as gifts!

  102. 105

    I’m pretty excited about the earrings because I have a slight earring fetish (the best accessory!!!!).

  103. 106

    Dove chocolate? yummmm

  104. 107

    I would love the Martha Stewart Glitter Paint! It would be fun to make some glittery ornaments with my girls!

  105. 108

    Anything Martha is my favorite! :-)

  106. 109

    The Dove chocolate is my fav for sure! I think it’s self explanatory. :)

  107. 110

    fuzzy socks because they are the best to live in around the house in the winter!

  108. 111

    The socks – they keep you so cozy on a cold winter day!

  109. 112
    Mistie Barfus says:

    Candy eyeballs! How fun!

  110. 113

    I love the Fuzzy Socks (Target or Old Navy) {to keep my feet warm on those cold crafting mornings} and the Glitter paint {how can you not love glitter}!!

  111. 114

    I like the modpodge because it looks cool and want to try using it.

  112. 115

    The Scentsy spray is what I like the most, because I have never used a scentsy product and people seem to go nuts for the stuff! I’d love to try it!

  113. 116

    I like the fuzzy socks – gotta keep my feet warm in the winter.

  114. 117
    Rachel Lore'l says:

    Those fuzzy socks look awesome. My feet are always freezing.

  115. 118

    I love the googley eyes!!

  116. 119

    I have been a reader of your blog for a while now, and you have such creative ideas! Thank you!

  117. 120

    I love the fruit leather from Target! Glad I’m not the only one :)

  118. 121

    Cute basket! I love the candy eyes!

  119. 122

    Love, love, love your basket!!

  120. 123

    FUZZY SOCKS!!!!!! <3

  121. 124

    I love B&BW Kitchen Lemon! It smells so clean and refreshing – I have one by my kitchen sink right now!

  122. 125
    Tracie Wyckoff says:

    All the things look good, but I would have to say the Dove Chocolates are the best. Love em. As for the why, well that’s easy… chocolate.

  123. 126

    Love the modpodge pack – i’ve never used it!

  124. 127

    CANDY EYEBALLS!! I had no idea you could get them at tarjay!

  125. 128

    My favorite would be the glitter paint!

  126. 129
    Alexis Bulloch says:

    Love the Modge Podge

  127. 130

    So I kind of sort of adore your basket! Found you via the giveaway, but I think I won already… since I found a new blog to heart!

  128. 131

    The fuzzy socks! My feet get cold.

  129. 132

    My favorite thing in your basket are the fuzzy, soft socks. I love those things and wear them out each winter. Great giveaway!

  130. 133
    Sara Carter says:

    Lancome Nutrix Royal body lotion is my favorite gift to give – love it!

  131. 134
    Heidi Adams says:

    fuzzy socks, hands down!!! love to put on fuzzy socks on a cold day, very comforting :)

  132. 135

    The Scentsy spray LOVE it!

  133. 136

    Love eveything in this basket!!!

  134. 137

    This basket looks like a lot of fun!

  135. 138

    Who wouldn’t love this cute gift pack? The candy eyes are so cute, I feel like I should buy a pack of these and stick them on every cookie and cake I make! Love it!

  136. 139

    mod podge kit!

  137. 140

    I love mod podge. i use it every day and love it!!!

  138. 141

    eyeballs!! :)

  139. 142

    I like the glitter paint because I love glitter!

  140. 143

    Aquaphor! With my dry skin/eczema its a must wherever I go!

  141. 144

    Wow! Tough to choose but I do love fuzzy socks during this season!

  142. 145
    Serene Kjar says:

    the fuzzy socks, love to have my feet warm and cozy!

  143. 146

    Martha Stewart Glitter Paint!! Gotta have some glitter and in the paint form makes it even better!!

  144. 147
    Matea Bradshaw says:

    Candy eyes are one of my favorites too!!

  145. 148

    I love the Aquaphor!

  146. 149

    My favorite is the fuzzy socks

  147. 150

    Mod Podge Kit. Perfect for holiday crafts.

  148. 151

    cool basket

  149. 152
    YESSENIA O. says:

    Love all the craft supplies

  150. 153

    Lovely! I hope I win!

  151. 154
    Shaunta' May says:

    I LOVE the fuzzy socks. When I seen them, I thought they would go nicely with the great book I am reading! All cozy on the couch with Big Train Vanilla Chai. (BTVC is one of MY favorite things, you should try it!)

  152. 155
    charmaine says:

    i wish i have this basket of goodies too!

  153. 156

    Love the glitter paint! Thank you for the chance to win a fun basket :)

  154. 157
    Jess from Cox's Corner says:

    I like Mod Podge the best because it’s so versatile!

  155. 158
    Marlene in Aloha says:

    Marths Glitter Paint and candy eyeballs Heaven!!!!!!!!

  156. 159

    I like your giveaway basket that i like idea new makeover room soon new fresh.

  157. 160

    The martha Stewart Paint for sure! And then the mod Podge

  158. 161

    I love the eyeballs!! I love to bake and these would be adorable on some sugar cookies or cupcakes! Never knew there was such a thing as candy eyeballs! Too cute!!

  159. 162

    Dove Chocolates

  160. 163

    My feet are always cold at this time of year, so I can never get enough warm, fuzzy socks.

  161. 164

    My favorite is a toss up between the mode podge and the glitter. I love craftiness love. :)

  162. 165
    Angie McGeown says:

    Glitter!!!! That is my favorite thing in the basket. With the holidays coming up, I could definitely put that to use!

  163. 166

    Right now the socks look good because my feet are cold!

  164. 167

    The glitter is my favorite because I am all about sparkle. :)

  165. 168

    The glitter but the eyeballs were a close second.

  166. 169

    I love everything! It feels like xmass

  167. 170
    Missy Cox says:


  168. 171
    Andrea D. says:

    I love the Dove Chocolate.

  169. 172

    Love the chocolate – no explanation needed :)

  170. 173

    The fuzzy socks!!! They look so warm and cozy <3

  171. 174

    I love the modge podge!

  172. 175
    Anne Marie says:

    Love the chocolate!

  173. 176

    glitter paint how fun or mod podge

  174. 177

    The candy eyeballs are my fav. Because they are creepy & cool at the same time.

  175. 178

    Beautiful basket!

  176. 179

    Loving the candy eyeballs!

  177. 180

    I know it’s silly but those fuzzy socks- LOL I need them, and everything else is such a treat! :)


  178. 181

    It is SOOO fun u put the eyeballs in there … I love to use these in lunches!!

  179. 182
    Wendy Hoffman says:

    I love Bath & Body Works Kitchen Lemon!

  180. 183

    I am with you on the candy eyeballs. So cute!

  181. 184

    Glitter paint? What fun!!!!

  182. 185

    LOVE the glitter .. just cause ..

  183. 186

    It is all so fun!! warm socks to mod podge!

  184. 187

    I love the Martha Stewart glitter paint, because I just love crafting!

  185. 188
    Sue Welsh says:

    Nothing like a comfy pair of fuzzy socks….great basket!

  186. 189

    The fuzzy socks are the best!! My husband keeps our house way too cold!

  187. 190

    I can’t decide between the eyeballs and the glitter.

  188. 191
    Jennifer Ellicott says:

    Ha ha! Those candy eyeballs…. and the Scentsy Body Spray! The whole basket is amazing… thank you!

  189. 192

    I love the glitter paint! I have never tried it but would love to!

  190. 193
    Megan Purdy says:

    Love the scentsy body spray, I have scentsy products all over my house!

  191. 194

    Fuzzy socks and chocolate! Great combination

  192. 195

    Earrings, Glitter, or Mod Podge

  193. 196

    mod podge – soooo many uses for this stuff!

  194. 197

    Love the items in your giveaway!

  195. 198
    Pauline Gudas says:

    I need fuzzy socks here in Maine It is getting cold

  196. 199

    I love the candy eyeballs. My kids would really get a kick out of those!

  197. 200

    The Mod Podge start kit. I’ve always seen so many DIY that use it, but haven’t gotten up the nerve to try it out yet!

  198. 201

    I want the glitter paint! I can never have enough glam in my life!

  199. 202
    Trish @I_am_Succeeding says:

    Scentsy Body Spray

  200. 203

    My favorite is the B&BW Lemon Kitchen, because I absolutely LOVE the scent of it!

  201. 204

    RSS subscriber.

  202. 205

    The earrings. I’m really into fun earrings right now.

  203. 206
    Staci Lusk says:

    My favorite is the candy eyeballs; too cute!!

  204. 207
    Tracie Brown says:

    dove chocolate because there is always a time and place for chocolate :)

  205. 208

    Wilton candy eye balls since I like to decorate cookies.

  206. 209

    I love the fuzzy socks. My husband makes fun of me for how many pairs of those I have.

  207. 210

    Love the Martha Stewart glitter. The colors and texture are perfect for so many projects!

