Halloween Apothecary & Table Setting

*This post is sponsored by American Crafts.

My kids are a bit confused about the holidays around these parts.  Ha! For some reason the youngest keeps wondering when we are going Trick-or-Treating.  So imagine how confused she was when she came home from school to this table setting.  Poor thing! It’s going to be a long 5 weeks.


A couple of weeks ago I was sent a fun Halloween package from American Crafts.  I actually let out a little squeal of delight because I loved so much of it!  And guess what?  These fun items are being carried exclusively by Target…and you KNOW how much I love me some Target!  (These American Craft Halloween products and more are being carried in all Target stores inside the United States).


There are three kits available – a paper wreath (not shown in this post), a banner and mini witches hats. Each kit includes all of the items to complete the project.  There are also many other fun embellishments that can be used to coordinate with the kits or to be used separately.


I love that you can set up an entire Halloween Table Setting and I am excited to be able to have such a fun and festive table for our annual Halloween Dinner.  And…now I am already to go…5 weeks early! LOL!



I took some of the extra embellishments and made some cute drink wraps by simply wrapping a black and white polka dot ribbon around some cute glass jars (Starbucks Frappuccino Bottles) and adding this fun little “Halloween broach.”


I also loved the fun Halloween Apothecary Labels.  I gathered up some empty jars that I have for photo props and added the labels and some “creepy” ingredients.  Just use your imagination and you should be able to round up some items right in your panty.


I think we will leave this as our table centerpiece all the way through Halloween this year.  Such a simple and easy Halloween décor item that literally took minutes to throw together.


Oh, and in case you didn’t notice…our kitchen table and hutch are finally finished!  We built both of them (except for the chairs).  If you follow along with me on Instagram you probably saw several progression shots that I shared with you of these two different projects.  The kitchen table only took 9 months to complete :)!


I will be sure to share with you how we made them here in a later post for those who are interested.


Now head on out to your local Target store (now you have an excuse to go) and pick up some fun American Craft Halloween products!  Prices range from $5 to $10!

*This post is sponsored by American Crafts.  I was given the product shown in the pictures.  However, all opinions and statements are mine and mine alone.


    • says

      Thanks Tauni! The kids are all loving the fun décor and I am loving the new table. You need to come see it again in person! :)

  1. says

    Nice things for such a low price. Yeah, I like the idea! I am about to start planning my Halloween decoration. All the photos are taken so well, and I appreciate such a painstaking preparation. The cat on the 6th photo is awesome and funny :-) Saw your photos on Instagram, thumbs up for big family and all that atmosphere of love and comfort.

  2. Pamela says

    It all looks fantastic. Can you tell me where the labels for the apothecary jars came from? Thanks :)

  3. Pamela says

    Thanks for the info Amy. Unfortunately I’m in Australia. I can’t find them on the American Crafts website or the US Target website. :( Guess I’ll have to get creative on my own! I stumbled across your site and am so glad I did. It’s inspired me to start doing!

    • says

      Thanks Pamela! I will ask my American Crafts contact if there is any other way to get them from other than in an actual store and let you know if I find out anything.

  4. Pamela says

    Thank you Amy. That is really kind of you. I’ll look forward (with my fingers) to hearing from you.

    • says

      I am sorry to say that you can only get them in a US Store. They are not online anywhere. Sorry about that!

  5. says

    I just love your table setting!! It’s absolutely beautiful!!

    I would love to come home and find this!! ;-)

    P.S. Your photos are beautiful as well


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