Valentine’s Day Crafts gift and milk bottles—Silhouette promotion

 I was recently sent some Double-Sided Adhesive paper from Silhouette and challenged to come up with a creative way to use it and make some Valentine’s Day Crafts.  I have never used this before and I have to tell you, I was really quite surprised with how much I enjoyed it.


Before we get into my project and how I made it, let’s get the Silhouette February Promotion details out of the way.

This month Silhouette is offering a pretty good deal to The Idea Room readers…


If you need a Silhouette Portrait, you can get it and the Double-sided Adhesive Starter Kit for a great deal.  Already have a Silhouette?  Then use the code IDEAROOMand get the starter kit for $12.99.  To take advantage of this deal simply click on the following link or the Silhouette Promotion image above and get started on your Valentine’s Day Crafts.

Order Silhouette February Promotion

Alright, now onto how I made these glittery milk and gift bottles.


  1. I found some fun heart shapes in the Online Silhouette Store and downloaded them.
  2. Sized them in the Silhouette Software to 1.5 inches in width.
  3. Cut them out according to the directions on the Double-Sided adhesive box.
  4. My settings were:  Speed: 3; Thickness: 33; Blade setting: 6 using my mat and a double cut.
  5. Peel off the back yellow layer of paper on an individual heart.

bottled with love-03

  1. Placed onto clean “milk” bottles (which are repurposed Starbucks Frappucino Bottles)
  2. Peeled off the white top layer and made sure all the adhesive was pulled out of the negative space area where I did not want any glitter.
  3. Dust glitter over the sticky adhesive and then using a clean brush, brushed away the excess glitter.


Then fill the bottles with your favorite drink.  These bottles can be used at a Valentine’s day party in the classroom, or with your friends and family.


For Valentine’s Day we usually have a nice candle-light family dinner.  I think I will be including these as part of the table settings this year!


Or you could gift the jars to a special friend as a nice little Valentine’s Day gift along with some VERY RICH chocolate sweets!  Your friends will thank you!


For the fun Heart Shaped Cookies in the photos, I simply took a favorite Chocolate Drop Cookie Recipe and cut the cookies with a heart shaped cookie cutter.  Then made a cookie sandwich by spreading some delicious Cream Cheese Frosting in between the two layers.


Cause seriously…if you are going to eat a treat…it might as well be a good one…right?  All things in moderation of course.  So limit yourself to 2…or 3 depending on the type of day your having…haha!


And just because I am obsessed with making labels lately…I made some fun “Bottled with love” labels.


You can download them here….

Bottle With Love Labels

You have to be a FB fan to gain access to the file.  Click on “Get your free gift” at the top of the FB page and then click on “Previous Downloads”.


You can attach the labels as a fun gift tag, or attach it directly to the bottle itself.


Pretty fun little gift if I do say so myself.  The best part? You can use this idea for so many different things…a birthday party, gifts, showers, bridal showers…etc.

Oh…where do you get the fun Hershey Kiss Valentine’s Day labels you ask?  You can find them by heading here…

Hershey’s Kiss Valentine’s Day Labels

One last thing…be sure to use the code IDEAROOM get the Silhouette Promotion.  The offer is good through the 14th of February.  You also can only get to this special offer using this link…

Order Silhouette February Promotion

Have any questions about the Silhouette Promotion or Silhouette in general or any question…feel free to ask in the comments!  Happy Crafting! xo

*Disclosure:  I was given a Silhouette Double-Sided Adhesive Kit by Silhouette.  However, all statements and opinions are mine.


  1. Alysia says

    I made a lot of the Hershey’s heart for my children’s teachers. They are adorable. I put them in little plastic bags and made an adorable label for them. I didn’t think they could get any cuter until I saw them in the bottle and I actually gasped, I guess I will be drinking some frapps later.

  2. Jenny Breen says

    Do you have a link showing how you finish off the cap to the frappacino bottles? I see the sticker, but you are doing some kind of treatment to the edge as well, and I am curious what that is. Thanks!

    • says

      Oh! I just spray painted the lids white. I also added the “bottled with love” label to the tops of some of the bottles. I forgot to mention that part. Thanks for pointing that out! Others were probably wondering about that too.

  3. says

    I’m so in LOVE with your site!! I came across it because I was at the gym the other day and some lady was rubbing plain sugar on herself in the steam room. So, I googled to see if it was something that I could make and was ok to do in the steam room and I found your coconut and lime scrub. Like I said I’m in love and I think I have have a huge addiction to sugar scrubs now:-) I also love all of your other crafts and projects on your site. Can you tell me where your red and white twine can be purchased at? Thank you again for a great site!!

    • says

      Thank you so much for the fun comment. Glad you found me! I found the red twine at Home Goods but have also seen it online and at local craft stores.


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