  208. 211

    Glitter paint. My kids love to paint!

  209. 212

    The glitter paint. I love all things sparkly!

  210. 213

    Woohoo giveaway time!

  211. 214

    I love the candy eyes. My girls will have so much fun with those!

  212. 215

    Glitter Paint!! Best invention ever!!

  213. 216

    books and homemade items

  214. 217

    Ooh, the glitter paint!

  215. 218

    The Scentsy body spray, since I have heard such great things about these products but I have never had the chance to try them!

  216. 219
    Christie N. says:

    I love the Wilton eyeballs! They are so cute! Thank you for the fun giveaways.

  217. 220
    Susan Stitch says:

    Oh my goodness — googly eyeballs for food decorating! I’ve never seen those and they are by FAR my favorite item (well, that makes it sound like I don’t like the other things. All the items are awesome, but come on, GOOGLY EYES!!!!!!)

  218. 221

    I love the fuzzy socks, my feet are cold right now ;-) ! And crafty supplies are always good!

  219. 222

    I love the glitter paint because there’s so much you can do with it and it’s one of my kid’s favorites too

  220. 223

    warm fuzzy socks! :)

  221. 224
    Jeanine Crane says:

    Those fruit strips are my favorite too!

  222. 225
    Tawnya Kesler says:

    I love it all!!

  223. 226

    Fuzzy socks because you CAN NOT have enough of them in the winter! :)

  224. 227

    Great giveaway

  225. 228

    Cute and fun. My favorite would be the mod podge kit.

  226. 229
    Brittany Hanson says:

    I love that Martha paint!

  227. 230

    DoTerra Tension…..love their oils!

  228. 231

    I love glitter paint. I love getting to craft and these glitter paints just make thing sparkle.

  229. 232

    I loooove the earrings-I am such an earring addict! I also like the fuzzy socks, hehe-and everything in the basket!

  230. 233

    You had me at Chocolate!

  231. 234

    I LOVE favorite things packages! It makes me feel like Oprah.

  232. 235

    I love the fuzzy socks, I have one pair that is totally goofy and would love another one

  233. 236
    Danielle Brown says:

    the socks!

  234. 237

    Fun! It all looks great!

  235. 238

    Love the fuzzy socks and everything else!

  236. 239

    loving the earrings – i had a similar pair and one fell out, so it’d be cool to have a new pair like those! :)

  237. 240

    What a wonderful basket FULL of goodies!!! I love it all, but my favorite thing is the Martha Stewart glitter paint. I have been dying to try it out.

  238. 241

    We glitter everything at our house so we would love the glitter paint.

  239. 242

    My favorite thing would be the fuzzy socks beacuse me feet are always cold. I have to say though I love everything in the basket.

  240. 243

    So much fun! I would love all the things in this basket, and I’d love them while eating the Dove chocolates–my favorites.

  241. 244

    Love the wilton eyes, they worked great on our angrybird cupcakes!

  242. 245

    I’ve been wanting to try the MS Glitter Paint. Thanks for the chance!

  243. 246

    Mod Podge kit as I’ve seen so many great projects on Pinterest that I would love to make

  244. 247

    The socks because i go through about 10 of the a year i love them sooo much

  245. 248

    The fuzzy socks. I wear them all winter long…so soft and cozy.

  246. 249

    The glitter paint. I can think of some fun Christmas ornaments to make with some glitter paint.

  247. 250

    I love the glitter paint!

  248. 251

    I’m most excited to see the MS glitter paint. Great basket!

  249. 252

    Bath and Body Works Lemon Kitchen soap is my fav too! I love the clean, citrusy scent! Lifts my mood!

  250. 253
    Josanne M says:

    The Mod Podge…. so many crafts to be made

  251. 254

    I love the candy eyes because they instantly make everything come alive! :)

  252. 255

    This is such a fun giveaway! Thank you for giving me a chance to win!

  253. 256
    Dena Hamlin says:

    love the mini mod podge gift pack! great idea for all of those crafters out there :)

  254. 257

    My favorite thing is the ModPoge, I use it for SO many projects.

  255. 258

    I love that you have fruit leather in your basket! I was so excited when our southern grocery stores finally started stocking fruit leather!

  256. 259

    Martha Stewart Glitter Paint… Every girl needs a little glitter in her life.

  257. 260
    Sta strittmatter says:

    I love the modge podge I use it on my papercrafting projects love the smell too!

  258. 261

    AQUAPHOR!!! I work in dermatology and this stuff is the BEST!!!

  259. 262

    The glitter paint. Who doesn’t love glitter paint?

  260. 263

    I love the Martha Stewart glitter paint. Every time we walk by it in the store my kids BEG for it!

  261. 264

    I’d love to try that glitter paint!

  262. 265

    Mod Podge! Need it for all my crafts.

  263. 266

    Would love to win some chocolate.

  264. 267

    That glitter paint is fabulous! I love making things that sparkle!

  265. 268

    the scentsy body spray

  266. 269

    I love the fuzzy socks! Socks are one of my absolute favorite gifts to receive. I keep wishing I will wake up on Christmas morning and find a giant stocking filled with nothing but snuggly socks.

  267. 270

    My favorite thing is the glitter paint because I’m hopelessly addicted to glitter.

  268. 271

    My favorite thing is the earrings! I have a very similar pair that I LOVED and I recently lost one!

  269. 272
    Becky Jones says:

    My favorite of your favorites :) would be the MS Glitter paint..because my two girls and I are on a mission to include more handmade goodies than ever before in our Christmas giving and celebrating!! Thanks so much for the gorgeous basket giveaway!

  270. 273

    I love the Mod Podge Starter Pack!

  271. 274

    i love the fuzzy socks!

  272. 275
    Becky Greene says:

    I love the Mod Pdge because I love to craft unusual items using fabric!

  273. 276

    My favorite is the chocolate….for obvious reasons!

  274. 277

    Either the fuzzy socks for my fat, pregnant feet…or the glitter paint! I already have two little girls who LOVE this paint!

  275. 278

    I love the earrings! They just complete an outfit!

  276. 279

    My favorites are fuzzy socks because they are so cozy and soft on your feet in the wintertime.

  277. 280

    I like the modge podge starter kit! So many fun things you can do with it!

  278. 281

    I love the fuzzy socks because they keep me warm all winter long :)

  279. 282

    I would love to win your basket. Fun things!

  280. 283

    I really want to try mod podge out, so I’d love to win that kit

  281. 284
    Kristi Wolff says:

    I just used the candy eyes last weekend for some fabulously cute Mummie cupcakes! I love that you included them in your basket!

  282. 285

    Kitchen lemon!

  283. 286

    What a fun idea!! Thanks for an awesome giveaway! Love some glitter paint.

  284. 287
    Lina Correa says:

    The glitter paint cause I JUST bought some yesterday!

  285. 288

    ooohhh, great giveaway! love the season of giving!! also…we love those wilton eye balls..so fun with 3 little boys!!

  286. 289

    I think my favorite thing is the bath and body works lemon kitchen soap. I love the clean scent of lemon and their soaps seem to last longer. Thanks!

  287. 290

    I like the socks and glitter paint.

  288. 291
    Jessie C. says:

    Aquaphor, I can’t live without this great stuff.

  289. 292

    The eyeballs are so cute!

  290. 293

    I liked” Mod Podge Starter Pack”…have many cute ideas for wall decor ! Thanks

  291. 294

    My favorite thing in the basket is the chocolate. Why? Because it’s chocolate!! :)

  292. 295

    I love the glitter and the eyes (so fun!).

  293. 296
    Lauren V. says:

    Martha Stewart glitter is the best!

  294. 297

    I am excited about the DoTERRA essential oils. I’ve heard great things about them, but have never taken the plunge. Plus, I need to relieve tension on a daily basis!

  295. 298
    Elizabeth (Coupon Lizzi) says:

    Glitter Paint!

  296. 299

    I love the Bath & Body Works Kitchen Lemon – it is my favorite scent and I use it in my kitchen all the time!

  297. 300

    Dove Chocolate will be the death of me.

  298. 301

    fuzzy socks on…eating candy eyeballs and modge podging something…

  299. 302

    I love the lemon scents/flavor – no matter the season lemon is my favorite.

  300. 303

    Martha Stewart Glitter Paint! I have always wanted to try some of her products.

  301. 304

    My fav? The Mod Podge Starter kit…the possibilities are endless!

  302. 305

    The glitter paint,

  303. 306

    Those fuzzy socks– LOVE!!!

  304. 307

    Love Fuzzy Socks

  305. 308
    Stacy Clark says:

    Modge Podge Kit – I love making gifts with it!

  306. 309
    carrie eastman says:

    My favorite item would have to be the modge poge!! YOu cant get enough of that stuff!

  307. 310

    those warm fuzzy socks look awesome!

  308. 311

    The earrings- beautiful!

  309. 312

    I love the fuzzy socks because it is getting really cold out here in DC!

