Halloween Party Game

Last Halloween, I signed up to volunteer at my Daughter’s Classroom Halloween Party.  My cute friend was also helping out and brought a fun little game to add a bit of creepy Halloween fun.


The kids LOVED it.  She had taken an old white sheet and added some “stains” to it by pouring items on it that would leave a dark stain.


She also brought some different food items that were supposed to feel like the creepy Halloween items she had listed.

For example:

Eerie Goblin Ears

Bloody Bat Guts

Wicked Witch Eyeballs

Frankenstein Fingers

Vampire Vomit

Werewolf Fangs


Then she placed the different food items in bowls behind the sheet.  She had cut holes in the sheet so that the kids could stick their hands through them and touch the food items and try to guess which of the items they were touching.


As you can imagine…most of the boys thought it was awesome and several of the girls were a bit creeped out.  But most of them played along.


She set it up right next to the classroom sink so that the kids could wash their hands immediately after touching the items.


Now…I thought I would never forget what each of the items were…so I am going to give it my best shot.  Of course I am typing this up late at night so it is too late to text my friend and ask her.  I am sure she will correct me when she sees this ;)!


Eerie Goblin Ears—Dried Apricots

Bloody Bat Guts—Spaghetti & Sauce

Wicked Witch Eyeballs—Grapes

Frankenstein Fingers—small pickles

Vampire Vomit—Salsa

Werewolf Fangs—gum


Now, of course you could come up with your own creepy things and find food items to match them to.  This is a fun way to add a little bit of Halloween fun to your Halloween Party or your child’s Halloween Classroom Party.


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      Thanks Kristen! Me too! I would love to plan a fun Halloween Carnival for the neighborhood…but not sure I have the energy :)

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    Well, I should agree that the idea is really unusual. Every year I have a problem with costumes and mysterious ideas as for celebration of Halloween for my kids but now I see how easy it is to create something really interesting without any efforts.

  2. D.E.L. says

    Want to do something like this for my grandkids’ halloween party – hadn’t found anything I like til now – Thanks for posting – wonderful ideas!

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      Thank you! What a fun grandma! I love that you have a halloween party for them. I love when grandparents are so involved with their grandchildren. I think that is priceless!

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      A fellow Amanda lover? She really is one of the most amazing and inspiring women I know! Do you live near her? If so we are practically neighbors :)

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    My mom did this at our Girl Scout Halloween parties when I was little and I had totally forgotten about it! Thank you for posting this!

  4. Carolyn J DeBerard says

    Take this a little further….peel the grapes. They are much grosser.

    Also, overcook elbow macaroni to the point of almost mushy and that can be vampire brains.

    Over cooked red peppers are vampire hearts…though they might smell.

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