1. I love the product, too! I don’t have one as yet, since my hubby and I are on a fixed income.

  2. I love these lockets! I’d have to my family’s birthstones, too. And the cross with crystals charm.

  3. I love these lockets! I’m hoping to actually own one soon…maybe a good Mother’s Day gift :)

  4. I was just looking at these! I want a silver locked with the “blessed” plate and the ladybug, vintage cross, star and some birthstone charms.

  5. I would love the maple leaf. I live in the USA now and coincidentally my family’s birthstones are red, white and blue! So I’d def get their birthstones. I love this jewelry!

  6. what a fantastic idea, what a very clever girl :)
    I like simple jewelery so i would most definatly go with the birth charms for my childen and the blessed backing plate and throw in an ivory and an aqua pearl dangle because the represent our wedding day .. simple and stunning x

  7. I would ge a locket in honor of my BFF who passed away this June. It would have her birthstone, Feb. A horse shoe, she loved horses and tha was her life. A star fish because she drowned in the ocean. And a guardian angel charm because that is what she is.

  8. My daughter and I love the idea if being able to create a gift for each other with these beautiful choices!! What a wonderful way to have a mommy/daughter day!! LOVE LOVE!!!

  9. I have had so much fun looking at the site. I’ve been looking for a gift for my mother in law and this might just be the thing.

  10. My girlfriend has one and they are beautiful! I would put my kids birthstones and a cross.

  11. I love this stuff. I want a locket necklace with BLESSED inside with my familys birthstones

  12. I would have a charm that signified my family, and also the sewing machine, as those are the two things I’m really passionate about!

  13. I would make an Irish one…shamrocks, green stones…I would probably give it to my aunt! She would absolutely love it!

  14. I received an Origami Owl necklace from a dear friend after the death of my 5 month old son. It is a beautiful memory to have of him that includes the word Blessed, his initial and birth stone. I would love to buy another one for a friend who recently lost her son.

  15. Love these! I would do a silver locket with the vintage cross, family, vintage pearl and either the R of 5 to represent our family.

  16. I would get a four leaf clover with a March birthstone for my Saint Patty’s bday. Then an autism heart since I am a special education teacher. And finally a ruby birthstone and a ladybug for my goddaughter whom I haven’t seen in several years due to other circumstances. I love these!

  17. I would pick it out for my daughter! She is the best! I would pick her and my grandsons Dec. birthstone with a x and number 2 for times two as both have the same birthday. Then a D and J for their names. Maybe a heart, also..oh my you can go on and on they are such a story..These are really cool! For sure going on my wish list. I mean Mothers Day is around the corner, yes? :-)

  18. I first saw these this past summer at a small county fair in Minnesota, i think they are great!

  19. What a fun giveaway. I’ve never heard of these. I’d do the same as you and choose birthstones that represent my family members’ birthdays.

  20. I bought one at Christmas time, for my daughter, while shopping at the Simple Treasures Boutique..Legacy Event Center. It was the most treasured gift I gave her. It was beautiful and she was so excited about the fact that she could make it uniquely her own. I would love to have one of my own.

  21. BTW The wrapping was the icing on the cake..A chinese take-out box with a fabric fortune cookie to hold the necklace! Can’t say enough about Origami Owl!! <3

  22. I love the infinity symbol, dog paw, camera charm, tiny key….too many to list! These lockets are gorgeous!

  23. I love love love these and have always wanted one. I love the birthstones idea. So sweet!

  24. I love so many of them, but I think it would be fun to do a “favorite things” necklace and put in a book, music symbol, elephant charms, etc.

  25. I love these so much! I would get the “blessed” plate with my husband & sons’ birthstones. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  26. These are absolutely beautiful! I would choose a silver locker with birthstones, footprint, large family, small love, and heart dangle. Puts my family together perfectly!

  27. I’m loving the birthstone idea, especially since we just added a new little guy to our family!

  28. I would love to own one of these in memory of my son. I would love for it to include the following charms… the autism heart, the silver angel wing, in memory of, and the letter J for Jordan. <3

  29. I really want a locket with my familes birthstones and a moon charm as we alwasy tell eachother “love you to the moon”. It would be so special to customize these for gifts too. I asked for one of these for Mothers Day.

  30. As a photographer who captures stories this is such a valuable piece of jewelry! I would love to have a little camera charm, of course and my kids birthstones.

  31. I love that you shared her story of how she started and what a beautiful vision this young smart girl had. Glad her parents inspired her to be self sufficient and she chose a wonderful way. I think like you I’d like to have the constant reminder of my children around my neck. These are all so pretty I LOVE her lockets.

  32. Sweet idea. I would feature my daughter’s hrthstone and initial. Think it would be neat to build a family tree with too.

  33. I have no idea where to start! I love the lockets, and the charms are darling! I’m a writer, and the little vintage typewriter is so perfect!

  34. I would love to have the autism heart with a red, blue and yellow stone in a silver locket.

  35. What a great story! I love her jewelry :) It would be sooooo hard to choose if i won.
    Smiles, DianeM

    • PS: I saw these for the first time just recently – my best friend has one! I would chose family-related charms!!