  310. 313

    Love it!

  311. 314

    Chocolate, Crystal Light, and Bath and Body; love those:)

  312. 315
    Miriam Prantner says:

    Great basket! My stomach says Apricot Fruit Leather is my favorite, but my crafty side says Modge Podge….

  313. 316

    The Candy Eyeballs – so fun to decorate with!

  314. 317

    I’d love to try the Modge Podge Starter kit and I love fuzzy socks!!

  315. 318

    I love Target’s fruit leather!

  316. 319

    love the candy eyeballs

  317. 320

    I am excited about the Modge Podge Kit.

  318. 321

    love the Crystal Light! Gotta love no cal/low cal drinks!

  319. 322
    staci decoteau says:

    Glitter Paint HOW FUN!! Thanks so much for bringinh this to us!!

  320. 323

    Fruit leather is an awesome snack – and I love apricot flavors!

  321. 324

    My favorite item would probably be Modge Podge kit.

  322. 325
    Camille Pantier says:

    I love the Doterra tension. I have 5 boys, need I say more? ;)

  323. 326

    The glitter paint! I love doing crafts with glitter paint!

  324. 327

    I love the candy eyeballs! Now that I am a stay at home mom, my two year old son and I do a lot of baking together and those eyeballs could make some very fun cupcakes!

  325. 328


  326. 329

    Always enjoy your blog!!

  327. 330

    Don’t think I did it right because I didn’t leave a comment on blog. My favorite would be chocolate, what woman doesn’t like chocolate?

  328. 331

    Candy eyes. My kids will love these.

  329. 332
    lydia goodman says:

    Favorite? thats tough, fuzzy socks cuz my feet are always cold, crystal light cuz its soooo good, or mod podge cuz i use it all the time……….

  330. 333

    Glitter paint! And chocolate, always chocolate

  331. 334
    Emily Wilson says:

    the mod podge, I have never used it and would love to give it a try!

  332. 335
    Ashleigh winkler says:

    I love the socks, because my feet are always cold!

  333. 336

    How Fun! I’d love to win your basket :)

  334. 337

    Love the Martha Stewart glitter paint!

  335. 338

    I have been wanting that glitter paint! Thanks for the chance to win!

  336. 339

    I’d love to try some of these fun things!

  337. 340

    Hard to pin down just one favorite: the Dove chocolate, the glitter paint, mod podge, fuzzy socks…um…how about everything!

  338. 341

    The kitchen lemon is my favorite soap to use…in the kitchen! Love it!

  339. 342
    Andi B Robbins says:

    I LOVE the glitter paint!

  340. 343

    Love the modge podge starter kit! Great for craft projects!

  341. 344

    LOVE the MS Glitter paint pack =)

  342. 346

    I’m a new convert of Aquaphor and Love it! It’s a great basket give away! Thanks!

  343. 347

    Fuzzy Socks! Although the other goodies looks awesome too!

  344. 348

    Fuzzy Socks!! I live in these in the winter!! :)

  345. 349

    Love the Modge Podge starter kit!

  346. 350

    The Fuzzy Socks. I always enjoy those during the winter. :)

  347. 351

    I love fuzzy warm socks in the winter.

  348. 352

    Love your favorites!

  349. 353

    Love me some glitter paint and oh Mod Podge and yup, can never have enough chocolate! Thanks for the opportunity!

  350. 354

    Love fuzzy socks and chocolate!

  351. 355

    Super fun basket! I love the glitter paint and cake eyes.

  352. 356

    I love fuzzy socks!!

  353. 357

    Great giveaway!

  354. 358

    I didn’t know that modpodge came in so many flavors! I want that. I also want those candy eyes. Think of all those eyes as cupcakes staring at you.

  355. 359

    Luv the fuzzy socks, cause my piggies are always cold!

  356. 360

    How fun, thanks for the chance to win!

  357. 361

    I love the doTerra Tension…this is a must for headache sufferers.

  358. 362

    As cold weather approaches, I carry Aquaphor wherever I go!

  359. 363
    Jessica T. says:

    Love the googly baking eyes! They’re darling and I can think of many cute things I’d made with them. :)

  360. 364

    Love the fuzzy socks, my feet get so cold in the winter!

  361. 365

    I love the candy eyeballs!

  362. 366

    i love that glitter paint … looks SO fun! thanks for the awesome giveaway! :]

  363. 367

    I love this basket! I’ve never tried the DoTerra Tension – I’ll have to check it out! Most of this is awesome stuff I love to use regularly! Thanks!

  364. 368

    I love the Bath and Body Lemon! Lemon has always been one of my favorite smells because it’s so fresh! Hope I get to use it!! :)

  365. 369

    Love your site so much!! I have to say the martha stewart glitter paint is our favorite around here. Great for holiday crafts!

  366. 370

    I love the socks…Those are my favorite this time of year!

  367. 371

    Tough question. Probably the coolest thing is the candy eyeballs. I didn’t even know that existed and it would make my cookies and cake balls so much less frumpy. But I do love some glitter….

  368. 372

    I love it all!

  369. 373

    Love it! Such a fun idea

  370. 374

    My favorite is the Dove Chocolate. I love Dove.

  371. 375

    Easy answer is modge podge, but I could do some fabulous things with that glitter paint! :)

  372. 376

    My favorite thing is the Mod Podge. I haven’t used this product yet but I saw a great craft today that uses Mod Podge!

  373. 377

    The glitter paint. I have four girls and we love to craft.

  374. 378

    Mod Podge Kit, you can do anything crafty with it!

  375. 379

    Scentsy Body Spray

    I love anything with fragrance!

  376. 380

    I’ve been dying to try those candy eyes!

  377. 381

    Fuzzy socks! I love those things – I am always cold.

  378. 382
    kellie harmon says:

    The socks are awesome for cold wyoming nights

  379. 383

    My favorite is Dove Milk Chocolate! Who doesn’t want to give or get love with Dove?!

  380. 384


  381. 385

    Loving the candy eyeballs and the glitter!

  382. 386

    I love the socks. Everything is better with warm feet!

  383. 387

    Fabulous basket!

  384. 388

    My favorite is number 5 from Eighteen25.

  385. 389
    Julianne Johnson says:

    Sugar eyeballs

  386. 390
    Dori Mosher says:

    I adore fuzzy slipper socks.

  387. 391
    Meredith W. says:

    Candy eyeballs? Amazing!

  388. 392
    Danielle Johnson says:

    The Mod Podge is my favorite! I’m super crafty and use if on everything :)

  389. 393

    I love the Bath & Body works Kitchen Lemon hand soap!

  390. 394

    I’m digging the candy eyeballs…we are always baking something yummy here!

  391. 395

    Scentsy has body spray?! Great basket!

  392. 396

    I LOVE FUZZY SOCK!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  393. 397

    My favorite thing in the basket is the glitter paint! :D

  394. 398

    The Modge Podge Starter kit

  395. 399
    nichole lizak says:

    i love the dove chocolate! dove is my fav chocolate because it’s so smooth and creamy!

  396. 400

    the socks! you can always use some extras!

  397. 401

    Love the chocolates, crystal light, mod podge….

  398. 402

    Wilton Candy Eyeballs

  399. 403

    The earings!

  400. 404

    I love Mod Podge!

  401. 405

    The Martha Stewart glitter paint — I was just eyeing this in the store yesterday! (a close second is Aquaphor… love that stuff)

  402. 406

    love the earrings! :)

  403. 407

    Who doesn’t need Mod Podge!! Great gift basket! Thanks for the opportunity :0)

  404. 408

    The Modge PodGE KIT

  405. 409
    Rebecca Walding says:

    Dove milk chocolate… Because a girl needs something sweet to take the stress out of life… A little indulgence

  406. 410

    Glitter paint!!

  407. 411

    My favorite thing right now as winter and dry weather is approaching is Aquaphor. It is a must in my purse.

  408. 412
    debbie faunce says:

    love the fruit leather but would to try some of the unfamilar.

  409. 413
    Jennifer Jensen says:

    Such a fun prize basket. I’d have to say my favorite thing is the doTerra Tension! Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  410. 414

    The glitter paint, I have been wanting to get some to use with my kids and they would definitely be happy to get it. :)

  411. 415


  412. 416

    the glitter paint looks fun

  413. 417

    The glitter is my favorite! Everyone needs some sparkle in their life!

  414. 418

    I love the chocolate, the soap, and the modgepodge. Why? Because there’s nothing like a good piece of chocolate, clean lemon-y hands, or DIY craftiness.

  415. 419

    My favorite thing is the Mod Podge kit because … wait for it … I’ve NEVER used Mod Podge before and I’m dying to use it!!! :)

  416. 420

    There’s nothing I love more than fuzzy socks in the winter!

  417. 421

    Dove chocolate- I’m a chocolate snob and that’s the good stuff. :)

  418. 422

    Sooo many fun things inside your basket it’s hard to choose just one but I’m lovin the cutsie soap bottle!!

