Father’s Day Gift

I like jars.  Have you noticed? haha!  I can’t help it.  My brain just keeps going there…so I apologize in advance.  But…if you happen to adore jars as much as I do…then you might want to read on.

Father's-Day-Gift 1

Father’s Day is quickly approaching.  I always like to try to come up with a simple and easy to re-create gift idea for each holiday and these Father’s Day Tie Bottles fit the bill this year. 

Father's-Day-Gift 5

The bottles are recycled Starbucks Frappucino bottles that have been washed clean and dried.  Then simply fill with your Father’s favorite candy and add the printable tie with a piece of string.

Father's-Day-Gift 6

If you want to take it a step further, you can print out these fun Father’s Day Hershey’s Kiss Printable “stickers” to glue onto the bottom of some chocolate kisses or hugs candy.  These are a super fun and easy way to add some uniqueness to your Father’s Day Gift.

These are so easy, you will want to make them for all the father figures in your life.  Or use them so a church group or school group can make them for their own fathers.


To download a copy of the Father’s Day Printables click on the link below and then select Previous Downloads:

{Father’s Day Gift Printables}

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      ha! I say that a lot when I look at things on blogs and pinterest too! I am obsessed with those darn jars…so that helps!

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      haha! Although I would enjoy if my husband used the weed whacker to get rid of our weeds. Could be a win for you :)!

  1. Jennifer says

    Is there a way to print if I am not on Facebook (I know one of the few left in the world!) I love the idea and already have the jar and kisses ready to go. Thanks!!

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  3. Bonnie says

    Everytime I want to download a printable I get the FB page (which I have already liked) then I access the Idea Room website listing of past printables, but it is an endless circle I cannot print a single thing out. Any suggestions?


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