  36. I would love foremost the silver cross and then adding in our families birthstones..we would have a March/June/August and October..because we have double August bdays :) thanks so much!

  37. I would love one of the locket for a friend. She has suffered a loss and it would be a wonderful way for here to remember.

  38. I love the look of these. I just have not been able to come up with the funds for one.

  39. I love Origami Owl and would love to win a locket. I really like the silver locket with the crystal trim and the changed special.
    What a great give away!

  40. I love the way her “brand” was created. Love the designs and options. Great Give away.

  41. My neighbor is having a party but we are saving for Disney! Would love a beautiful piece like this!

  42. These necklaces are so cute!! I just bought one for my mother in law, but I would love to have one for myself.

  43. I’d get the ‘love’ insert and fill it with the heart birthstones of my family. Sweet story and lovely lockets!

  44. Those are loveley – and I love the fact that each one can be customized and is unique~
    Susan in pA

  45. I wold love to win this GC! I will confess that even if I dont I am saving up to buy one anyway, I will just have to wait longer. Thanks so much for the offer!

  46. I would add the Orange & Purple stones along with a Silver Football for Clemson Tailgating next fall!

  47. I love the silver locket with crystals. A friend has had a couple of parties and I was tempted to go but I’m waiting for mother’s day.

  48. Oh man! I’ve been wanting one of these forever it seems! I even went to the website just to see how much it would cost for me to make one……WOW I hope I win!! Thank for the AWESOME giveaway!
    I want large locket sliver, Blessed Plate sliver, 32in Chain, Book (I love to read), Art, lil’ boy October, ring, July stone, February stone. I know there where more but I’m so excited I can’t remember.


  49. I would love the 4 leaf clover, breast cancer awareness, August birthstone all in a silver locket

  50. I would definitely include the sand dollar charm but have to think more about the other ones. Thanks for chance to win!

  51. Amazing story!! I absolutely LOVE the products and would LOOOVE to win one!!

    • I would get the Lg Silver Locket with Crystals with my childrens birthstones (Jan, Feb, June & Sept) and then I would put the Family Heart in there too!! <3

  52. These are just fantastic! I would love to do one with some Family charms . Our children & grandchildren are some pretty special people.

  53. A friend told me about this product a few weeks ago and I have been drooling over them ever since. I would love to have one of these some day!

  54. those are so neat!! It was crazy as I just saw a friend post about these origami owl partys today and I was like, huh, what is that? so pretty and what a neat idea!!

  55. I would pick the April round, and March heart birthstones, the initial B and a palm tree!

  56. I would love the Med silver locket, with the forever family charm and my daugher’s and husbands intials. Great giveaway.

  57. I love them all, but would be considering the silver or rose gold locket with my kids birthstone colors… hopefully I will have to decide if I win!

  58. I’ve seen her all product all over the internet but not heard that she was that young when she started it. Congrats out to her for being such an upstarter! Love her stuff.

  59. I love the brushed gold or rose gold lockets. I would have birthstones and vintage charms, I also would have an owl charm! And an Always plate! You could do so many things with these, I am going to give them as gifts! I love them!

  60. What great timing, a friend just told me about this company Monday evening. I love the key to my heart, the petite blooms, and the crystals, they’re so pretty and romantic! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  61. Love how you can personalize the lockets. Would love to win and create one to
    give to my baby sister who is about to become a second-time grandma.

  62. Just love the options, and the ability to change the charms. I’d probably pick the rose gold with birthstone crystals and a plate with love, always or blessed on it. And a key!

  63. I love Origami Owl! I am signed up to do my first triathlon…I’d choose the Believe Plate in silver and the bike, shoe, and swimmer for my perfect locket. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  64. I’d choose charms to represent my family….forever family charm, a 5, a G, and 3 birthstones!

  65. So many options! I would pick the medium silver locket with crystals, the birthstone, the plumeria flower, and the pink puffy heart. Beautiful charms!!

  66. I want the heart family charm for the love of my family, and the birthstone charm for my kids, and the cross for my faith , oh oh oh and the Margarita charm for my fun!

  67. Love the uniqueness of the lockets!
    I would love to create my own!
    Thanks for opportunity!

  68. I would love to have one of these lockets with birthstones for my two sons, a heart for my step-daughter and the infinity symbol for my hubby

  69. I would love the gold locket with my daughters birthstone and my husbands birthstone and some cool trinkets with it that has meaning to our family.

  70. I’m an owl lover so I heart the name of the company so much already. I would put an owl in my locket (that’s a given), my birthstone and my husband’s birthstone, a computer bc I’m online a lot, a car (but I dont see that they have that yet?) bc i like to road trip , a crystal star, cherries! and a tiny pink crown

  71. These are so cool! I would pick the Royal Purple accent stone, the “in Memory of”, october Heart Stone, the scissors, and the always plate.