  419. 423

    LOVE bath and body works soap!

  420. 424

    I love the Dove chocolate

  421. 425
    Jennifer Bunderson says:

    Mmmmm!! My favorite item would definiely be the Matha Stewart Glitter Paint!! How fun!

  422. 426

    It’s definitely been a monday today so I’m thinking right now my fave item would be the chocolate :)

  423. 427

    the modpodge and glitter pain

  424. 428

    mod podge & the paint

  425. 429

    Fuzzy socks! With my thyroid issues….my feet are always SO cold!

  426. 430
    Lara Bysiek says:

    Candy eyeballs-how cute!!!

  427. 431
    Briann neeley says:

    Love the fuzzy socks, perfect for winter!

  428. 432

    Well, at first I would have said the MS paint, but then I saw those super fun candy eyeballs and I have never used such a thing! I could have a lot of fun with those on cupcakes!!!

  429. 433

    One can never have too many fuzzy socks!

  430. 434

    The glitter paint!

  431. 435
    Christine says:

    Martha Stewart glitter paint~

  432. 436
    Janet Smith says:

    love the Bath &Body Soaps

  433. 437

    I like the candy eyeballs – my five year-old son would love them!

  434. 438

    The Mod Podge Kit. I love Mod Podge

  435. 439
    Lisa Hoeme says:

    Love Mod Podge!

  436. 440

    personalized soap bottle to use in my girls’ bathroom.

  437. 441

    It’s a toss up b/n the glitter and the eyeballs. Lots of crafts lately and lots of fun cupcakes with the kids during the last 3 months of the year.

  438. 442

    I’m not sure I could choose just one. Aquaphor, fuzzy socks, earrings, mod podge, and glitter paint! It’s like I made this basket myself!

  439. 443

    Nice variety! Fuzzy sox look great

  440. 444

    I really want to win this! I want to experiment with ModgePodge.

  441. 445
    Kristin PG says:

    Definitely the Martha Stewart paint; I love that stuff. She seriously has the best colors!

  442. 446
    Melissa Foust says:

    My fav item is Auquaphor. I love it! And my babies use it too n

  443. 447

    the crystal light, i drink it everyday!

  444. 448

    chocolate of course!

  445. 449
    lajamison says:

    The candy eyeballs are amazing!! I can’t wait to get some and let me kids make some cookies, or ice cream sundaes, or on the top of pancakes – it’s endless.

  446. 450
    janelle reyes says:

    Love the custom soap dispenser! Great basket full of goodies!

  447. 451

    The Mod Podge kit! I love to craft!

    Thanks for the offer of this great giveaway!

  448. 452

    fuzzy socks

  449. 453

    Thanks for a chance to win the gifts!

  450. 454

    I like the scentsy body spray because I like the fresh smell without the heaviness of perfume.

  451. 455
    Stephanie says:

    B&BW Kitchen Lemon is my absolute FAV! I always have it in my kitchen except for around the fall because I think those smells are too die for too, love your cute cute basket!! :)

  452. 456
    Annalisa C. says:

    Love the mod podge and the Dove chocolates :) Not together of course!

  453. 457
    Kimberly W says:

    I love pretty much everything in your gift basket! Let’s hope I’m the lucky winner.

  454. 458
    Sarah Barrett says:

    Dove chocolate is my favorite! I could eat a whole bag in one sitting.

  455. 459
    Carla Hundley says:

    This is so much fun! I’d love to win your basket!

    Carla from Utah

  456. 460

    I love the fuzzy socks! I’ve almost worn out the pair I have! I wear them at home all the time.

  457. 461

    My favorite thing in your basket is the dove milk chocolate. Yum!

  458. 462

    The little Mod Podges are so cute!

  459. 463

    fuzzy socks

  460. 464

    I love the earrings! I’m a girl who’s all about jewelry!

  461. 465

    The Mod Podge starter kit. I’m a Mod Podge wannabe :)

  462. 466

    Those funny eyeballs! :)

  463. 467

    They are all great! Would have to pick the fuzzy socks because it is almost winter and they look cozy! Thanks!

  464. 468

    The candy eyeballs – I’ve been wanting to get some to have some fun in the kitchen with my boys!

  465. 469

    The candy eyeballs are what I love. Really cute.

  466. 470
    Lisa Besancon says:

    So excited about this giveaway!!

  467. 471

    I love the Bath and Body Kitchen Lemon soap! It smells so nice and clean!

  468. 472

    My favorite would be the fuzzy socks because I always have to have warm socks on during the winter…my feet are always cold!

  469. 473

    Fuzzy Socks :)

  470. 474

    I love the Wilton candy eyes. I’d like to try them when decorating cookies or cakes.
    Haven’t seen them in the stores.

  471. 475

    I love the fuzzy socks! nothing like warm socks on cold days!

  472. 476

    The aquaphor – my hands really need that stuff this time of year!

  473. 477

    Love Bath and Body Works!! I used to work there!

  474. 478
    Rachael Werth says:

    The Dove Chocolate is my favorite. i love chocolate

  475. 479

    Love the aquaphor, because this time of year I need a lot of it!!

  476. 480
  477. 481
    Linda Barringer says:

    The whole basket is my favorite.

  478. 482

    I love the Mod Podge Starter Pack my wife I think drinks the stuff that is how often it get bought around my home.

  479. 483

    I like the Bath and Body Works Kitchen Lemon soap too. I just discovered it this summer and I enjoyed washing my hands so much!

  480. 484

    It has to be the glitter paint.

  481. 485

    Most of the items in the basket are new to me so I’d be excited to try it all! The glitter paint really has me excited!

  482. 486

    I love the fuzzy socks, my feet are always freezing so they would definitely help.

  483. 487

    My favorite thing is the modge podge pack!! I love this stuff! I use it all the time on my crafting projects.

  484. 488

    BBW Kitchen Lemon…best scent ever!!!!!

  485. 489

    I have just embraced mod podge. I love all their different finishes in the starter pack!

  486. 490
    Laree @ Ever Heard of Euless says:

    Dove chocolate – it’s the perfect indulgence on a really rotten day!

  487. 491

    I love the fuzzy socks! They are perfect for winter!

  488. 492

    So excited!!,

  489. 493
    Mandi Roth says:

    The glitter paint. Everything is better with a little glitter!!!

  490. 494

    Mod Podge and Glitter. I haven’t had glitter in my house since I have had kids and the oldest dumped an enitre 10 oz containter (yes, that was 10 not 1 oz) all over my laundry room

  491. 495

    Bath and Body’s foaming hand soaps are the BEST!!!

  492. 496

    The fuzzy socks, because it’s getting COLD where I live!!!

  493. 497
    JamieWard says:

    My favorite is the candy eyeballs. They look like so much fun to decorate with.

  494. 498

    Would like anything from this basket!

  495. 499

    Love the kitchen lemon hand soap (it’s my fav too! totally should’ve put some in my basket!)

  496. 500

    I love the Dove milk chocolate because who doesn’t love chocolate

  497. 501
    Lisa Boschma says:

    Is it sad that I love the Aquaphor! Glitter is pretty awesome too!

  498. 502
    Julie Robertson says:

    My favorite is the fuzzy socks! Thanks for the chance to win!

    • 503
      Julie Robertson says:

      Oh! I like them because I am really needing some socks to replace old ones and those look very warm and comfy!

  499. 504

    My favorite? The Dove chocolate, of course! although those candy eyes are pretty fun, too!

  500. 505

    Oh, that looks like sooooo much fun!

  501. 506
    Jessica Wohld says:

    I just love a good pair of earrings!

  502. 507

    I think the Wilton Candy Eyeballs are SO cute and so much fun!

  503. 508

    I LOVE Fuzzy socks! My feet are always cold and I hate walking around barefoot in my house. Thanks for the chance to win.

  504. 509
    Stephanie Lanphear says:

    My favorite is the Mod Podge Starter Pack, because I love Modge Podge!

  505. 510

    Martha Stewart Glitter because one of my favorites things is cardmaking.

  506. 511

    The Dove milk chocolate is my favorite because chocolate is my ULTIMATE favorite of all.

  507. 512

    chocolate- yum
    aquaphor- awesome
    modge podge kit- fun
    Looks like a great gift basket.

  508. 513
    Charlaine Morabito says:

    I love the socks

  509. 514

    I have been wondering where to get those cute eyeballs. My Target doesn’t carry it.

  510. 515
    REGINA MCNEW says:

    Candy eyeballs….I’ve never seen those. They would be so much fun to decorate with.

  511. 516

    Would love the Martha Stewart glitter paint!

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway :)

  512. 517

    So many people talk about Scentsy these days…I’d love to smell that spray :)

  513. 518

    My favorite is the Scentsy body spray bc I’ve been dying to try it but haven’t bought any yet! I love Scentsy!

