January Photo-A-Day 2013

Did you play along with us in December?  Or did you fizzle out in the third week…like I did?  Ha!  No worries.  January is a new month.  Come join us again.  It has been so fun to see all of your fun pictures and to get to know some of you a little bit better!

So if you have not played along with us before, no worries…it is really easy to join in the fun. If you miss a day…or two…or 16…it really isn’t a big deal. Just join in when you can. The point is to get you taking pictures and recording those everyday moments in your life. If you don’t like the photo prompt for the day, use your own!


To play along simply take a photo and post it to one of your social media sites.  I use Instagram to post mine too and then sometimes share them on Facebook and TwitterPlease use the hashtag #idearoom to tag your photos.  This will then add your photo to the list of photos under the #idearoom hashtag.  If you click on the “#idearoom” it will pull up everyone’s photos who are playing along.  So you can see all the fun things The Idea Room readers are sharing.

If you want me to follow along with you personally, feel free to leave your Instagram name here and I am happy to follow.  I look forward to playing along with you in January!

Who is going to join us?


    • Jennifer Lewis says

      I am in , and have been : lewisjl9704 ! when is the march photo a day challenge going to be up: ) I am excited!

  1. JeanetteC says

    I’ve never done anything like this. I’m getting a new camera next week so this should be fun.


  2. kristin kinczel says

    Just got a new camera and can’t wait to try this. Going to get my daughters in on it too! Instagram for me is: busymommaof2

  3. says

    I played along over the summer and I think I made it a little more than halfway through before fizzling out… But I had a lot of fun doing it! @MdoubleMcrafts

  4. Jeanne Ann Carver says

    New phone means more pictures (I hope) so I am excited to play along. My Instagram is: jcreationsky

    • says

      a hash tag is simply a word or a phrase with the # sign in front of it. When you click on it it will take you to other pictures that have also been tagged with the same hashtag. So for example if you put #idearoom anyone who tags their pictures with that will all show up on instagram so that you can view them all together.

  5. lorena says

    I joined December’s today and hope to continue into January. :) My Instagram is lorepuckett

  6. Amy hargrove says

    Fun idea!! I love IG and have never done this before:) going to give it a try!
    I am private but will accept you!! :)

  7. Nikki says

    This is exactly what I was looking for! I want to start taking a picture a day and having an photo prompt is very helpful! I can’t wait to get started! You can find me in Instagram under bravosfan :)

  8. Amanda says

    I’m going to give it a try. I’ve always wanted to do something like this. I’m on Instagram: @thissweetcraziness

  9. Robin says

    Have my list posted on Instagram and Facebook – can’t wait to get started!! Instragram – @rocket_robin

  10. says

    So if I tag my pictures on bloodspot with #theidearoom, will that be enough? Or does it have to be on instatgram or twitter, neither of with which do I have an account.

  11. says

    So I started out playing along with you all on my blog. But now that I’ve updated my iPhone, I have an instagram acct. that I want to share with you. I feel like I’m missing out on a lot of pictures that those here are posting.

    • says

      Thanks Pam! If you add the hashtag #idearoom to your photos, you will be able to see everyone’s pictures they are sharing!

  12. maeghan says

    I’ve been keeping up! Are you coming up with one every month? I’m ready to do this all year!!

    • says

      Yay! You are doing better than I am. I am planning on doing one for February too :) Hoping to make it all year :)

  13. Suzi says

    Hey, I want to try this out, all I have to figure out Instagram, or is there anyway else, like posting to Facebook? Guess I will have to wait till June to try it out, and maybe someone could explain the technology of the #tag etc!!!!!!!!??????


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