  72. I love the plates that say blessed and mom and so forth- the owl trinket was cute too

  73. I would love to win this and would pick my children’s and husband’s birthstones, the vintage rose charm, vintage crystal dangle, antique pearl dangle, and the signature heart dangle in silver. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  74. I still haven’t decided! I am going to have to think on his a while!!! So many combination choices as well…..

  75. I love OO’s story (and products)! I would love to make a locket in memory of my late mother. I would choose a plate that says ‘always’, the coral cameo and the crystal heart.

  76. The silver blessed plate, the silver infinity (for my marriage) and all the birthstones of my children. These are so beautiful!

  77. I love the product i just dont have one as of yet. i would like the april and july heart birthstones, forever family, plumeria flower, sparrow and angel wing.

    • Oh – and I can’t decide if I’d include the sand dollar, the London phone booth, or stick with initials and/or birthstones … too many options!

  78. Ugh, I pressed something and it commented too soon and I can’t delete my comment. lol Anyway what I’d choose to get would be a medium rose gold locket with my childrens birthstones in it, a cat charm and a charm that says love. <3

  79. The Rose Gold locket and chains are absolutely beautiful. I would love to have a locket with all my family members birthstones and a memorial to those that have passed. What an awesome idea and to come from a teenager makes it that much more special!

  80. My choice is the same as yours, birthstones representing for each of my loving family members!

  81. I’ve been wanting one of these for a while. The charms I would want are the mom, snowflake, initials and faith. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  82. What a fantastic idea. What a smart young lady. I would love to get one to represent my family and what my family means to me.

  83. I would love to have a breast cancer awareness charm with the survivor charm, too. Then I would pick a dangle to go with it. Lovely lockets! Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  84. So many to choose from… Birthstones for my daughter and granddaughter, a paw, an angel wing and a sparrow would be my choices!

  85. I love these lockets! I would love one with charms to represent my kids – a basketball for my daughter, a music note for the older son, and a computer for the younger. Then maybe DH and my birthstones with a LOVE plate. And then I’d buy another locket and a million more charms so I could mix and match to fit my mood. :)

  86. I would chose the camera charm, my families birthstones, gold family plate and bling locket to put it all in. Thanks for the chance to win!

  87. I would put in all the things I like to do with my family: airplane for travel, book for reading, and a camera for pictures just to name a few.

  88. One of my favorite charms is the camera. In my locket would be the camera, the little boy with my sons birthstone, the red mom heart, the faith charm, and the ichthys fish. My favorite chain is the Gold Rolo Custom Chain.

  89. Well, I think I’d do a piano & music notes…but it would be a hard decision to eliminate lots of other choices! What a smart idea!

  90. I love the clear ones with hand stamped back plates. I would get one to hoor my late H, perhaps stamp a phrase that meant something to us specifically.

  91. This is a very inspiring story. The jewelery is so unique and pretty! I would love to win one in your giveaway, and put embroidery needles in it for my Mum :)

  92. I love this! So many things to choose from. I would choose initial tags and birthstones.

  93. The musical notes and piano spoke to me! It would be a perfect gift for my wonderful MIL. Thanks!

  94. I was just looking (and drooling) over these products a few days ago. I would love to have a locket with the letter of each of my girls’ names along with their birthstones – for starters! ;)

  95. I LOVE THESE! after looking over the site, i fell in love with the wedding ring charm, the april heart charm, and the June heart charm, all to symbolize the three loves of my life.. my son (June) my daughter who is to be born this april.. and the ring for my hubby and I. I like the large silver locket and the thin rolo silver chainwith the love plate!

  96. So pretty!!! I might choose one for a friend’s birthday that’s coming up. Is it hypoallergenic?

  97. I would love to use the “blessed” tag and charms that represent my precious daughters :)

  98. I bought the charms at an event…just need a locket, chain and a pretty charm.clip. Such a great idea and they look amazing! The new, better, more affordable pandora type jewelry.

  99. I’d do the paw print, infinity, January round birthstone, and maybe the champagne crystal. Very pretty choices!

  100. I am going to a party in two weeks for the first time so it would be great to win this. There are so many cute ideas, I can’t wait.

  101. I am torn between doing a birthstone one for every member of my family or one all about me me me! And then giving one to every female in my family. Can I win this like 5 times?

  102. I love EVERYTHING on that site! But my mom wants a locket from Origami Owl way more than I do and I know she wants a Mom locket with all of our birthstones in it. It’s seriously all she talks about. “Next check… next check, I’ll get it… Next time… Next time.. Soon…” If, by some miracle, I win this, I’ll get her her dream locket. :)

  103. Adore the birthstone locket! Nothing I would rather have close to my heart than my family! :) beautiful jewelry!

  104. What an inspirational story! I would love to get one for my daughters high school graduation. She loves photography and journalism and wishes to travel to Paris. What a perfect gift this would make.

  105. I’ve purchased them to put coins in. The mercury dime and panda coins will work in them.

  106. I don’t have one but I absolutely adore the unlimited options with Origami Owl. I’ve wanted one of their necklaces for a long time.

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