  514. 519

    hope i win

  515. 520

    Mod Podge shows up in so many of these baskets. Great!

  516. 521

    Mod podge or kitchen lemon

  517. 522

    The glitter paint is my favorite. I have a little girl, so this would come in very handy someday!

  518. 523

    the mod podge:D ahhh!

  519. 524


  520. 525

    doterra. i would love to try it

  521. 526

    Love the Kitchen Lemon! Great giveaway!

  522. 527

    aquaphor bc my hands are alllways dry!

  523. 528

    fuzzy socks, glitter, modge podge. love it all!

  524. 529

    Three of my favorites – Scentsy, Martha Stewart and Bath and Body!! Thanks for the chance to win this awesome basket

  525. 530

    A crafty girl can never have enough Mod Podge!

  526. 531
    susan candland says:

    martha stewart glitter combines two of my faves….martha stewart and glitter

  527. 532

    The glitter paint because I love glitter

  528. 533

    Fuzzy socks and Dove chocolate! What a great combo! Bath and Body works hand soap is amazing! I love their products and your basket is amazing! Thank you for sharing some of your favorite things!

  529. 534

    I love the candy eyeballs and the Martha Stewart glitter paint!!! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  530. 535

    I love fuzzy socks! My feet get so cold at night.

  531. 536

    The crystal light is my favorite. They’re easy to carry in your purse and a great addition when you want a low calorie drink.

  532. 537

    The Mod Podge and glitter paint! I have 2 little girls that are totally obsessed with making crafts.

  533. 538
    Racquel S says:

    The Scentsy Body Spray would be great to try!

  534. 539

    Definately the mod podge.. because it rocks!

  535. 540
    Amy Clayburn says:

    The Aquafor for my lil boys hands. It works the best with his wintery chapped hands!

  536. 541

    Modpodge! I use it for EVERYTHING!

  537. 542
    Carrie Ross says:

    Earrings are for sure my favorite. With super short hair there isn’t much I can do, but fun funky earrings pull it all together for me!

  538. 543
    Taya Chiniquy says:

    The candy eyeballs my kids would just love those.

  539. 544
    Amanda Sakovitz says:

    the fuzzy socks because they look warm and comfortable

  540. 545

    i just love fuzzy socks on a cold winter day

  541. 546
    Melissa M says:

    The modpodge starter kit.

  542. 547

    the modge podge starter kit would be fun – i am have some christmas crafts in mind where these would come in handy

  543. 548
    Shelby N. says:

    Those earrings look pretty!! I think they are my fav part of the basket!

  544. 549
    Rebekah Stockton says:

    The candy eyes…I never seem to have them when I really need them.

  545. 550
    Samantha C. says:

    Glitter paint because my kids are super crafty!

  546. 551

    chocolate, do you need a reason to like? i think not

  547. 552

    I love Dove chocolate. Dreamy. Creamy.
    I also love the candy eyeballs- just used them for some cupcake toppers for a baby shower. Easy and fun!

  548. 553

    Love Aquaphor!

  549. 554

    Aquaphor….a must during the cold months that are on the way!

  550. 555
    Katie Williams says:

    What isn’t to love in this basket? DoTerra and the fuzzy socks are wonderful though!

  551. 556

    Those earrings are dang cute!

  552. 557

    I could definitely dig some Mod Podging while nibbling those Dove chocolates!

  553. 558
    christine says:

    I love everything in the basket – my favorite winter thing is Aquaphor!!

  554. 559

    My kids and I love decorating with the candy eyeballs!!

  555. 560
  556. 561

    I’ve never actually used mod podge and didn’t know there were different kinds, so the starter pack looks pretty cool to me!

  557. 562

    The Crystal Light! That is my favorite flavor!

  558. 563

    Has to be the fuzzy socks!!!!! My feet really hurt after teaching school all day and these always make it better.

  559. 564
    Kelly Guerin says:

    Crystal light and lotion :)

  560. 565
    Tiffany k says:

    Candy eye balls ! Love to decorate with them and see the kids light up!

  561. 566

    I love the MS glitter paint!! :)

  562. 567
    mary fanara coleman says:

    I like the Mod Podge Starter Pack because I love to decoupage and mod podge furniture.

  563. 568

    I love the Bath and Body Works Kitchen Lemon hand soap. It smells so fresh!

  564. 569

    Those fuzzy socks look so comfortable!

  565. 570

    I love the apricot fruit leathers. Because they are delicious!

  566. 571
    Joelle Hodgins says:

    I like the candy eyeballs! I’ve never used them, but I’d loooove to decorate with them!

  567. 572

    I too love crystal light, raspberry lemonade, tastes better then plain H20 and better for you then juice. Thanks

  568. 573

    I love the candy eyeballs! SO CUTE!

  569. 574

    Glitter. Because, well, it’s glitter!

  570. 575
    lynne ATL says:

    glitter paint

  571. 576

    Some of my favorites too! Dove chocolate, aquafor fruit leather and fuzzy socks!

  572. 577
    Terressa T. says:

    the doTerra oil-I have tried a few of their oils and love them., but I haven’t tried this particular one. I’m sure I could use it :) Thank you for joining in this awesome giveaway!!

  573. 578

    socks-because they make me warm and cozy!

  574. 579

    Bath & Body Works Kitchen Lemon is my favorite. I use it too and love its fresh scent!

  575. 580

    Glitter paint! My three yr old and I could have a lot of fun with this one!

  576. 581

    I use the same soap in my kitchen so I better say the soap…although I slather my poor kids with Aquaphor so I kind of love that as well

  577. 582

    LOVE the Mod Podge Starter Pack! I am always needing more.

  578. 583
    Janelle Belka says:

    I love the Martha Stewart glitter, I can think of a lot of ways to use it.

  579. 584
    Leslie Wright says:

    Love the socks, chocolate, mod podge sampler

  580. 585

    I love the fuzzy socks because my feet are always cold!

  581. 586

    I love the Martha Stewart glitter paint. I mean come on, it’s glitter!!

  582. 587

    fuzzy socks, my house is old and cold – these are a necessity! =0)

  583. 588

    Love the b&bw kitchen lemon soap. Reminds me of the williams sonoma one, but much more affordable!

  584. 589
    Christina Burrell says:

    My favorite is the modge podge bc I love to create stuff.

  585. 590

    The Mod Podge kit

  586. 591

    fuzzy socks because our house is cold, the heater is on the fritz!

  587. 592

    Modge Podge. You can do so much with it.

  588. 593
    Patricia Featherstone says:


  589. 594

    the candy eyes makes making cupcake faces so much easier:)

  590. 595

    The mod podge kit is so cute! But I want the glitter paint the most!

  591. 596

    I’d love to get my hands on that MS glitter paint!

  592. 597
    Kristin Orth says:

    Martha Stewart glitter paint looks really fun!

  593. 598

    I love the candy eyes, and the martha glitter looks so fun. Thanks

  594. 599

    I love the Kitchen Lemon scent!

  595. 600

    I love the fuzzy socks. There’s nothing than better than curling up on the couch in fuzzy socks and pj’s to watch a movie!

  596. 601

    I think my fave would probably be the Mod Podge Starter Kit. I’ve never used it before:)

  597. 602

    I would love to try the scentsy body spray

  598. 603

    I love fuzzy sock!!!

  599. 604

    My favorite thing in your basket has to be the fuzzy socks!! Such warmth on a cold winter day! Cute stuff

  600. 605

    I love Fuzzy Socks!!

  601. 606

    ModPodge is my favorite!

  602. 607
    Dawn Taylor says:

    The BBW Kitchen Lemon. We all love the scent of lemons or citrus at my home. The boys more readily wash up

  603. 608

    Great blog!

  604. 609

    Candy eyeballs….so cute & so many uses!

  605. 610

    I love those crazy eyeballs!

  606. 611

    Glitter paint.

  607. 612

    The apricot fruit leather! I eat them all the time!!

  608. 613

    chocolate. no explanation needed

  609. 614
    Donna McConnell says:

    I love Mod Podge. So many things to create with it!

  610. 615

    My favorite thing is the Dove because it is the only one I have tried. All the rest looks super cool and I’d love to try the glitter paint and Mod Podge starter pack. The whole basket looks amazing!

  611. 616
    Sharon Oslin says:

    Mod Podge = I love being crafty

  612. 617

    I have to pick a favorite? I love fuzzy socks cos my feet are always cold, I love earrings just because…, I love mod podge and glitter paint because I love any thing crafty…….you get the idea! This basket is perfect!

  613. 618

    Bath and Body Kitchen lemon…love everything from that place!

  614. 619

    I love B&B Kitchen Lemon. I use it all the time. It smells so fresh and clean.

  615. 620

    I really love the eyeballs. They are just so fun and cute.

  616. 621

    love the candy eyeballs

  617. 622
    Theresa Sea says:

    My favorite thing in your basket is the glitter, because the holidays are upon us! :)

  618. 623

    Kids in my class would LOVE the glitter paint!

  619. 624
    Bonnie Gutzman says:

    I LOOOOVE Crystal Light. Addicted. Thanks for the giveaway!

  620. 625

    Love your basket!

  621. 626

    I love the mod podge starter pack! I have just started using mod podge and would love to try out different ones!

  622. 627

    Love your basket!

  623. 628

    I love the earrings! I love having all kinds of different earrings!

  624. 629

    Love the Martha Stewart glitter paint. I could think of some fun holiday projects for that.

  625. 630

    I love the fuzzy socks. They are a must on cold winter nights.

  626. 631

    the candy eyeballs would be so much fun to decorate with

  627. 632

    So fun!

  628. 633

    I love the Martha Stewart Glitter!

  629. 634

    My favorite the is the earrings and then the fuzzy socks!:)

  630. 635

    Everything’s better with glitter!!! ;)

  631. 636

    Favorite things : sunsets, picture frames, fabric, coloring books, books and anything that sparkles.

  632. 637

    I love the candy eyeballs!!

  633. 638
    Michelle C says:

    Mod Podge because it’s like magic in a bottle!

  634. 639

    Scentsy Body Spray, because who doesn’t like smelling nice?

  635. 640

    I love modge podge, I use it for a lot of my crafts!

  636. 641

    I’d have to pick the kitchen lemon soap! I love fancy soaps :)

  637. 642

    Oh my goodness – those are all AWESOME! Love the fuzzy socks, and the chocolate (duh!). Such a fun basket!!

  638. 643

    i have been wanting to try glitter paint lately…

  639. 644

    Love ModgePodge!

  640. 645

    I’m loving the mod podge kit because there are SO many possibilities!

  641. 646

    what great gift ideas….

  642. 647

    The glitter paint looks so fun!

  643. 648

    The Martha Stewart Glitter!!! Who doesnt love glitter!

  644. 649

    Love those comfy socks!!

  645. 650

    probably the fruit leather, which sounds gross…but my husband and I are in love with these easy and nutritious snacks from Target.

  646. 651

    the fuzzy socks…we have hard surface flooring in 75% of our house, so it’s nice to have soft socks on in the fall & winter!

  647. 652

    glitter paint! love me some sparkle!

  648. 653

    I have been wanting those candy eyes for my kids lunches, i need those! Awesome basket!

  649. 654

    I love lemonade!

  650. 655

    The chocolate because… well, it’s chocolate!!

  651. 656

    The candy eyeballs for sure! I’d love to be able to use them for decorating my cupcakes and such!

  652. 657
    Lisa Hathaway says:

    Mmm – either the fuzzy socks (because there’s not much better than cozy socks on a cold night) or the Dove chocolate. Guaranteed to make your day better. :)

  653. 658

    My favorite in your basket has to be the lemon scented hand soap from bath and body works. Also, the eyeballs from target are pretty awesome

  654. 659
    amanda Estroff says:

    The glitter kit and the Modge Podge kit. Also the candy eyeballs. Can never go wrong with candy eyeballs.

  655. 660

    the glitter!

  656. 661

    Love the basket! Would love to try the Scentsy spray!

  657. 662

    The Dove chocolate. Who doesn’t LOVE chocolate?! :)

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  658. 663

    I LOVE everything, but boy oh boy, that apricot fruit leather and all of that lovely modpodge is calling my name! :) Thanks!

  659. 664

    Favorites? Bath and Botdy Works soap, your Grateful soap, fuzzy socks!

  660. 665

    I love the Bath & Body Works kitchen lemon soap. I have a bottle sitting next to my kitchen sink on a small white cake plate.

  661. 666

    I love the apricot fruit leather. It is sweet and healthy(ish) at the same time.

  662. 667

    Loving the Modge Podge. Everyone could use it, right? It’s so versatile and makes for some cute projects

  663. 668

    I love the glitter!!

  664. 669

    Aquaphor…..it works wonders!!

  665. 670

    my boys love some Archer Farms fruit leather. It is a staple around here. :)

  666. 671

    My favorite thing is the Mod Podge.

  667. 672
    Hen Marciano says:

    Love the Mod Podge Starter Pack, can’t wait to start a new project.

  668. 673
    Shelley D. says:

    Modge Podge…..greatest thing ever.

  669. 674
    Jessie Bosley says:

    Crystal Light!!!!! It’s like candy in a drink

  670. 675

    Definitely the Apricot fruit leather. Best flavor ever!

  671. 676

    What a great giveaway!!

  672. 677

    I love all the gift baskets! How fun! I love the candy eyeballs – always a great addition to a party snack.

  673. 678

    i love the aquaphor! it’s great, especially with winter right around the corner!

  674. 679
    Ashley R. says:

    My favorite thing would be the Martha Stewart glitter paint because I’ve never used it before, and I love glitter!

  675. 680
    Melissa Latimer says:

    We have a very girly girl at our house so glitter would be used the most.

  676. 681
    Melissa Latimer says:

    Cozy socks and aquafor great for the cold dry winter that is ahead of me.

  677. 682

    I love Crystal Light! It’s like Kool-Aid! For adults! :)

  678. 683

    I seriously love Aquaphor. My kids have terrible eczema, and nothing clears it up like Aquaphor. And Dove chocolate…mmmmm. Enough said.

  679. 684

    Bath & Body Products are the BEST!!

  680. 685
    Amberly Wilding says:

    Would love this gift basket! I have been wanting that glitter!

  681. 686

    I would love either the scentsy body spray or the mod podge!

  682. 687
    Shelley D. says:

    I like everything that is in the basket, but I love, love, love the chocolate because it is just so darn good.

  683. 688
    valerie duffy says:

    fave is the modpoge…so many uses!!!

  684. 689
    Kelley Perone says:

    Candy eyeballs, my kids would get a kick out of it!

  685. 690

    dove milk chocolate… mmm! a wonderful guilty pleasure

  686. 691

    I love Aquaphor! I started using it on myself when my daughter started using it on my grandsons. It heals and makes even the roughest places soft!

  687. 692

    What a great giveaway!

  688. 693

    Love all of this. Especially chocolate

  689. 694
    Deborah Green says:

    Glitter paint, because I hate working with loose glitter. I do it, but I dont enjoy it.

  690. 695
    Bonnie Gloade says:

    I absolutely lovvveeee the Martha Stewart glitter paint!!

  691. 696

    The Modge Podge…there’s just so much you can do with it!

  692. 697
    Jennifer H says:

    I love the fuzzy socks!

  693. 698

    I love the cozy socks! I always ask for them and usually end up giving some as gifts!!

  694. 699

    I love those socks! They look so warm!

  695. 700
    Heather Dorsey says:

    Great ideas! I love the socks!

  696. 701

    Especially right now I love Aquaphor!

  697. 702
    Ashley Sliffe says:

    I love bath and body works lemon scented anything because its so fresh and so clean – clean

  698. 703

    I love the glitter!

  699. 704

    love the Martha Stewart glitter paint!

  700. 705

    The glitter paint and the modge podge!

  701. 706
    Lisa Kubin says:

    I would love to try the Martha Stewart glitter paint! Gotta love Martha and glitter!

  702. 707

    Aquaphor I’m obsessed with that stuff!

  703. 708

    Dove…because its chocolate

  704. 709

    I love the mod podge started pack. I love mod podge and am intrigued to see what comes in a “starter” pack.

  705. 710

    I love Aquaphor and fuzzy socks in our chilly, chapped-lips-inducing MN winters. But those candy eyes are so cute!

  706. 711

    I love to have cozy socks to wear on my feet during the winter :)

  707. 712

    oooh…those socks surely speak to my constantly chilly pregnant feet ;)

  708. 713

    love those soft socks–I need some of those! :)

  709. 714
    Carrie Phelps says:

    I love the earrings, I collect them.

  710. 715

    The fuzzy socks are my favorite in your basket. They remind me of my Mom. She loves fuzzy socks to keep her cold feet worm.

  711. 716

    earrings! You can never have enough earrings.

  712. 717

    My favorite chocolate…Dove

  713. 718

    The fuzzy socks! Winter is coming here in Ohio, and there are few things more cozy than fuzzy socks!

  714. 719
    Tiffany mack says:

    Definitely the ms glitter paint

  715. 720
    Whitney Ulrich @ A mommy's life with a touch of yellow says:

    love the socks

  716. 721

    I love the Martha Stewart glitter pack. I love her colors and the glitter is great, very fine but uniform. Love it.

  717. 722

    The modpodge starter kit. I have just gotten started with it and would love to try different types.

  718. 723

    I love the coconut lemongrass scentsy!!! I use it all the. Time!!!

  719. 724

    The DoTerra Tension. Must have!

  720. 725

    I like aquaphor the best, it’s so great for my skin!

  721. 726

    doTerra Tension! Love it!

  722. 727

    Fuzzy socks…because my feet are always cold!

  723. 728
    Shanna Uptergrove says:

    The glitter paint is awesome!!!!

  724. 729

    those edible eyeballs are amazing! I have never seen them before!

  725. 730

    Scentsy Body Spray – I have wanted to try it for some time.

  726. 731
    Sara Westhead says:

    Gotta love the candy eyes for cake pops and fun bento lunches for my kids!

  727. 732

    Aquaphor gets my dry skin through every winter

  728. 733

    What a fab giveaway!! Always wanted to try doTerra oils. LOVE all things lemon too!!

  729. 734
    alyssa coon says:

    My favorite is the crystal light, silly I know, but I drink that stuff like crazy!!

  730. 735

    Love the modge podge because I use it for so many things!

  731. 736

    I’m most excited about the MS glitter paint. I’ve been eyeing it for months, but have resisted…

  732. 737
    natalie jung says:

    Fuzzy socks! Im addicted!!!

  733. 738
    Heather Scroggins says:

    Aquaphor! Love the stuff!!

  734. 739

    I think it is the Bath and Body Kitchen Lemon because i love love love the smell of lemon <3

  735. 740

    Hi: love the mod podge, where I live I don’t have it. Great basquet.

  736. 741
    J. Tarectecan says:

    The candy eyeballs crack me up. I know my 3 year old would have a field day decorating with those!

  737. 742

    Glitter paint, love it!!

  738. 743
    barbara n says:

    I love Bath and Body Works and especially all things lemon…so the Kitchen Lemon

  739. 744
    Karen Tecklenburg says:

    My favorite things are the Dove Chocolate (who doesn’t like chocolate) and the fuzzy socks (love wearing these to keep my feet warm and they are so soft).

  740. 745
    Kim Quatela says:

    My favorite is the Dove milk chocolate because I am pregnant – ’nuff said :-)

  741. 746
    Shea Petersen says:

    The earrings are adorable

  742. 747
    Paula Chapman says:

    #4. Bath and Body Kitchen Lemon !

  743. 748

    Mod podge! I love that stuff!

  744. 749
    Paula Chapman says:

    4. I love stuff from Bath n Body Works! …Bath and Body Kitchen Lemon

  745. 750

    Love the lemon for the kitchen!

  746. 751

    I love this idea of “Favorite Things.” I may have to steal some of these ideas, but maybe not the candy eye balls.

  747. 752

    I’m excited about the glitter. I’m ready to get my craft on with it! : )

  748. 753
    Staci Jones says:

    Such a fun basket!

  749. 754

    The glitter paint! I have 50 ideas for it already :)

  750. 755

    I love your basket! It has tons of stuff I could use! Thanks!

  751. 756

    my favorite thing is the mod podge kit. :)

  752. 757

    My favorite thing is the Dove chocolate!

  753. 758

    Candy eyeballs – my kids would love them!

  754. 759

    The earrings!

  755. 760

    I LOVE DoTerra oils :D

  756. 761


  757. 762
    Maria Aguilar says:

    the Aquafor and mod podge kit

  758. 763

    Hello eyeballs! My kids would love those, talk about making food fun!

  759. 764

    Comfy fuzzy socks!!!

  760. 765
    Kari VanNoy says:

    I love fuzzy socks…especially at this time of year!

  761. 766

    The Mod Podge- cause I can use it for so many neat crafts!

  762. 767
    Jacalyn Williamson says:

    Love your basket I would love the mod podge kit.

  763. 768

    I ;love the warm fuzzy socks! Those are so comfy and cozy I love wearing them.

  764. 769

    The fuzzy socks because the Nor’easter has arrived and it’s so cold outside!

  765. 770
    Samantha S. says:

    Loooooove this giveaway~!!! Thanks!!

  766. 771

    I lovvvve earrings! Can never have too many :)

  767. 772
    Samantha S. says:

    The glitter and paint!!

  768. 773

    Wilton Candy Eyeballs…my kids are at such fun ages 4 & 6 and we have been making all sorts of fun edible goodies!!

  769. 774

    The eyeballs! I never knew such a thing existed!

  770. 775

    Love everything in the basket but if I have to pick
    one item, I would pick the Bath & Body Kitchen Lemon

  771. 776

    My favorite is probably the ModPodge as I use it for all kinds of crafts- can’t ever have enough

  772. 777

    my favorite is the glitter paint because, well, everything is better with glitter!

  773. 778
    Annie Skousen says:

    I LOVE the glitter and paint!!

  774. 779
    Michelle C says:

    I love the Bath and Body Kitchen Lemon (Bath & Body Works) because of the fresh clean scent. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  775. 780

    I love bath & body hand soap.

  776. 781

    The earings .. because I love any kind of jewelry (and made my own sometimes too). Thank you so much for this fantastic giveaway.

  777. 782

    Oh the fuzzy socks…my feet would be in heaven! I love socks!

  778. 783

    I have always wanted to try martha stewert’s craft products. therefore, i think the glitter paint would be my favorite part of your very awesome gift!

  779. 784

    The eyeballs! I have been drooling over these for ages

  780. 785

    Mod podge. Use it all the time!

  781. 786

    The glitter paint looks so fun!

  782. 787
    Lisa Johnson says:

    Scentsy body spray-I would love to try that!

  783. 788
    Misty McCaslin says:

    What a great basket you are giving away!!

  784. 789
    Michele T says:

    Hmmm… there are a few of my favorite things in your goody basket… I love the Dove Chocolate and the Mod Podge kit.

  785. 790
    Michele T says:

    I follow you on GFC!!!

  786. 791

    I think it’s a bit of a toss up between fuzzy socks and glitter paint. Both sound like so much fun! :D

  787. 792
    Whitney Moberg says:

    I love being crafty so I would love the Martha Stewart glitter paints!

  788. 793

    I love the Dove chocolates and the personalized hand sanitizer. I didn’t even know that was possible to personalize that :p Well I guess you can personalize anything these days lol

  789. 794

    I love #2! Chocolate is sooooo good(:

  790. 795
    Candice maudsley says:

    I would like to learn how to modge podge, so I want the starter kit!

  791. 796

    Personalized hand sanitizer bottles… and everything else.

  792. 797

    Who can resist fuzzy socks?

  793. 798

    Dove chocolate because who doesn’t love chocolate!

  794. 799

    Love the earrings!

  795. 800

    I absolutely love crystal lite – never without it!

  796. 801
    Veronica Ludwing says:

    I can’t pick a favorite. They are all pretty great items.

  797. 802
    becky boor says:

    My favorite is the fuzzy socks because I need more warm socks like that. My feet are always cold.

  798. 803

    I love the Wilton Eye Balls!

  799. 804
    Katie Barker says:

    I love love love Bath and Body works. They work so well and smell great. I also have been wanting to start being crafty, so the mod podge would be a good way to open the doors.

  800. 805

    I love the fuzzy socks

  801. 806

    My favorite thing in your basket are the fuzzy socks. Why? Because I don’t have any. And I just moved to Tennessee from Florida. My toes are always cold!

  802. 807

    My favorite item is the glitter because Glitter is my favorite color:)

  803. 808

    Anything lemon is ok by me

  804. 809

    I love the B&BW soap. Those are my fave! Always have them at each sink. Smell amazeballs.

  805. 810

    Crystal Light Pink Lemonade…reminds me of summer.

  806. 811

    I am addicted to yummy smells, so, the scentsy spray!

  807. 812

    The mod podge! I haven’t tried all of the finishes

  808. 813

    I love fuzzy socks too! I always have cold feet and these are perfect to warm them up. :)

  809. 814
    Gayle Erwin says:

    Oh, I love the candy eyeballs. I’ve never seen those before.

  810. 815
    Anna Schmidt says:

    Those socks look so fuzzy and comfy :)

  811. 816

    Nice basket!!

  812. 817

    My fave item is the martha stewart glitter paint! I’ve been wanting to try it.

  813. 818

    Love love love these basket ideas. Great head start for Christmas ideas!

  814. 819

    Love the candy eyeballs!!!

  815. 820

    Candy eyeballs- brilliant!

  816. 821

    I love the fuzzy socks! I always look for cute socks because I hate wearing shoes in the house.

  817. 822

    My favorite is the fuzzy socks & doTerra oil. AHHHHHHH !

  818. 823

    What a fun idea. LOVE all the stuff you included.

  819. 824

    I love the fuzzy socks! I have several pairs of them. They are so warm and comfortable!

  820. 825

    Crystal Light-I keep a couple of the stick packs in my purse :)

  821. 826
    Samantha Bates says:

    Love the fruit leather!

  822. 827
    Leigh Hadlock says:

    LOVE me some mod podge!!!

  823. 828

    I am drawn to the chocolate automatically, but I am truly interested in the Doterra tension, I am really wanting to try out essential oils and this would be an awesome way to be introduced. Thanks!

  824. 829

    I love the Bath & Body kitchen soap, can never have enough!

  825. 830

    Fuzzy socks! My kids and I both love them, but I don’t have enough. I am always freezing, so I put the fuzzy socks over my regular ones.

  826. 831

    The Martha Stewart glitter paint is the best! I love the whole Martha glitter line!

  827. 832

    I love dove chocolates too.

  828. 833

    The candy eyeballs look so cool!

  829. 834

    Fuzzy Socks, Earrings, and Crystal Light Lemonade would make anyone’s day! Who knew they made Scentsy Body Spray? What a fun basket!

  830. 835

    Chocolate probably is my favorite of your basket, but I love the candy eyes and I’ve just recently been introduced to doTerra. I’m interested in trying more.

  831. 836

    My favorite item in the basket is obviously the chocolate. You can never go wrong with chocolate.

  832. 837
    Shannon E. says:

    I love the glitter paint your basket is def one of my favorites! :)

  833. 838

    I’m loving the candy eyeballs for our Christmas treats.

  834. 839

    I love the socks! Got to love warm, cozy feet on a cold day!

  835. 840

    Ah! I love the fuzzy socks, I pretty much live in mine!

  836. 841

    I’d love the Martha Steward Glitter Paint!

  837. 842
    The Clines says:

    I love fuzzy socks!

  838. 843

    I love the fuzzy socks! You can’t have enough of them in the winter.

  839. 844

    It may sound silly but the Wilton Candy Eyeballs are my favorite item. LOL I know they can be easily picked up at Walmart but I never remember them and when I see a cute cupcake made with them, I think, dang… I don’t have those! LOL – Karen

  840. 845

    Fuzzy socks

  841. 846

    I love the Modge Podge! I’ve just recently found how AWESOME and versatile it is!

  842. 847
    Amanda Christensen says:

    I don’t know why, but I just love those candy eyeballs! lol

  843. 848

    I would love to get my crafty hands on that Martha Stewart glitter paint! Holy moly I would glitter EVERYTHING!!!!

  844. 849
    allison segura says:

    Planned to get that paint soon! Perfect!

  845. 850
    Katie Wells says:

    I’m excited to try the glitter

  846. 851
    Megan Jasperson says:

    the cozy socks!! (Another gift basket question from anothe site asked for ideas to give friends/gifts I love and I said COZY SOCKS)!

  847. 852
    Shelly Jones says:

    I like the fuzzy socks (I wear them all the time this time of year) and the candy eyeballs, how fun!

  848. 853
    Amanda Redman says:

    Mod Podge, I like being crafty!

  849. 854
    Morgan Thomas says:

    Martha Stewart glitter paint because I love glitter and crafting!

  850. 855
    steph brough says:

    MOD PODGE!!!

  851. 856

    My favorite item is the Martha Stewart Glitter Paint, because a little sparkle goes a long way!

  852. 857

    Mod Podge!

  853. 858

    Love “The Idea Room” blog. Thanks for all your great ideas. The candy eyes are so cute.

  854. 859

    MS glitter paint!

  855. 860

    The glitter paint… just in time to glitz up the holidays!

  856. 861

    LOVE Aquaphor!

  857. 862
    Stephanie Dounis says:

    The mod podge is my favorite. It’s like magic in the arts and crafts world; it can work wonders!

  858. 863
    Mara Yager says:

    Modge podge kit!! Thank you :)

  859. 864

    the whole basket is great! those eyes are the sweetest!

  860. 865
    Jaime Gallian says:

    I can just imagine how comfy cozy my tootsies would feel in those fuzzy socks! That’s the one item that jumped out at me. My feet always hurt and I just bet those socks feel amazing! :)

  861. 866

    Those earrings look cool!

  862. 867
    Kristen Gross says:

    My favorite thing is the Martha Stewart Glitter Paint!

  863. 868

    My favorite is the Mod Podge pack because I love all the crafty things I can do with it!

  864. 869

    Mod Podge! So many different kinds!

  865. 870

    my favorite is Bath and Body Kitchen Lemon. I keep Bath & Body soap at my kitchen sink. :-)

  866. 871
    Haley Grossman says:

    A lot of your items I have already tried and like, but I am most excited about the glitter paint bc I have never used it.

  867. 872

    I love the candy eyeballs! So fun!

  868. 873

    I love the Mod Podge pack! I use alot of this! I can always use some more!

  869. 874

    Mod Podge is my BFF!

  870. 875
    Rikki-Dee says:

    The glitter paint!!!!

  871. 876

    love the MS glitter paint–i LOVE glitter, but havent used the paints before–would be a great way to try them out! :-)

  872. 877

    I love doTerra oils!!!

  873. 878
    Stephanie says:

    It’s a close tie between the modge podge and the fuzzy socks. I love all the things I can make with modge podge, but this girl really loves her cozy, fuzzy slippers too!

  874. 879

    the fuzzy socks

  875. 880

    Love the crystal light and earrings!

  876. 881

    Aquaphor is definitely the most used kid item in our house. We go through tons of this stuff. Works on everything.

  877. 882

    I love the edible eyes and the fuzzy socks!

  878. 883
    kristen shields says:

    yay glitter!

  879. 884
    Leslie kole says:

    Love the fun idras in your basket, esp the mod podge starter kit! Ive seen so many cute crafts using mod podge lately!

  880. 885

    Aquaphor! We can’t live without it at this house. It’s like my Greek Windex :)

  881. 886

    I have always wanted to try those candy eyeballs for cupcakes for my guys

  882. 887

    Fuzzy socks!!! I love Love LOVE fuzzy socks!

  883. 888

    Bath & Body works hand soap: we use gallons of this in our house, we’re clean and we smell nice!

  884. 889

    Martha Stewart glitter paint is my favorite, so dreamy!

  885. 890

    I love the candy eyeballs

  886. 891

    I want to try the glitter paint!

  887. 892
  888. 893

    My favorite is the glitter paint; there’s so many holiday projects the paint is perfect for!

  889. 894
    Candace Paquin says:

    Love the earrings. Can never have enough of those!

  890. 895

    Martha Stewart glitter is amazing!

  891. 896

    I love the fuzzy socks and Dove chocolate!!

  892. 897

    Awesome ideas!

  893. 898
    Stephanie S says:


  894. 899
    Cindy Ashley says:

    I love the fuzzy socks. My feet are always cold and love these socks

  895. 900

    Mod POdge!!!

  896. 901
    Brittany K says:

    My favorite thing is the aquaphor because it is amazing! It’s my favorite product ever.

  897. 902

    I love the Martha Stewart glitter paint because I love all of Martha’s products and have a really cool project in mind I could use it for!

  898. 903

    Can’t pick just one :) Love the Cyrstal Light and Mod Podge – I’m additcted to both!!!!

  899. 904

    The fuzzy socks look so nice right now…I am feeling cold!

  900. 905

    I love targets fruit leather. Sooooo yummy.

  901. 906

    The Dove chocolate for sure is a favorite!

  902. 907

    Chocolate! Can’t live without chocolate!

  903. 908

    Those fuzzy socks look very comfy!!

  904. 909

    I love Bath and Body Works soap…it’s the only kind I use.

  905. 910

    Candy Eyeballs! I’ve been planning on making some, but those ones look amazing!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  906. 911

    Love the socks and the chocolate! Actually love the whole thing!

  907. 912
    a marie hj saver says:

    Modge podge for sure- reminds me of being a kid – I love that stuff!

  908. 913

    Awesome basket! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  909. 914

    Modpodge! I’ve been dying to try it, but they don’t have any at stores near me!

  910. 915

    Love the hand soap!! I use it all the time so I always need more! :)

  911. 916

    I love fuzzy socks! It’s already below freezing here and they are so cozy!

  912. 917

    Any basket with fuzzy socks makes it ten times better!!! Awesome basket!!!

  913. 918
    Shaylise Bowen says:

    DoTerra Tension!!

  914. 919

    The fuzzy socks as I love those!!

  915. 920

    Those candy eyes are fantastic!

  916. 921

    earrings!! i love jewelry!

  917. 922

    My favorite is the fuzzy socks because my feet always get cold when I am crafting at night!

  918. 923

    I love the candy eyeballs! Those are what I used to decorate cookies for my son’s monster-themed birthday party : )

  919. 924
    Kris Reynolds says:

    I love the candy eyeballs. My kids would just love them.

  920. 925
    Mercedes Cassity says:

    The candy eyeballs will be a hit!

  921. 926
    somer webber says:

    I love the fuzzy socks! They are so comfortable and warm!

  922. 927

    My favortie gift to give is homemade vanilla extract!

  923. 928

    I love love fuzzy socks too! I also love bon ami for cleaning (around Tampa it is about 80 cents and all natural), I also love magazines (cheap and perfect for a little me time)

  924. 929

    The Martha Stewart Glitter Paint! huge fan of it and would always love to get more esp. from a giveaway!

  925. 930